NOKIA 2010 PROMO - Internet Scam

I received a sms saying that I won R95 000 in a NOKIA 2010 PROMO.  It was a scam. The number I had to phone was 078 217 8336.  They tell you to go buy 4 'pay as you' go vouchers and to give them the codes and then they will pay the money into your account.  I went to my local cellphone shop and they warned me not to do that.

Report ID: 225
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Nationwide
City/Town: Nationwide
Suburb: Cell Phone
Address: Cell Phone SMS
Crime Date/Time: 15 Mar 2010, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username225
Reported Date: 15 Mar 2010, 15:03 PM
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  • NameAndShame 26 Nov 2013, 02:40 PM

    In these cases, it is nearly impossible to track the person down. With regards to RICA, it's sadly a pointless system - one can buy a Rica-ed sim card for just R10 on a street corner - so there is no real way of tracking them down. Even with regards to the bank accounts - they are often opened with factitious details or sometimes unrelated person would open the account for a fee and simply hand over the ATM card and PIN number to the crooks.

  • zahir 3 Sep 2012, 09:38 AM

    The scma is still in operation.....just got an sms now.....saying i have won 95k in the nokia yearly promo! Thanks to the internet....figured it was a scam, and asked the lady on my behalf to claim my prize for herself!

  • Juanita12 17 Jul 2012, 03:45 PM

    My father received a sms this morning from the number 081 741 16860, also stating he have won R150 000.00 in a current promo. He need to phone 082 421 6996 and give the ref nr. The "consultant" I speak to is Vanessa. She ask for the cell nr and tell me to phone back in 2 minutes. "My father's cell number have won the R150 000.00". She ask how we want to claim the money, by EFT or by Cheque. I told her by cheque. The funny part is that I not need to pay any money or buy any vouchers. All they need is my Father Name, Surname, Resid. Adress, Province and Cell Nr. I told her that I am not going to give out any personal details, and ask if I rather can pick up the cheque from their offices. You wont believe the answer is yes and the address is Voortrekker Road 6, Bloemfontein. I know that it is a scam but my father don't want to believe me, the more I try to explain to him the more he believed he hit the jackpot (his a pensioner and money is tight) Why is people so nasty????

  • Jenny19 27 Jun 2012, 08:50 AM

    Thank goodness for this website, we were about to "take this chance", also got an sms stating we have won R195 000 in a current Nokia promo, we had to buy a R200 Telkom Voucher and call her back-Caroline, she gave us our "secret pin", then her financial dept would phone us, they did - Frank - , saying we had deffinitely won the money,had to deposit R2450 into a bank acc for the insurance on the money being deposited into our acc or cheque sent to us overnigt,plus a Nokia X5, luckily we only did the R200,not the R2450, I only knkow that God will punish these people, I can just hop no one will be gullible enough to fall for this scam.

  • Tex 3 Apr 2012, 08:47 AM

    Morning everyone!! . Today when i woke up i received a message saying ... "CONGRATULATIONS ,your sim has Won R250 000 in the Nokia Mobile promotion. Ref No:WN1P29 . Contact NOKIA CENTER on 0780919234 for activation and for your payment " What he wants is a R55=00 voucher no, ref no, Name & Surname, Bank name & Account no. Telling you not to show anyone the ref no. Hope they bust him!!

  • Phylis 22 Feb 2012, 03:29 PM

    I received a sms stating that I won R195000 and a Nokia E72 in the Nokia 2012 Promo with pin no. NK22. Call Mrs Roselyn Jacobs on 079 394 6339 to Claim. I googled Nokia Promotions and found these scams.

  • Phillip14 17 Feb 2012, 09:09 AM

    the first SMS i received is: Send your own SMS with SMSCaster ! Congratulation:Your mobile has won the sum of R175,000 from nokia yearly Promo,with the Mary on:0737132365 i called and asked me how do i want the cash,i said send cheque via Postal box. They then said: Dear lucky winner.This is to inform you that your wining prize of R1,95000 is now ready to be transfered to your personal account or preferably to your address if by cheque.Be informed that this prize has an insurance cover making it impossible for any deductions till it gets to you.You are requested to make available the sum of R1,860 for insurance.Kindly contact Mrs Botha: 0739849017 for payment details. Please To trace this criminals Please try to Sort out this nigerians lawfully

  • Patrick24 3 Feb 2012, 06:57 AM

    I received the same sms this morning:congratulation!!!your sim have won you R250000 from nokia mobile promo with ref:no 005:uk please call Mr williams on 0736333561 for your activation & claim. my problem is how do they got our numbers?

