Scam company by Africa Line Trading Pty Ltd

I find This company in
Seeking Frozen Lobster tail.
This company through by To connection with me.
From this company name is Africa Line Trading (pty)Ltd 
Sale manager : Mr Brian Moore 
CEO : Mr.Bernard Jones +27110381165
Director : Mr.Raymond Pikwa Takoh 
Director ID no: 01802582
Phone :+27-717966800 or +27-110381165 or +27-110835873 or +27-734123013
New Phone :+27-732748344
I order one ton Lobster tail.
..everthing Discuss ok ...i send money USD6300.on 9 Nov 2015. by Bank Wire Transfer To First National Bank (FNB)Account no: 62542049392
When they receive money on 14 Nov 2015.
They are change plan block my one Ton order ..need add my order To 3 Ton ...if not incease order ..they are cannot Shipping ..
I think is scam ..So i not agree AND want cancel order refund money .On 14 Nov2015 This company AND i also agree refund money . they are agree 1 To 2 months refund .
I not other Way To choose .only for waiting .on this period ..i ask which day can refund money. ..always will let me know ..let me know 
Until now not have refund money .Now is 8 months.
And no relpy my email.
Is so bad AND scam company .Is not Honesty company.
I calling that company CEO ..He say never refund money .You must only add order AND add money .
They are so scam He want cheat more money .
I don't want have other victim.
They never refund money .I never delete report crime .
Must update and continue report crime in the world .
This company continues to use dirty tricks to cheat.

Report ID: 15059
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: lenesia
Address: 24 pine St.Anchorville.Lenesia.Johannesburg .Gauteng.So
Crime Date/Time: 9 Nov 2015, 20:11 PM
Reported By: Adako
Reported Date: 5 Aug 2016, 15:08 PM
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  • Ndhlakama 9 Aug 2016, 04:30 PM

    Seriously, SAPS/Government is doing little in tracing these malicious criminals. Many of those so-called South African companies are registered with the authority but they opt to go on scamming rampant. If these guys are to be caught, the Law must just order the criminals to pay back the victims no blah, blah! Believe it or not, this is a CRISIS. What if all the legitimate companies start to do the same? Who will pay tax? Foreign business people are scammed and the Government is doing little to trace their hard-earned money that ends in the pockets(BANK ACCOUNTS) of these NOTORIOUS SOUTH AFRICA SCAMMERS!
    Who else will protect the innocent human beings on this planet if even the registered companies in Republic of South Africa are running SCAMMS?

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