Mwanesi Mine and Zillcor Scam

A week ago I get an email, which goes as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam,

After failing to solicit a supplier for our tender as advertised on our mainstream media (Chronicle & Herald) we are extending the bid to foreign suppliers. Mwanesi Mine is inviting quotations from suitable suppliers for the goods described below. Category: Heavy & Electrical Equipment.

Please find attached the RFQ for your assistance. Your timely and most urgent response and quotation will be highly appreciated.

Dr Phillip Ncube
Operations Director
Mwanesi Mine Company Limited
27 Mount Pleasant Drive
Mount Pleasant

Contact: +263 785 375 929

First I do not know where they got my email address, but I proceed and look for the Drill bits part they require and so I google the parts it happens there is a company that sells the drills in Cape Town "ZIllcor". I send a quote of R6 million and they are happy with it and would like to come to SA and inspect the products.

I arrange with Zillcor so they can come and zim people can come and view it. Zillcor claims they can only transport the goods to me if I pay R100 000 and they will refund the money after inspections. They claimed if Mwanesi mine came to their offices it will be conflict of interest. And Mwanesi mine guy will call me using a Zim number and asks if we received whatever he would have emailed, he kept on pushing.

Since I wasnt about to send the money to Zillcor I ask Mwanesi Mine to send their itinerary. Hayi the guy doesn't send and when he finally sends, its SAA flight schedules..LOL.

These 2 companies are working together, once I reply to mwanesi that the deal is off and I have alerted the police of foul play. Hayi this guy starts typing Sesotho and threatening me.

And he said " Money talks bullshit walks. This stuff is for white people. You like to get yourselves mixed up.
and o s’katlo phaoha. Ukena kai mo. Raising awreness masepa fela. If ever I find any reports otlanyela. Remember we know everything and you do"

Yes, its very much to possible to be in SA and have a Zim simcard that's roaming and you will think someone is in Zim.

Do not be fooled my fellow people, there are many scams out there.

Report ID: 15076
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: Johannesburg
Crime Date/Time: 10 Aug 2016, 15:08 PM
Reported By: _KKKnox
Reported Date: 10 Aug 2016, 15:08 PM
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