C&I Engineer attemps to take another employees life


There has been discriminated towards me in the workplace, what is worse is that this Sylvester Mhlongo is now the C&i Manager at majuba power station. So it seems that racist do well get promoted.

It was brought to the attention of his superior that he made racist remarks, by another eskom employee. That same afternoom
this Sylvester tried to drive this other employee of the road and tried to kill him. Numerous attempts was made on his live while
driving back to home.

This incident was reported to HR by c&i eng manager at MPS till this day Eskom has not lodge a formal investigation to the story.
What is more concerning this employee came to the other person's office and said he is "going to fuck him up outside of the gate"
in front of a witness. If this incident was lodged why no investigation and at least an interview with the witness.

A fake disciplinary hearing was held for this Sylvester where there wasn't even a chairperson present, also because the representative (C&I ENG MANAGER)
didn't fill in the required forms the evidence wasn't valid . This employee wasn't allowed proper representation who laid the complaint because
he is making the accusations according to the C&I manager at MPS.

Breaking the life saving cardinal rules is warrant for dismissal, at all stages has this incident been swept under the rug. It is time for this
discrimination within a department to be exposed.

To whom it may concern.

My name is Jan Venter from Majuba Power Station this has also been referred to the Ethics office with also no response in months.

Report ID: 14703
Crime Category: Racism
Province: Mpumalanga
City/Town: Volksrust
Address: Volksrust
Crime Date/Time: 14 Apr 2015, 21:04 PM
Reported By: VenterJL
Reported Date: 4 May 2016, 21:05 PM
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