Scammed by Breeder selling bullmastiff puppy

I was scammed by a lady who goes by the name of Natacha Van Zyl 073 956 3891, selling a bullmastiff puppy for R4000. She offered to do the transportation of the puppy at an extra cost of R800. On the day that the puppy had to arrive the apparent courier company by the name of Pet Delivery aka Animal Movers Delivery ,Tel: +27-818-596-171, Fax: 053 831 4038
Number 20 Graham Street,
Email:, emailed me and said the puppy needs a new crate of R5050. At this moment I was beyond shocked. Phoned the breeder, Natacha and ofcourse I could not get hold of her. I ran the fax number of the courier on google and it brought me straight to this site. I was not the first and I'm sure these people won't stop with these scams until they are stopped. After multiple attempts I finally got hold of her and she explained she was in a meeting but I have to pay the courier company. I asked for my money back and ofcourse that was no option.

Please be aware of these heartless people. On watsapp her profile picture is about what God says and status is about a good womans fellowship group. She sends you a top tv account as proof of her adress which says 22 King Street, Springbok. And even pictures of the parent dogs. She has names for the puppies aswell. She asks you quite a few questions first to make sure the puppy is going into a good home. Its all lies. I hope this prevents the next person from being scammed.

Report ID: 14888
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Address: Cape town
Crime Date/Time: 18 Jun 2016, 08:06 AM
Reported By: Lulu97771
Reported Date: 20 Jun 2016, 08:06 AM
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  • joseekoch 2 Jan 2017, 10:25 AM


    I was engaging with this person this morning for a Rottweiler puppy, similar story and I asked for the ID number and address (received a top tv account in the name of Joan Kotze). I ran the ID through 37575 and it came back with a completely different name. I then googled the address 22 King Street in Sprinbok and came to this warning.

    There seems to be a lot of scammers in the WC, targeting people in other provinces, a few days ago I was scammed by a person posting as Henry Montana (078-2038963), who recently moved to Cape Town, with a beautiful story, looking for a good home for their Rottweiler puppies. Halfway through the delivery, I got calls that the puppy needs a special crate at a refundable cost of R4100. The moving company could only be reached through Jason (073-9720190) and when I asked them for a VAT compliant invoice, CIPRO registration and tax registration it became a incoherent story and alarm bells rang.

    The accounts used in the scam are hosted by FNB (62657383198 in case of Montana and 62661498884 in case of Kotze) and Capitec (1498896888)

    The pet moving company abused in this scam was, so contacted the owner of Pet Movers and he immediately confirmed that this was a scam, indicating legit moving companies would never charge these amounts for a crate.

    Please be very careful, it you cant see the puppy in real life, don't transfer any money!


  • Weekend Argus 20 Sep 2016, 01:52 PM

    Good day. I am a reporter at the Weekend Argus newspaper in Cape Town, We are investigating complaints of online dog and puppy frauds and scams, which all seem to follow a similar pattern. Please email if you would like to share your story.

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