EFT payment & rental fraud

Mr Robbie Weir 082 493 1234 veh reg no: CR60YX and Mrs. Joanne Weir 082 819 2250 veh reg no: PXC728GP, robbed me of R3500 by illegally subletting property under false pretenses and defaulting the real landlords by over R 35 000.

I was robbed of my rental deposit, after the couple contracted with me under false pretenses, pulling me into their web of lies which involved enriching themselves with tenant rental monies while defaulting on their obligations to the real landlords.

The couple lied about returning my deposit. Pretending to act in good faith, Mrs. Weir provided me with a falsified EFT payment notification as "proof" of my returned deposit, and all follow up enquiries to the couple about the missing monies, were met with "It's not me it's my bank" type excuses and silence.

I must warn the public most importantly in the Alberton area, especially innocent rental seekers and rental agencies, not to transact with this couple, the wife remains unemployed and the couple seek self-enrichment in the form of leasing other peoples' assets under false pretenses, commonly by subletting property and taking unsuspecting tenants monies and securities.

I have had to institute legal proceedings against this couple, alongside the rental agency whom they defaulted, our cases are currently pending.

It is a certainty that this couple have credit judgements against their names and it is unlikely that they would be able to get a mortgage or own property anytime soon, Thus continuing to rent and put the public at risk of their enrichment schemes.

Mrs. Weir uses Gumtree and OLX sites to advertise property for rent which she doesn't own.

She then provides unlucky ex-tenants who request their deposits back, with an adjusted Whatsapp copy-paste EFT payment notification, as Mrs. Weir understands abit about criminal proceedings and knows that this method of EFT pa yment fraud cannot be considered prima facie evidence, making it harder for victims to start a case against her.

In South Africa you can go to jail for using electronic messaging to post racist comments (Penny sparrow) but if you use electronic media to commit crimes - like payment fraud, the police can't open a case against you because "the source of the information which the electronic message is misrepresenting, cannot be determined"

So always request written proof of the receipt of your deposit from your landlords and if your deposit needs to be returned by a landlord via EFT, insist on proof of payment, in the form of Email or SMS - which MUST by sent by the Bank and contain the Banks letterhead. Note that it does not take longer than 4 working days for a payment to reflect under any circumstance.

Report ID: 16230
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Alberton
Address: Alberton
Crime Date/Time: 10 Jun 2016, 08:06 AM
Reported By: TenantVictim
Reported Date: 16 Sep 2016, 09:09 AM
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