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Good day about 2 months ago i used the following link to book a paintball activity for a bacholor party i planned for a friend of mine the weekend was booked for the 06/08/2016 a R2500-00 deposit was given.
?On Friday the 05/08/2016 Steven Jensen the owner of Dilemma-Paintball contacted me to tell me his worker stole all of his equipment but will make a plan to rent more equipment from one of his suppliers. On Saturday 06/08/2016 Steven sent me the following message 10 mins before he was mentioned to pick us up (Morning Jarrod it seems I just can't make things work my apologies for this, please send me details for refund payment.) I issued Steven my details and ever since he has been lying to me about payment being made. I contacted and mpumalanga tourism who know who I was talking about Steven did the same thing to a Chantelle last year. From what I understand Steven's business does not exist and he left Dullstroom was a Warrant for his arrest was issued.... this is the mail Steven sent me providing me with his bank details for the deposit Hi Jarrod

As discussed earlier Max 28 Guys for full day Booking
Including 6000 Rounds (3 Boxes) and transport R3750.00

Please secure 50% Deposit to confirm BOOKING

Banking Details as follows:
S Jansen
First National Bank
Acc nr 62498096588
Branch 250655
Amount R1875.00

Best Regards
?The follow are all the message conversation Steven and I have had to date...
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2016/06/09, 13:08 - Jarrod Danker:
2016/06/09, 13:10 - Jarrod Danker: Hi Steven that is a word doc. It has the coordinates looks like it is in between Dellstroom & Belfast
2016/06/09, 13:12 - Steven Paint Ball Dellstroom: Ok yeah no hassles charge you guys 150 for fuel and sorted
2016/06/09, 13:13 - Jarrod Danker: How far drive time wise just so I can prepare the guys.
2016/06/09, 13:13 - Jarrod Danker: R150 very happy to pay. Thank you...
2016/06/09, 13:13 - Steven Paint Ball Dellstroom: 20 kms mate
2016/06/09, 13:14 - Jarrod Danker: Nice!!!
2016/06/09, 13:23 - Steven Paint Ball Dellstroom: Ok 24 guys ?
2016/06/09, 13:24 - Jarrod Danker: Looks like it yes. I'm just waiting for all the boys to commit in the group but right now as it is well be 24...
2016/06/09, 13:27 - Steven Paint Ball Dellstroom: Ok i have 28 weapons so after some quick sum

Report ID: 15093
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Mpumalanga
City/Town: Dullstroom
Suburb: Dullstroom
Address: Dullstroom
Crime Date/Time: 6 Aug 2016, 13:08 PM
Reported By: Dankj
Reported Date: 17 Aug 2016, 13:08 PM
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  • SimpleSimon 23 Dec 2016, 04:44 PM

    I know where Steven Jansen is if you are still looking for him

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