de-frauding people

To Whom it may concern Please be advised, the follow people are phoning clients of junk mail and advertizing in junk mail they have parts or they phone junk mail clients that advertize looking for parts, they defaud them, by stealing the money and not suppling them the item that was ordered main person is Rudi van Riel Tel no 0731470364 email possing as RJ"S Services and Repair workshop and E DE Beer ABSA Account 480152123 branch 630137 They stole 10 thousand from me, after i advertize im look for Isuzu parts Thank You WJ Smit

Report ID: 1465
Crime Category: Corruption
Province: Limpopo
City/Town: Tzaneen
Suburb: N/A
Address: dusselldolf farm
Crime Date/Time: 21 May 2011, 00:05 AM
Reported By: Username1467
Reported Date: 5 Oct 2011, 10:10 AM
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  • Anna16 6 Feb 2013, 03:41 PM

    I have his current employer's telephone number 044 620 3349. I hear he is living in Greatbrak.

  • Pieter 8 17 Jan 2013, 11:05 AM

    does anyone have more news?? what happend with this Asshole? he in jail yet? why is he getting away with all this shit.

  • Gert10 30 Oct 2012, 09:01 AM

    Hi daar. Ek raak sommer die .... vir myself as ek almal se stories lees dat ek so goedgelowig was om hom te glo. Ekt ook die parte stel afgetrap maar vir n Toyota. Ek sal graag sy adres in George wil kry as iemand kan help, hy bly blykbaar by sy pa en ma op n kleinhoewe en nie in San Marei 3 Delafonteinweg George nie. Mail my asb by of 0829262250. Ek het al met sy suster (Soekie) gepraat maar sy wil nie enige inligting gee nie maar net as ek klaar met haar gepraat het bel hy my en belowe hy gaan begin betaal, wat soos ons almal weet n bol storie is. Enige info sal waardeer word sodat ek kan kyk of ek nie sommer vir hom kan gaan kuier nie.

  • Bouncer 12 Sep 2012, 02:41 PM

    Hi all. Demarcos a personal message for you buddy. The girls that you are busy with right now believe me that you are busy with the wrong party! We are setting you a trap and once you put your feet again in Joburg eish papa, you are going to regret that day! ylaim you are a underground cage fighter! Do you know what fighting is about? Asshole!!! I am waiting for you! You type give our cagefigters a kak name buddy!I will be around you once you land in Joburg! You will regret that day son!Michelle de Klerk also match you too! She is just as sly as you and bullshit a lot of people like you! Remember one thing you two! You steal R1000.00 and it is going to cost you R10000.00! Cant wait to face you! Just a pitty Michelle is not going to be with you because you are going to meet a girl unless she is going to join you and her! Do not build your luck on someone elses badluck, because one day you will regret it buddy! Walk tall brother! Keep on watching your back! And please when you get a private number on your phone, answer the thing! Asshole!

  • wonder-maar-net 4 Sep 2012, 07:49 AM

    Michelle, I really do know what I am talking about, been through it, seen it happen, saw hurt faces, the works! He had hurt us all and even worse innocent children. I've picked myself up and had realized that he is not worth my thoughts! I have endangered myself and others by my actions (instigated by Demarcos) but was unwilling to admit it to myself. I now am able to sit back and start rebuilding my life, slowly but surely. I don't mean to offend anybody, all I am saying is that that creep will not get caught if all of us (his victims) cannot get any proof on him, he used me, and I refused to see it! He needs to know that there is life after him!!

  • wonder-maar-net 4 Sep 2012, 07:49 AM

    Michelle, I really do know what I am talking about, been through it, seen it happen, saw hurt faces, the works! He had hurt us all and even worse innocent children. I've picked myself up and had realized that he is not worth my thoughts! I have endangered myself and others by my actions (instigated by Demarcos) but was unwilling to admit it to myself. I now am able to sit back and start rebuilding my life, slowly but surely. I don't mean to offend anybody, all I am saying is that that creep will not get caught if all of us (his victims) cannot get any proof on him, he used me, and I refused to see it! He needs to know that there is live after him!!

  • Michelle45 3 Sep 2012, 01:13 PM

    i dont know who you are, but clearly u dont know what u talking about, and you dont know this asshole like we know him. we NOT raising our bloodpressure ....we just sharing our stories, and if he enjoys being the centre of attention for fucking up other people's lifes,then it shows you just how sick he is. if you know him....stay away!!!!!

