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I got a sms from 0763905555 saying I won R450 000 with a ref no. 0149GK and to contact 078 914 2694 for my cash prize. Knowing that this was a scam, i called the first number from a land line. He then told me to call from my registered mobile phone. Should have just left it there. Being inquisitive, I did. I phoned the second number, and the same guy answered. A Mr. Adam Smith. At this point, the north african accent came through strong, he did however try to pull off a american one, to no avail. Very unprofessionally he congratulated me saying a team is standing by to make my wire transfer. Yeah right. I asked for another way to get my money to me and he suggested courier, wanted my physical address, and would call me back as soon as I sent it. So there I went, sending a phony address, still waiting to hear from him.

Report ID: 1544
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Bellville
Suburb: ridgeworth
Address: mobile
Crime Date/Time: 24 Oct 2011, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username1544
Reported Date: 25 Oct 2011, 13:10 PM
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  • Musa Sithebe 19 Nov 2012, 10:40 AM

    How stupid these people are, I also received the same SMS saying "MESSAGE FROM FIFA", I have won R350 000 in FIFA XMAS PROMO and my Ref NO is: SA97B2 then I should call 0789529419 to claim my price. Thanks to Google, I first made a research to find out if its true but realized it is crime...sorry to them they didn't get me...

  • Mervyn van Ginkel 8 Dec 2011, 03:46 PM

    Also received SMS from cell stating ive won R550k cell to phone to claim is 0838777435 ref FA2011MK.

  • Johan3 6 Dec 2011, 10:33 AM

    Congratulations your Mobile NO has won R450,000 in the FIFA YEARLY 2011 XMAS PROMO with .Ref Num SA49GK .For claims call 0789142694 for your cash prize. CAN THE POLICE AND CELLPHONE COMPANIES PLEASE TRACE AND BLOCK THESE NUMBERS?

  • Rapula 4 Nov 2011, 06:10 PM

    On the 04 november 2011 i recieved a message from cell no. 0763905544 saying i have R450 000,00 on fifa promo and i should call 0789142694 to claim my price.I become suspicious and search for this no. on google is where i found many people have reported about this crime too.Thanks for the help

  • Username3548 3 Nov 2011, 09:46 AM

    i received the same from 0763905544 and 0789142694!! how stupid do they think we are................. :-) sorry, not stupid, gullable!!!

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