Fraudulent cheque

I placed an add on Olx on Monday the 15th. I received a call on the 18th from a guy with a Nigerian accent. He had really bad reception but he wanted to buy my Samsung Galaxy tab 3. I told him that I didn't have it with me atm and he responded I must let him know the next day .he never once asked to negotiate the price. The next day I smsd him to tell him I got the tab with me via sms. As he didn't pick up his phone. He calls back after an hour and tells me he's going to Saldanha he works for a film company and he will send his friend to check it out and then he wants to do eft because he finds it better to do so? Said he will be in the bush and not close to atms I told him I won't release it until I get proof in my bank account which I can verify myself. He said it's no problem. Along comes the friend, youngish looking also Nigerian, very tall and thin, asked him if he drove and invite him inside the building, he declines, said his gf is inside the shops he then looks at the tab which is sealed still and calls the buyer who goes by Terrence. I go to my desk I get an smsd from fnb saying r2300 has been deposited, I check my Internet banking and see the deposit reflects. I go back outside my office to give the tablet to the friend and wait about 2mins, I see the friend walking with a short Nigerian guy, when they see me waiting, the friend comes towards me to get the tab and the other one walks away in the opposite direction. After the friend got the tab he ran as if in a hurry towards the parkade. I admit summing did not feel right about this whole deal, I'm a bit uneasy I call my bank I want to know more about the transaction. Fnb tells me it's a cheque deposit with 10 days clearance, I called this Terrance, no answer, called the friend he pretends to be in George and now his name is Temba? I contact police gave them there numbers, police called Terrence.i dunno why but anyway. I call him back, he's upset that I contacted the police and I'm going on over 2300 the money will reflect? I get a call from my bank that same day and fnb informed me that the cheque is fraudulent and will be reversed? I called this, he answers and tells me it will reflect still keeping on witb this fake story, i td him the bank said its a fake cheque, he tells me to mwet hom at vangate mall. And i k ew id be wasting my petrol because hes not pitching there.I am making a case at saps.Be careful I was careless.
The numbers to look out for are
073 527 1042
078 866 6582

Report ID: 15105
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Address: Cape Town
Crime Date/Time: 19 Aug 2016, 00:08 AM
Reported By: LGmn
Reported Date: 20 Aug 2016, 00:08 AM
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