  • wonder-maar-net 23 Aug 2012, 06:19 AM

    Hi everybody, is it worth raising your bloodpressure for other people's mistakes? Gosh, is Demarcos really worth all this fuss? I am sure he enjoys being the centre of attention!

  • Bouncer 22 Aug 2012, 09:47 PM

    Hi Lindy. i am not scared to give you my details. 082 735 1572. thanx

  • lindy5 22 Aug 2012, 02:01 PM

    wish i could have your contact details francois and intruder...

  • wonder-maar-net 17 Aug 2012, 06:38 AM

    Rs, she is well aware of the whole situation, totally in denial about the truth! He has her completely convinced of his name being used by somebody. How she believes it, seeing the photo only see knows!! And YES I do agree, how CAN a mother leave her children? At least they are getting along just fine without her!

  • rs 14 Aug 2012, 09:53 AM

    Intruder, did this girl read all the stories of all the girls. He is still phoning girls, that i can promise u, one of the girls i made friends with told me he phoned her again.How can a mother leave her kids behind for such an ASSHOLE!!!!, I feel so sorry for her.

  • wonder-maar-net 4 Aug 2012, 07:36 AM

    Ek ken die vrou wat huidiglik agter hom aan is George toe, sy het haar drie pragtige seuns weggegooi vir hom en het haar 2 jonger seuntjies saam gevat en stel hulle lewens in gevaar!! Hierdie ou sal nie sommer gevang word nie: Hoekom? 1. Vrouens sluit verhoudings met hom en "gee" alles wat hy vra en tegnies gesproke is dit nie 'n oortreding nie. 2. Die dames is te bang om kriminele sake te maak teen hom want hy manipuleer hulle. 3. Watter bewyse los hy vir julle wat teen hom gebruik kan word? Niks! want hy is 'n baie slim bedrieer! En moenie vergeet nie hy is huidiglik 'n "krimenele prokureur"!

  • Unknown 4 Aug 2012, 12:16 AM

    Just can't believe this....I also stil have fotos of him...anyone welcome 2 contact me...really now...enogh is enough. And he also threatened me once and seriously!!! Ek bang ju ni dermarcous...ju dag gaan gouer kom as wat jy dink....will pass on fotos who ever needs them ...

  • Jenny17 2 Aug 2012, 10:03 AM

    Dom vraag? Hoekom is hy nog nie offisieel aangekla nie en toegesluit nie???

  • Tammy4 1 Aug 2012, 01:02 PM

    Hi everyone, i am sitting here and absolutely gobsmacked with all the stories. I have pretty much known him for 8 years met him plett back in 2000. Met again 2010 and that was when he said he was in the navy, bought me a ring and i was lucky enough to feel a little pressurized and ended it. Then last year august I saw him again and he was adamant I was the one for him and he would treat me like gold and look after me bla bla bla... at that stage he was travelling to Joburg to buy clothes for a shop he was opening in George. He has also been involved with my friend and used car parts. Lets catch the bastard.

  • Unknown 28 Jul 2012, 02:33 PM

    Hi every1 my suster was one of you guys and she was devastated he stayed with us for over 2monthers and everytime he had to go to "pretoria for a job for his dad" mean while he was with another girl I will kill this asshole with my bear hands!!! Sorry to all you girls that got hurt by this asshole hope he f-ng die soon for the pain he caused every girl!!!P.S I know it hurts but you woman will fine the most amazing man!!!

  • Bouncer 23 Jul 2012, 04:08 PM

    Die vark is besig met een van my beste pelle wat oorlede is se vrou! Ek het haar gewaarsku oor hom maar sy is vort met die aap! Sorry to say, no turning back for her to us!Sy moet maar vir haar kry want ek sal hom sommer .........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lindy5 19 Jul 2012, 04:06 PM

    ok thanks to a comment of mine that started all this... it has all come out... i have been suckered by him 2x in a couple years... so glad for google... i think i have helped many of you ladies.

  • Almost caught 11 Jul 2012, 09:39 AM

    Dankie tog vir Google! Het hom gister 10 Julie in George ontmoet. Was al deur iets soortgelyks, kan dus die tekens lees! En ja! 07385891XX lyk tog so bekend. Jackie ek gaan jou sms met my eposadres, sal bly wees as jy 'n foto van die Rudie kan aanstuur.

