Swimming Pool Fraud - R26K Later

I have been a victim of swimming pool fraud. if you see a special advertised in your local news paper or on junk mail etc please be aware its all good to be true.. We were scammed this past week by a Black Male man that calls himself Koos - he speaks fluent afrikaans (this name no doubt changes from new advert etc. we found his ad in our local paper - contacted doos & asked him to come have a look & if everything will be ok. We then said ok we accept his offer 6x4 Pool which in the ad was R52K which included a 6x3 Lapa but i told him we don't need a lapa because we have one already - he said ok i will drop the price to R42K so i wait about 2 days then he called me & i said no its still a little bit expensive but he said dont't worry meneer i have a winter special that i just received from my suppliers & this will bring the price down to R34K - i could not resist he caught me hook line & sinker & i fell for "Koos the doos" - they arrived monday with a contract & paying terms 40% after digging 40% after concrete 10% after tapping - i said i cant agree to your terms we do it my way 10% digging 40% concrete and 50% Balance- digging was complete by Wednesday so - 10% was given by Friday Concrete was done so i gave him his next set of money to go buy paving & pump with all the pipes etc. R26K later he said he need little bit more then the 40% we agreed on because he want to pick everything up the following morning & come back on a saturday to start the pipes work blah blah blah... Well Koos the doos who promised to come never rocked up - sent me a sms the minute i tried to call him as if it was already typed copy & past bullshit. - My supplier has no stock we will be at your house on Monday morning, well i'm still waiting.
Koos gave me 3x ref no - 2x white ladies & 1x white male - well these scum bags are working with Koos the doos because all 3x those cell phone numbers are dead or they will be switched on for the next scam.

Koos & Partner who sits in the front of the car look to be Nigerian - well thats what my domestic said to me - these 2x guys i think are dangerous but come across as saints.
His digging crew i think are just local guys who don't have work & he picks them up next to the road & offers them a bit of cash which i think they don't even know whats going on.

Koos the doos drives a - SILVER BMW 3 Series MVD164GP
His Cell Phone - 072 831 6833

Ref No: 0725249497 / 0726828464 / 0818464153

Be careful & don't get caught like me

Report ID: 15031
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Nigel
Suburb: Ext 2
Address: off the grid
Crime Date/Time: 24 Jul 2016, 22:07 PM
Reported By: Buffel
Reported Date: 26 Jul 2016, 22:07 PM
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