Mr Johan Van Rensburg sold useless geyser to me.

Mr Johan van Rensburg from PE advertise a geyser om Gumtree. I phoned him a few times I.c.w. the geyser. He told me I must give him an hour then he will deliver it to me.He came here to our house with an other man whom I believed work by the scrap yard in Forest Hill and came and drop the geyser. We paid him R1300 with understanding that the geyser is 100 persent. He checked it and also cleaned it inside. The same day my spouse put the geyser in. He told me that the geyser got an internal leak and I must phone Johan and tell him to come and fetch his geyser and to refund me or give his address so that we can take the geyser to him. I phoned Johan and request my money of R1300 back. In the beginning he said he already spend the money and that he will pay me back the following Friday. Friday comes and go hearing nothing from him. It went on till about two months ago. Then I went to court after how many attempts going to the police stations to make a case against him with no success. When I went to the police station the 1st time I only new his name and cellnr.But after telling the detective that I've only got his name Johan and cellnr the detective laughter and showed me Johan's info on huis wall next to him. There I got his surname and I'd etc. I went to court after the detective got his address from him. I paid R200 to send him a summons to pay back my R1300 plus R200 for the summons. When they went to the address that he gave the detectives by the police station he was not staying there. I went back to court and they told me I must seek for his address myself. I advertised it then on Fb and plenty people replied that they also looking for him because he owe them too. This man is advertising on gumtree that he does building extensions, selling different stuff, etc plenty diffirent things. He is a crook!!! He is ducking and diving the law and carries on with what he does,because he knows nobody can do him anything. I must pay now another R200 to send a summons again to him don't know where to!

Report ID: 14853
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Eastern Cape
Suburb: Cotswold Extension
Address: Lewerkie Street, Cotswold Extension, Port Elizabeth
Crime Date/Time: 27 Dec 2015, 23:12 PM
Reported By: 0825729179
Reported Date: 9 Jun 2016, 00:06 AM
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