  • another sucker 10 Jul 2012, 03:38 PM

    07385891XX does this number look familiar to any of you

  • another sucker 10 Jul 2012, 03:34 PM

    can we post email addresses here?? I don't want my telephone number given out

  • another sucker 10 Jul 2012, 03:33 PM

    I also have pictures, some explicit some just facial, if anyone would like any more proof!!

  • Username2267 9 Jul 2012, 06:51 PM

    Hierdie boodskap is bedoel vir die dame wat nou saam Rudi is. Jy reken vir haar iemand gebruik sy naam en jaag al die dinge aan. Hy se dis nie hy self nie. En sy glo elke woord wat jy se. We'll dame ek glo jy is 'n pragtige mens wat iets kosbaars verloor het so vier maande terug. Glo my jy sal weer geluk vind. Maar asb jy is besig om met vuur te speel deur hierdie monster deel v jou lewe te maak. Hy het my vandag gebel en probeer afpers met nonsens. Maar ek skrik hom nie. Ek daag om uit om te doen wat hy wil. Ek is reg diekeer. Asb maak jou oe oop. Hy is 'n sweet talker en het altyd 'n regte andwoord vir als. Veral as j hom konfronteer en hy is skuldig san maak hy jou soos die vark lyk. Ek sal met graagte vir j fotos stuur dat jy kan sien die man wat op hierdie blad v gepraat word is dieselfde man vir wie j jou kar leen en wie se lwuens jy glo. Kom uit so gou jy kan.

  • another sucker 4 Jul 2012, 02:59 PM

    ladies, he told me the same story about he's wife dying giving birth...................sick fcuker!!

  • Michelle45 3 Jul 2012, 11:25 AM

    OMW!!!!! Jackie....rape????? does his parents know what is going on? They have to put him in a home for mentally ill people.

  • Michelle45 2 Jul 2012, 12:33 PM

    WJ Smit..i c u have all the info i have.

  • Username2267 28 Jun 2012, 06:28 PM

    Lindy- No he doesn't have children. And his father is leon van riel stays in george he knows exactly who his dad is. Alive and well. He is a bulshitter. I have his mom's number and will give it to you. He will say and do anything to get money. He has a huge criminal record, fraud, rape, smugling etc!

  • lindy5 27 Jun 2012, 03:40 PM

    I would like to find out from you guys, 2yrs back was he conning woman, saying his wife passed away giving birth to his 2nd daughter and than he found out who his real dad is and he was dying in a hospital in bloem and had no money to meet him before he passed away?

  • Username2267 21 Jun 2012, 09:32 PM

    Oh and the tattoo on his right arm is not his mom's name. I was with him when he had it done. The tattoo in chinese says"Jackie" what an ass to think I will be dumb enought to stay with him.

  • nicky2 21 Jun 2012, 08:48 PM

    I know this prick he whent out with my sister. And listen this man is no fool. He will bribe and do eney thing to get you. Jacky is my sister and my mom E de Beer she whas not in on the scam and the polise gave her the clear. This man is dangerous. We that have sister we need to stop him. He is a bad bad man ooh lett me tell you he is 31 and he had more jobs (so ment) you can't keep track of every thing. I will stand by eney one that brings him down. He even stole from my husband were exspensive tools. So do not even lend him a hammer he will steel it to.

  • Username2267 21 Jun 2012, 07:47 PM

    My mom is E de beer and se was never part of his scams. She tried to help him because she thought he was a good person.

  • Username2267 21 Jun 2012, 07:41 PM

    Hey I am the biggest sucker of all. Almost married this fucking liar. Almost lost my kid and family. And lost everything because of this asshole. I know all his family where they stay have all their numbers and info. I have the photos and all u need.I also know a lot more girls that have been scamed by this doos. My dad has a whole crime file on this ass and I am busy with a criminal file on him please mail me or conract me will be the leader in bringing this fucking prick DOWN!!! 074 4166644.

  • Username1467 7 Jun 2012, 04:00 PM

    Michelle, you can email me, at, i have rudi photo's ID no , his mother name and address and Phone number

  • hit again 6 Jun 2012, 03:51 PM

    I have his contact details, been through all of this with him and that was 3 years ago, cant believe its still going on. Confronted him about this and he says its not true - what a joke.

  • Michelle45 1 Jun 2012, 03:18 PM

    wj can i get hold of u....i do have info for you.

  • Michelle45 31 May 2012, 02:36 PM

    HELLO wj smit...we phone the police and they said they cant do anything,because he did not steal the money from us. But he needs help, he is a really sick person.