  • Gladwell 1 Feb 2012, 08:57 AM

    Hello people . Today when i woke up i received a message saying ... "CONGRATULATIONS ,your sim has Won R250 000 in the Nokia Mobile promotion. Ref No:WN1P29 . Contact Mr Clifton on 0780919234 for activation and for your payment "..............I think that the internet cops are involved bacause these scamsters , do this every other month ...This needs to stop !!!

  • mnisi 16 Jan 2012, 10:47 AM

    i received the same message today from Steve (0731280698)

  • Dvw 12 Jan 2012, 03:16 PM

    Mr Benson i still very active, I just "won" R1m for the same promo. Idiots...

  • ivan6 10 Jan 2012, 10:11 AM

    i got same sms, what do they get out of me buying telecom airtime?

  • Willey 23 Dec 2011, 07:08 AM

    I have received an sms saying I have won R95000 in the nokia mobile promotion and have to call David on this number:0764428374m

  • Unknown 10 Dec 2011, 11:40 AM

    "Congratulation. u celnumber have won R85,000 in nokia promotion,u Ref : No . ...../2011 Call mr.CLINTIN on 078 111 4139 and make sure that u ref is activate" first of all a big company makes sure it writes its name in a capital letter,and if this was real they wouldn't write in chatting should be written as Mr..n celnumber spelling,den no fullstop at the end...i smell SCAM SCAM SCAM...remember : "EVEN FREE MONEY AIN'T FREE".

  • zando 8 Dec 2011, 12:29 AM

    This was the first sms I received"Congratulations! Your cell phone number has won, R150,000.00. in the NOKIA 2011 ,yearly promotion. Call,Claim Centre on 0764944794.for your prize" I then called the number and did what they asked of me and the I received this sms.."ATT: MY NAME IS MRS CARLO BOLTHA 'NOKIA GENERAL ACCOUNTANT IN REGARD TO YOUR TRANSFER OF YOUR CHEQUE MR . ZANDO,SCHMIDT YOU HAVE TO PAY R1,500 FOR INSURANCE AND COURIER DELIVER CHARGE SO THAT THE TRACKING NUMBER WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU AND YOUR CHEQUE WILL BE LIVING TO YOUR PROVINCE. (POSTAL ADRESS:RODERICKSWEG.464.LYNNWOOD'PRETORIA.0081. CONTACT@MRS ZIZO/0723793588 THANK YOU." When the woman answered I asked her name and she said it was the sms it's Carlo...I asked her if her name is realy Jane then hung up....please do something to catch these people ...they are targeting old people who are clueless and they lose their WHOLE LIFE SAVINGS please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick14 6 Dec 2011, 04:14 PM

    We received an SMS saying we had won R1,000,000.00 on a Nokia promotion. We had to fone a Paul Benson on 0718272238 and to supply the lucky number to claim the prize. My wife refused to give our bank details and he requested she sms a postal address so that Barclays or FNB would sms when the cheque was paid into our account. She said she would have to speak to me first, I told her it's a scam

  • Kade 22 Nov 2011, 01:17 PM

    a friend told me about this last year and today i received an sms saying what everyone here has, so just for fun sake I called and they said the same things that each one of you stated here. Before this lady could put the phone down, i blasted her with some outrageous comments and she was like dumb. She asked me if i was really interested in claiming so I said, "are you interested in getting fucked up right royally". she then put the phone down..... lol. Guys, this shit is happening all over the world and not legal authorities have the time to attend to shit like this. live with it cos it aint going away. What a fucken joke.

  • sedem 17 Nov 2011, 06:51 PM

    i received a message by mail this morning telling me i have won 1,000,000.00GBP so i should mail a Dr. Peterson Fred. i mailed him back n i was sent some stuff n asked to fill the form. i was about to when i decided to google this and i started seeing all these messages. i could send you the attachment they sent me if u want. but thanks

  • lol lovy 14 Nov 2011, 09:03 AM

    I have received an sms around past one on Saturday11 Nov 2011 then I phone that Mr Jeff, he said yes I have won the competition and I must just send my name and the address so that they will be coming to deliver if I want check acc or if I want it by my account it would be I did send but using the wrong P.O.BOX NR SO TODAY I HAVE PHONE THEM AGAIN BAD NEWS I AM A POLICE OFFICER I WILL BE ON THEM WORKING TO FIND THEM OUT ALSO THEY WILL BE ON TV ON SPEAK-OUT SHOW.THIS PEOPLE ARE NIGERIAN PEOPLE MAKING MONEY FOR DECEMBER.REMEMBER NOW WE ARE USING RICA EVERY INFORMATION IS GIVEN THERE AND ITS EASY TO TRACE THOSE PEOPLE

