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I visited ABSA BRANCH on Saturday 08 October 2011 in Green Stone Mall.

It was about 10:45 when i signed a register at reception and I was asked to wait in the queue. The reason for my visit to the branch was that I had to assist my brother who already has an account with ABSA to open a servings account. There was only two customers in front of us and they were all served, when it was out turn to be served the lady called the family that was sitting behind us, for few minutes I tried to think of what could have went wrong.

I then went to the lady at reception who was very kind and asked if she by mistake skipped us. The lady explain to me clearly and politely that the consultant who took the family was new and not yet familiar with the system hence she is only taking people who are opening new account.

This explanation made sense to me and I appreciate the time and professionalism the lady showed when answering my questions.

Our turn came and we were called in one of consultants office, his name was “Consultant DG”-SP. We told him what we wanted which was a 32 days’ notice savings account. He went through questions in putting our answers in the system, then he asked if we have proof of address, unfortunately we did not have the proof. I asked if I can go and get a proof from the internet café.

I left my brother in the queue, just when I went outside the door ,I decided to go to FNB which is few metres opposite ABSA,I was fortunate to have been the 2 person in the queue, and I asked for 2 days statement. This process to less than 5 minutes including waiting in the queue, in total less than 10 minutes to return to where I was sitting initially at ABSA.

When I returned it seemed “Consultant DG” has just started working on the other client because it took about 30 minutes for him to finish with the client.

When he finished with the client he came out and called two ladies that were behind us in the queue, they were last people in the queue, I quickly went to him thinking it’s a mistake again, the lady who assisted me at reception came to him at the same time and whispered something to him(telling him that he is supposed to take me and my brother) .i had asked him by that time that we are next, and he said to me no, he can’t take us, I asked why he said because I went out. While I was still to continue he said no, I have to take this (showing the ladies way in his office and living me there).

But earlier there was a lady who had to wait for her husband to bring document, and the consultant gladly assisted her without her having to be last in the queue. Her husband was not even in the bank, he was called to bring documents yet she got the assistance she deserved, why can’t the same apply to us?

I went to the lady at reception(I didn’t take her name, white lady enough to be my mother),she said to me “I am sorry my angel, it’s not supposed to be like this, I will raise it on Monday with the manager and they will give me a call” .I was very disturbed emotionally, I did not understand what wrong I could have done to deserve that treatment. I had to of questions in my mind that did not have answers.

It’s about 4 days after the incident and I have not received the call.

“Consultant DG” finished assisting the ladies, and it was out turn, no we were last in the bank and doors were closed already. After sitting down, I asked if he does not to apologise for what he did, because it was unfair(politely and humbly), he said ,”it is the rule that if you go out to take a document you don’t come back to you position” he further continued to say it was going to be “unfair for those ladies”-is it fair for us?.

What I don’t understand is that the ladies came after us there were about 4 customers between us and those ladies, they found us there, I don’t know why it can be unfair for them if we are assisted first if we came first. They never seemed to have a problem as they remained in their seats until “Consultant DG” went closer to them to call them in -anyway they came way after us, It seemed they expected us to be called in.

I do not want to complain about not even smiling to make us comfortable because maybe he naturally does not smile. But I felt discriminated and even to this day I have no clue why I was discriminated. perhaps someone needs to explain to me the rules of the queue ,keep in mind the person who was opening an account never left the queue, and he remained in the ques.

I have so much anger, and I know it’s not good to feel the way I’m feeling, I decide to follow the right channel for this issue to be resolved. It maybe seemed a small issue but with what I’m feeling right now ,I now understand where hatred comes from, I never had the space for hatred and anger but because of ….i don’t know what to call this attitude because it not professionalism or humour. Every professional especially dealing with client should know the simple rule of the queue: First come first serve.

I really do not want ABSA to sow the seed of anger and hatred in my heart. I therefore request that this matter gets resolved in a proper manner, making sure that all parties are happy. I am availing myself to any appointment or what so ever if required. I wish to sit with the guy again and ask him “WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS” after all the respect I showed from the moment I entered his office.


I tried to think ,and think again if I went wrong somewhere and I really don’t get an answer, otherwise, I would have gladly apologise and pay for my mistakes. The pain he caused will never heal unless the issue is addressed. And this is not because I want him to pay for his mistakes but to at least make me understand the real reason all this happened.

I hope that my concerns will be treated as of importance to the bank and also be addressed not only to resolve my issues but also to continue and provide best consulting services to the customers.

This guy has cause me emotional/psychological damage and anger and this has a bad impact on how I see white people because the Bank never tried to assist ,just when I was thinking we as South Africans are moving towards the same vision of unity and this kind of discrimination still happen.

Report ID: 1556
Crime Category: Racism
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Kempton Park
Suburb: Greenstone
Address: ABSA Greenstone Mall,JHB
Crime Date/Time: 8 Oct 2011, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username1556
Reported Date: 28 Oct 2011, 12:10 PM
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  • Dominic 20 Aug 2015, 03:31 PM

    This bank is the worst bank ever. I have been here from 14:45 until now and I have not been attended to and now it's 15:30 NXA

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