English bull dog fraud

There is a person going by the name of Carole Coetzee with the number +27717716172 who is apparently selling english bull dogs. I have found this number linked to other puppy sales.

I call capitec to find out if it was a fraud account and they told me the account hasn't been active for three months and is registered to someone with a completely different name. I was to they are based in upinton.

They are more then willing to let you pay a deposit as I did so do not fall for this!!!

Report ID: 16240
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: reported from around SA
Crime Date/Time: 19 Sep 2016, 09:09 AM
Reported By: Danni100812
Reported Date: 20 Sep 2016, 09:09 AM
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  • Mack117042 12 Feb 2018, 02:57 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing. I was about to make a payment of R4000 for a dog and R1000 transport. Lucky, I have google this number 0717716172 to cross check if this is a fraud or not. Please be careful. Do not fall in this trap.

  • Liez 4 Jan 2018, 12:36 PM

    Unfortunately we also saw this too late!
    They are now going by the name of Melanie Chapman from Kuruman selling Boston Terrier puppies. Unfortunately we paid for the puppies (transfer included). When GMX Swift Couriers sent me their very unprofessional looking email asking us to pay R8650 for the crate and food saying that we will receive R6500 back when we receive the pups. We refused and never heard anything from them again. We opened a fraud case and reported their banking details and their gmail accounts.
    We are extremely upset about this and wish this experience upon no one.

  • Natz 19 Oct 2016, 02:42 PM

    Hi, thank you for the post but saw it too late :( Only after we transferred the money (R4600 of which R800 was for transport)for a Basset Hound puppy did we realise it was a scam. We went to the police station and opened up a FRAUD case at Douglasdale Police station, case no: 546/10/2016. She sent us copy of her ID and proof of residence (which was obviously fake) for assurance. We then went to the bank to try and stop the payment and gave them the FNB Bank details: Acc name: Carole Coetzee, acc no: 62644078893 which has been reported and frozen..but money most like has been withdrawn.....The courier services GMX Swift Courier service, Fred Dawson (obviously also a fake name) tried to get us to pay R6000 as the crate the puppy arrive in is not sufficient for long distance travelling (by plane) and we can rent a electronic temperature control crate from them of which they will refund R5000 the moment the puppy is delivered....I gave his details and bank account details also to the bank to freeze....and I gave him a piece of my mind....Can't believe there is people out there like this! Sick really sick....We've learned a very hard and expensive lesson.

  • Madel123 9 Oct 2016, 06:30 AM

    Hallo. Thank you for sharing this scam. They are now busy with Beagles. Even showing pictures of the most adorable pups with cute names. You have to tell them more about your home and kids. Have a list of questions to screen you whether you will be a suitable owner your their precious pups. Likely I smelled a rat and found this

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