  • Lovin 8 Nov 2011, 11:52 AM

    I received the same sms regarding the R95 000.00. Luckily I researched it as I smelt a rat! The person on the other side sounded like they were woken up. I do believe Vodacom is involved here somewhere or else they have employees who have their hands too deep in the "cookie jar". I layed a complaint on as this was was a new number, barely a month old and I would like to know if Vodacom just hands out your number willy nilly to anyone wanting it? Everyone that get's this sms should complain with Vodacom so that they can put a stop to this. I know it's no skin off our nose to get an sms, you just ignore it, but fact remains, what kind of people sit with your phone number and what other personal details given to Vodacom?

  • Orissa 5 Nov 2011, 09:48 AM

    i received an sms at 01:43 am stating Congratulation!Your cellphone no has been chosen as a winner! of R700.00.00 on the UK MTEl.& Nokia E65.Ref No M68UK call your claim agent mr joe 0738973461 /Mark on 0737958441 Date: Friday Nov 04 2011 please do not respond this is a scam!!!

  • Chabi 4 Nov 2011, 09:48 AM

    I received sms at04:40 this morning saying my cellphone number has won R95,000.00 IN NOKIA PROMOTION. Ticket number is NKZA0166. Call Ms LILIAN ON 0785089409, the sms is coming from 0799873434. PEOPLE WATCH OUT THIS IS REAL Don't ever reply or phone back they are crooks Date:04 November 2011

  • jabu 22 Oct 2011, 10:55 AM

    I received the sms this morning"Your cell number has won the sum of R250 000.00 from Nokia Mobile Promotion. Ref no. SA6181986. Contact Mr Allen on 0726008200 for Activation and Claim. I called him and asked if he is a South African he said "Yes from Limpompo, but I heard his accent HE IS A NIGERIAN......

  • Awelani2 18 Oct 2011, 11:00 AM


  • Robbie5 18 Oct 2011, 09:54 AM

    Not only they can send SMS's... I simply replied by saying "You Nigerian peice of Sh.t!" They are here for three reasons only 1) Fraud, 2)Narcotics and 3)Prostitution. So let them know how we feel about them!!!

  • Busi 17 Oct 2011, 02:24 PM

    Hey you can't believe this! I always receive SMS's saying I have won a competition, these hey are just scams. Dont ever try to respond to smses or phone calls asking anything about you. They should be arrested period!

  • Alida3 13 Oct 2011, 09:50 AM

    I received a sms this morning saying I won R150 000, cel nr to contact 0784399336, ticket no. 01NKB, I had to speak to a Mrs. Amanda. she said I must buy 2x R200 telkom pre-paid airtime and asked my PO Box or Banking detail. Why should you pay if you won something and I'm sure Nokia would deliver a cheque of that amount and not post it to you! The sms was send from 027825664233. I'm a single mom and believe me I can do with that kind of money but please I'm not stupid!!!!

  • Bongani4 12 Oct 2011, 10:17 AM

    l received 2 sms,s saying that i have won R95,000 & a NokiaE72 & R180,000, on the 6&12 October 2011, Nokia Yearly Promo. referance numbers are 0155p and 0166P from Mr MORGAN from this no. 0711382905 for claims to call 07930042518 & Miss AMANDA from this no. 0764995211 for claims to call 0711820082, l called AMANDA she told me to buy 2 prepaid airtime vouchers of R275.00 each as the Pin Code of these would be used to activate my prize money.

  • Nelia3 12 Oct 2011, 07:37 AM

    Hi, This has been going on for a looooong time. We all had to RIKA, surely these people can now be traced and arrested?

  • Dominicque 4 Oct 2011, 09:52 AM

    Same story. Message read: CONGRATS!YOU HAVE WON R295,000 IN THE NOKIA 2011 DRAW. REF NO NYP 291. CONTACT MR CHRIS ON 073 936 4142. AND MAKE SURE UR REF NO IS ACTIVATED. I called and was told to sms a R250.00 telkom voucher to activate. I really hope someone is doing something about this. How many people will fall for this?????

