I have received an sms saying: "CONGRADULATION! your mobile no has won R195.000 and NOKIA PROMO. with ticket no.0166p. for claim call Mr. Paul Benson 0713254312

Report ID: 1433
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Centurion
Address: Cellphone
Crime Date/Time: 20 Sep 2011, 00:09 AM
Reported By: Username1433
Reported Date: 20 Sep 2011, 14:09 PM
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  • chale 21 Sep 2011, 07:11 PM

    im suprisd whr do they get our numbrs... i fully blame RICA wch promisd to bring an end to scames like these... thy should be tracing these numbrs!!!!!!!

  • Zee12 21 Sep 2011, 08:41 AM

    So Patience, you not answering your phone. I asked you very nicely if I need to pay anything before the prize will be released and you said NO! This morning got an SMS saying I need to pay R2850 for insurance transfer. How could you guys be so cruel? There is people out there that are really in need of money and now the hope just went down the drain. I read on the internet that you guys are not legit and you run scams all over the world. I will make it my duty to forward this to everyone I know. How can you live with yourself, you bledy thief oh and I'm closing my bank account so you guys can't Hack my bank account:) thanks anyway Iv learned my lesson you bledy bastards

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