  • Username1467 23 May 2012, 01:05 PM

    Dame, and i though i was the only person, sorry to hear that he is still doing these things, we have the polise after him, will keep all updated have a awesome day all

  • another sucker 21 May 2012, 12:15 PM

    Hi Another Fool, are you from George too?

  • another sucker 3 Apr 2012, 03:37 PM

    I so agree with you Brandon, He is a manipulative player, and an insult to woman. Does he honestly believe we all bitter about he's sad state of affairs for goodness sake Demarcos Rudi Van Riel, Get a life, you have messed with enough hearts. If you were a professional fighter surely GOOGLE would know about it!!! and the Navy Seal (what a joke) oh yes and the tattoo with your mom's name, shame you must really be close. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of he's face, as most of the pics he sent were of the explicit nature.........But Im sure we could all identify him by this!! The jokes on you.....Rudi

  • brandon4 2 Apr 2012, 12:03 PM

    This man has balls,he know my friend knows his a con,but he is still asking and begging for money,insisting that all the other woman are just bitter cause he didn't like them.such an asshole.thank goodness sonme of these poor woman have become each others I'm so relievd that he no longer has power over pictures of we gonna expose this piece of shit,he gotta go down

  • Concerned2 27 Mar 2012, 03:03 PM

    Is there no way we are able to load a picture or photo of him to stop all the wonderning???

  • Michelle45 27 Mar 2012, 10:08 AM

    shame if there is living someone with him,really feel so so sorry for her

  • another sucker 27 Mar 2012, 09:43 AM

    well technically, not sure if they married, but there is a woman living with him!

  • sr2 27 Mar 2012, 09:06 AM

    they said you can google anything....and my word you can. thk u so much for technology. i feel actually sorry for this asshole...he is a real sick person. i am going to move on with my life,i believe there must b a good guy out there. i am heart heartsore,and all the money i lost, but i am not going as low as him, he will get his day....there is a GOD. He will loose everthing that is dear to him, and he will understand why u dont play games with peoples feelings. Have a nice life ASSHOLE!!!!

  • Michelle45 26 Mar 2012, 04:21 PM

    is he married? amc

  • another sucker 26 Mar 2012, 02:23 PM

    Looks Like Demarco Rudi Van Riel, was quite the player.....Pity, I learnt from the best Player in town. Guys like him will never stop, Ladies a warning, Google the man/facebook him or insist on meeting him at he's place to check out the scene. He is one ill man, and I do pity he's wife.

  • rstb 26 Mar 2012, 01:34 PM

    he told us all that the one and only...he hasnt got a heart...and he wil dig his own grave. Just sad that we all had 2 get hurt like this, used and lied to

  • Michelle45 26 Mar 2012, 12:12 PM

    The F@%ken asshole.....i am still chatting to him,well not anymore. i just knew something is not in place. Asking me for money aswell (airtime/fines). Someone needs to STOP him. He told me i am the one he wants to marry..i am the love of his life. How can u do that Rudi,dont u have a heart? i was so in Love with u. He told me he lives in George with his parents.YOUR DAY WILL COME!!!! and would love to b there.

  • rstb 23 Mar 2012, 10:18 PM

    The same happend 2 me, been chating 2 him, rudi van riel (also known as demarcos) for plus minus 3 month, also bought airtime, banked money. Last week banked hm money nearly everyday 2 cum visit me in rustenburg, he said he was visiting in jhb, sumthing always happend 2 the money, but believed he luved me ect. Yesterday, 23rd march, he actualy came thru, when he went 2 bed, sumthing told me 2 check his fone, saw that he was scaming me and a whole lot of other women. I imediately bbm frm his fone, he was so upset the next morning. But i got a few replys back and our stories were exacly the same. He has broken my heart and my trust in men forever

  • brandon4 23 Mar 2012, 09:04 PM

    The same happend to my friend he met her on a single site,also requesting air time,money for a flight to JHB,money was too be deposited into a ABSA account aswell.When she didn't do what he told her too,be became abusive with her.Mr rudi van riel needs to be stopped.

  • madelein5 22 Feb 2012, 11:37 AM

    Hi There my friend at work is chatting to a Rudi Van Riel from George and he keeps on asking for money and she did pay in money for him to come to jhb but he never shows up dont know if this is maybe the same person

  • Henno Kruger 18 Oct 2011, 11:22 AM

    @WJ Smit: Thank you for making us aware of this at Junk Mail Publishing, please report this person to our Customer Care department via e-mail at or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295.

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