  • Username7034 19 Sep 2011, 02:04 PM

    Got a sms : "Congrats!!! Your sim number has won R250000 from Nokia Promo with tiket nuber 2195pm. Call 0782291972 for your claim and registration from 8 a.m - 4:30p.m. Thank you They required a registration fee of recharge vouchers to the value of R275.00

  • Margaret 13 Sep 2011, 02:09 PM

    A family member recieved a sms from 0722400350 congratulating him on winning R195,000 in the latest Nokia promotion.He had to phone Paul Benson on 071 325 4312 to claim his prize, once phoned Paul Benson (with heavy accent) told him to give his claim ticket no 0166p and phone back in 10 min, when he did Paul Benson verified that he had in fact won R195,000 and in order to claim his prize he had to rush out and buy 2 prepaid airtime vouchers of R110.00 each as the Pin Code of these would be used to activate his prize money. This had to be done within 30 min. Once he did this he was told by Paul Benson that his accounts department would contact him that same day to inform him of the procedure used to deposit the money, he was assured that the money would be in his account within 48 hours. That day he heard nothing but the following day he recieved a sms from cell no 0796579982 from Mrs Botha the Nokia General Accountant telling him to pay R3,550 for Insurance and Transfer charges, in order to do so he was to contact Mrs Lucia on 071 091 6389 for payment instructions.At this point he started checking and found that it was a scam.

  • Herma 13 Sep 2011, 07:05 AM

    Congratulations!Your MOBILE NUMBER won R95,000 on NOKIA PROMOTION.Ticket No.0166P.Call Eric 0790851426.Call 8am to 5pm

  • Graham3 8 Sep 2011, 10:29 AM

    Received the following message this morning: "CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR CELLPHONE NUMBER WAS AMONG THE LUCKY WINNERS IN THE NOKIA PROMO,YOU WON R150,000.00 REF, 010KP. CALL CLAIM,ON 0790610911 FROM 8.AM TO 5.PM" To the F*ckheads that initiate these scams - may your privates be riddled with searing pain and festering wounds.

  • Herman Groenewald 7 Sep 2011, 09:27 AM

    Recived a sms from +27826713289 - NOKIA SIM CARD promotion scam - supposedly R95,000 won with reference no:16NP

  • Maryke Coetzee 6 Sep 2011, 12:47 PM

    I received an sms that my phone number won R960 000 in connection with a FIFA promotion. When I phoned him, I continueously said that I believe it is a scam. I told him that I had to borrow money to buy this air time upon which he responded" Dear lady, why wont you just accept that yuou have been blessed by God to win this money. That is when I believed him. I had to buy R275 air time and within seconds the air voucher was used. When I phoned the so-called Joseph Smith from another phone, he said "You were so stupid to fall for this so it is your loss and he put the phone down in my ear.

  • esther10 5 Sep 2011, 09:55 AM


  • Ronel21 2 Sep 2011, 12:11 PM

    I recieved the same sms on the 30/08/2011 letting me know that I won the price of R95 000.and so I called this scamster by name Zanele back on 076 804 4930 and confirm that she has just won a big price of R95 000 and I will deposit it into her bank account I just need all her info asap. and she refused to give me any details and told me to go to hell. I said to her that is what you told the the last time and I did went to hell, but it's to hot there so I had to come back and check on you because that is where you are heading if you dont stop doing what u are doing. Have a pleasant day

  • Chris45 30 Aug 2011, 12:29 PM

    I received a sms this morning saying me that I have won a price from the UK Nokia Promotion in which I have been selected to win R95, 000. I've already known that kind of scam because I aslo received once a Bill gate promotion that I won $250, 000. Please people be careful, it's just a scam, do not purpose in that game.

  • Cathy Maritz 30 Aug 2011, 10:42 AM

    I also received a sms this morning the 30th of August 2011,twice to say that I have wone R450 000-00 ticket number 0166, then it reads further to contact Lucy Khumalo 0724697159. I phoned the number and Lucy answered, what I could gather is that she is in Durban, I ask her why do she operate with her cell and not through the Company, which she could not give me an answer. There is a second number on my cell which reads 0737826262.

  • Sityebi 30 Aug 2011, 10:30 AM

    Received an SMS on Tuesday 30, August 2011 at 04:57 saying 'Congratulations your mobile No: has won the sum of R295 000 from Nokia Promo. With Ref:N. ZNKO12, for claim call 0710171669 to activate ur Ref. NO. I cross-quetioned them about the possibility of winning a competition without having entered one, and about the whereabouts of their offices, they became bored and it was then that I realized that this was a scam.

  • Bongeka2 29 Aug 2011, 08:03 AM

    i also receive an sms congratulations your mobile no has won R195000 and Nokia promo. with ticket no 0166p for claim call Mr Paul Benson 0713254312. but i didnt call i google first this name of this person then i saw it is a scam these person must rote in jail for this things.

