car /diamond fraud

There is no medicine for stupidity
On the 24 of august 2016 My wife advertised our car on OLX .We wanted to buy a small truck to help with deliveries to grow our small business .A guy with the name Joseph (Afrikaans speaking) Phoned her from cell # 0745308547 to say he is a truck driver from Namibia, said he wanted to buy the car for his nephew and that he will meet us at Makro Van der Bijlpark .We picked him up at Makro and he said he just need to get his money from somebody in town and will then pay us . Waiting in town a muslim dressed guy got into the back seat of our car and opened a bag containing a neat pile of R100 notes which he claimed was R330000.00 as a retainer .Joseph took out a small parcel and opened it .It contained one big and two small pieces of rough glass that Joseph said was diamonds .We got extremely uncomfortable and told them both to get out of the car but Joseph said that we must just drive to Nedbank where they will do the exchange for the rest of the money and he will give us an extra R20000.00 for the car .Again as I said there is no medicine for stupidity , because when we got to the bank the guy was not there and Joseph asked us to take him to a guest house to speak to an Angolan about the price he can get for the diamonds . The Angolan and Joseph got into a heated argument over the money and the exchange and the first conn happened ,he convinced me to give the Angolan R2000.00 as a measure of good faith while he gave him R1500.00. We then left to go back to the buyer .Joseph then phoned the buyer wo said that he can’t meet us at the bank anymore but at his other shop .Joseph then proceeded to take us into Sebokeng to the other shop. I told him that we will not go there but again he convinced me that it was safe and I had a firearm on me so I thought since we are already out of R2000.00 I wanted to at least get my money back .He took us to an empty house close to a big Mall and said the buyer is a little late and we must go and wait inside for him .Sitting down a few seconds later three guys stormed in with weapons drawn and said they were detectives from the drug inforcement department of the police and searched us. The one detective then asked me what was in the small parcel lying on the table and I denied knowing wat it was . He opened the packet and said it was diamonds and it was not their department but he will take it to get the value .We did not know what to say or do because we knew that were in big troub

Report ID: 15164
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Vereeniging
Address: vereeinging
Crime Date/Time: 24 Aug 2016, 10:08 AM
Reported By: Adup135
Reported Date: 1 Sep 2016, 10:09 AM
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