Fraudulent Mining Company Supply Scam

SCAM SCAM SCAM!! The two "companies" work together. Tsumeb Mine (SCAM) puts out a tender spec, the only company in South Africa that stocks these goods is (SCAM). The data sheets provided are copied from other manufacturers and the products do not exist.

Do not pay Tony Mayo from eicontrols (FRAUD) a cent, you will not see your goods. Tsumeb Mine is a hoax company too run by an apparent Pieter Ajamba (FRAUD).

Both websites are well constructed scams. Carefully scrutinize the documentation provided, its all fraudulent and extremely well thought out..

List of products supplied

Process Instruments
Description Part Number Model
Meinhard Temperature Transmitter BDX850TT 4700
Meinhard Ultrasonic Level Transmitter BDX850ULT 4000v
Meinhard Thermocouple Reference Unit BDX850TRU 4910
Meinhard Pressure Transmitter BDX850PT 4200
Meinhard Gas Monitor System BDX850GMS 2700
Calibration Instruments
Description Part Number Model
Meinhard Pressure Indicator BDX800VR 800VR
Meinhard 6? Precision Pressure Gauge BDX389PPG 389
Meinhard Pneumatic Deadweight Tester BDX394PDT 394
Meinhard Dual Sensor Pressure Calibrator BDX485DPC 485
Meinhard Pressure Sensor BDX435PS 435
Electrical Instruments
Description Part Number Model
Meinhard Megohmmeter 500V BDX500XX 5xx
Meinhard Megohmmeter/Insulation Tester BDX432MT t500
Meinhard Phase & Motor Rotation Test BDX483RT t270
Meinhard Motor & Drive Troubleshooting Kit BDX300MD X700
Meinhard Gaussmeter BDX654G 501
Mining Safety Instruments
Description Part Number Model
Meinhard Strain Gauge Meter BDX524SGM 2.20
Meinhard Instrumented Rockbolts BDX123IR 1.10
Meinhard Auto-Warning Telltale BDX435AWT 5.60
Meinhard Strain Gage Card BDX996SGC 801A
Meinhard Rockbolting Telltales BDX500RT 3.33

Report ID: 15154
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Nationwide
City/Town: Nationwide
Crime Date/Time: 29 Aug 2016, 06:08 AM
Reported By: foxolution
Reported Date: 30 Aug 2016, 07:08 AM
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