Loan Choice SA Fraudulently Debiting My Bank Account

My Personal details were used to sign up for an account via Loan Choice SA website, I have all my personal details including banking details synced with my Google Chrome. I am not sure if either a virus or spam has done this but these people have no indications even on their front end of their site advising of such amounts or contractual sign on as well. Hellopeter has many SA citizens in similar situations with this company. They have not even contacted me via phone or have had me sign off on this debit orders on my account. They are fraudulently taking money from peoples bank accounts. I advised them repeatedly that I have not signed or used any of their services and they have no record of any service used by me but they want me to pay 1500+ to cancel.


Report ID: 14889
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Address: 125 Sea Street, Cape Town, 8000
Crime Date/Time: 20 Jun 2016, 13:06 PM
Reported By: kovann
Reported Date: 20 Jun 2016, 13:06 PM
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