Scam on Facebook

Hi . Pauline. I got an invitation on Facebook 2weeks ago from a guy whose name was Craig Ken . Who claimed he was from Canada Toronto . He was flatting with me ,asking where do I work ,what do I drive ,how much am I earning. I hate guys who ask me my salary especial on a date !of course with him it wasn't a date it was flatting on social net which pissed me off . Picking from the conversation he kept on asking me the questions that he asked ,which made me suspicious . Just a week down the line he said he was visiting Libanone for some special assignment . So he was stopping on line and he was going to ship for me . I told him you would not know my style he insisted he would buy something nice as he wanted to show me love . Later that day he watsapp me asking for my id addresses. I am not secure giving information on my particulars . I have him a fake number ,he complained immediately saying it's wrong I asked him who said it's wrong ?he replied the company . I said I don't know that's my id I have been using of that have any queries the company will call me to collect the goods in person together with my id . Hope that won't be a problem . He explained nonsense statement . That he will try to send it anyways as he wants me to get the parcel. I thought of blocking him then I thought before blocking him let me tell him how stupid he is . Monday morning around 8 on the 22 August 2016 , he watsapp asking wats was happening with my phone. I replied it's working . What were you saying ?Did the delivery company call you ?he asked ," what delivery guys ?you mean your scam crue . I kissed him by saying that he told me yes if only I have him my id I was going to 're great . He was going to empty my account . I told him about Jesus he threatened me sending nude pics that thats what they do to stupid girls . And he ended by saying the devil will harm me he works for the devil .

Please do something with these criminals some people might not see it before their accounts are robbed .

Report ID: 15142
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Johannesburg
Address: Unit J Soho Loft Apartments 72 Roscommon raoad Parkvie
Crime Date/Time: 26 Aug 2016, 23:08 PM
Reported By: Paulina99511
Reported Date: 26 Aug 2016, 23:08 PM
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