Attempted Fraud

I have been trying to sell a Desktop tower and I am shocked by the amount of fraud that is going on. People have now tried to scam me twice.

Today, Mr K Booker, transferred the "payment" to my account and a copy of his ID and proof of address and low and behold when I googled his ID number another fraud case came up under the same ID number but not the same name.

I then called him to say I am not releasing the goods until the money clears my account - his response was that he is travelling this evening and when the money clears my account I can just transfer is back to him.

Unbelievable thank goodness I double checked

Be aware people.

Report ID: 15221
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Kempton Park
Address: Eastgate
Crime Date/Time: 13 Sep 2016, 15:09 PM
Reported By: Natalie2706
Reported Date: 14 Sep 2016, 10:09 AM
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  • TenantVictim 19 Sep 2016, 05:42 PM

    I happy things didn't go sideways for you there. It is very hard to get justice in this country once you have been touched by crime, police will tell you it's a "civil matter" which means you would have had to spend money on a lawyer to get that guy, provided that you (1) Had his correct details in order to start a claim ( 2) he has you assets or is "claimable" i.e he has money to award you in lieu of you winning your court case against him, and I'm talking civil court not small claims and most importantly (3) The cost of litigating him, does not outweigh the value of asset had you not been defrauded in the first place. i.e you don't throw good money away on recovering bad money. ----- See and you avoided all that. I'm glad this site is helping people to be vigilant and avoid heartache, Because fraudsters are motivated to follow through with their games counting on the fact that you will not bother to litigate or that you won't have the means to.

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