TRANSPORTING SCAM!! SINCE 2013 VIA 0818792844!!!

Good morning. I would like to WARN EVERYBODY & ANYONE WHO READS THIS, AS THIS MAY EFFECT YOU, YOUR FAMILY OR FIRENDS! There is a massive scam going on since 2013 with the same people using the same number. They contact you via an add you left on various websites offering you a transport services with a 16/20 seated Quantum. They are very good and trained at what they do. They (The woman)explain to you what their services are and then she ensures you that THEY ARE REGISTERED WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT, which they are not. You than receive an email from a ".gov" email address stating to be from the Department of Transport's Admin Clerk, requesting you to make a payment of R500.00 to book your seat and after payment you will receive your contract, and the driver will contact you to make arrangements for the pickup/drop off. They request you to make the payment via their cell no: 081 879 2844 as they are unable to get access to their computer for the proof, stating that the proof must be sent through to the department of transport to for approval, through this manner they ensure that they receive the payments asap as most people(like me) at that moment are desperate and grateful to have found a trust worthy transport service. After making the payment they confirm that they have received it, and that the driver will contact you to make arrangements. After realizing the driver never did, you are unable to get a hold of her, some how she activates her cell no to be as if it does not exist any more, because when you try and phone it, it doesn't ring or go to a voicemail but makes a weird sound. After a while she activates her cellphone again, and goes on scamming others whilst you are thinking that her number doesn't work anymore. When I wanted to report this incident on "crime stop sa", I noticed that these people have been doing this for years, the latest post I could find is 2013! They have been using the same number all the years, just changing the names as they go.Their last details are as follows:*Scammers Names: Fiona Rodriguez & Gurshwin Velasko or Lucinda Mansfield or TRACY LEE THOMPSON/PAMELA HUGHES/SAMANTHA DU TOIT/Roslyn Rania/Jolene Rodriques *Cell number & payment number: 0818792844.*Company Names: Quantam Leap Carpool & Transporting Services/MANSFIELDS LIFT CLUB&TRANSPORTING SERVICES/Mclaren transporters//RODRIQUEZ EXPRESS TRANSPORT & TOURS.Any one who can help or tell us how to stop these people please do, this is ridiculous!!!

Report ID: 15050
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: Johannesburg
Crime Date/Time: 29 Jul 2016, 09:07 AM
Reported By: Nikita99237
Reported Date: 2 Aug 2016, 10:08 AM
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