  • Ally Syed 24 Aug 2011, 03:58 PM

    I received a sms i won R150.0000.00 2011 nokia yearly promo ref no person mis Patricia tel:0732348445 i have to buy airtime sms to her together with my banking details i phoned nokia no such promo.Whew!!!!! thank god

  • Tsakani 24 Aug 2011, 11:26 AM

    Received an sms at 7:33 am, my sim card no has won R450,000 on Nokia Mobile Award Promo, Ticket no 0166A Call Mr. Paul Benson on 0718272238 for my cash prize between 7am -5pm but I'm not using nokia phone. It's a scam, BEWARE.

  • magda9 23 Aug 2011, 04:10 PM

    same thing received a sms i was very stupid to give them my banking details. until i spoke to a friend of mine that told me it was a scam. they wanted R5000 deposited into their banking account to release the money. i am sure some stupid people like me can fall for it as it is too good to be true. please stop these thieves

  • Russel2 19 Aug 2011, 09:27 AM

    Firstly why does a Dr answer the phone on a competition the you have to pay an entry fee to collect money for a competition that u have already won and didn't even entre. what crap. why have we not coaxed these idiots and caught them

  • Kathy Raath 18 Aug 2011, 08:26 AM

    I received an SMS at 05h08am- to say congrats! You have won R250,00.00 on this NOKIA year promotion with ticket no. 0166p call this No. 073-806-60166 for your cash prize from 8am to 6pm. I have to buy a R55,00 pay as you go voucher and sms her the serial number pin number, postal address and cell number and then she will activate my ticket number - I had a choice of receiving a cheque or get the monies paid into my bank account I preferred cheque - I read all the comment on this site and then send het an sms telling her I reported her to crime line and police.

  • Nazneen2 16 Aug 2011, 07:29 AM

    Received Nokia Promo sms last night R 995 000 Ticket no. NOK75KA for claim call Mr Smith 0836726132 @ 7.30 to activate ticket..

  • magdel 12 Aug 2011, 10:36 AM

    received nokia promo sms last night R195.000 with ticket number 0166p for claim call mr Paul Benson on 0787124690

  • Vicky12 11 Aug 2011, 11:24 AM

    I received this sms as well, what a let down, I suppose people will prey on the vunerable.

  • Saki 11 Aug 2011, 08:44 AM

    I got the same sms notifying me of 950000.00 that i've won and knew this is the scam. why did we RICA our simcards if these people can't be caught.

  • Scam Reporter 4 Aug 2011, 07:36 AM

    Received an sms from no 0715225141 saying that I have won R95k on a Nokia promotion ticket no 0166P and to call Phumza on 0780258634 between 8 & 5. I am not phoning but know its a scam.

  • Sandy7 3 Aug 2011, 02:47 PM

    I received an SMS at 03:30am, I have won R250 000, the number to call is 0790991987. I called this number and found out the offices - scam artists are in Bloenfontein.

  • Belinda7 3 Aug 2011, 09:02 AM

    Ek het ook vanoggend n sms gekry wat se ek het R150 000 gewen met verwysing 0029GP en moes 071 770 0679 skakel en my verwysingsnr gee. Ek moes na 5 min terugbel sodat hulle my verwysingsnommer verifiheer. Ek het so gemaak. Ek het tot sover gegaan om die R110 se lugtyd te koop, maar het nie die pin vir hulle gegee nie, ek het eers die SCAM gegoogle en gesien wat dit is. Ten minste het ek nou nog my R110 se airtime. Blerrie skurke.

  • Sindy2 3 Aug 2011, 07:33 AM

    Got a message saying I have won R95000 and a Nokia E65PHONE in the Nokia yealry Promotion. Code: YX2. Call Mr Lucky on 0786150177/0728719958. Message came from 0725589919.

  • Loraine2 1 Aug 2011, 04:25 PM

    I got a sms from Mrs Linda 0838770415 stating I have won R250000.00 nok ref 0193np and to contact het you have to buy R275.00 air time dont load the airtime you need to keep the slip for proof that you bought the airtime. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM what a shame that these people can steal shame on you my you lose everything you have 7 times 7

  • marinda3 28 Jul 2011, 12:11 PM


  • Dollie 5 Jul 2011, 09:47 AM

    The numbers are: 0711843831 & 0739608488... Chris Aaron & Miss Debra. Do these people really think we are idiots? come now! My God, We are South African's and know a scam when we see it. Be very carefull guys!

  • Dollie 5 Jul 2011, 09:42 AM

    I received an sms stating I have won some money, "Nokia Global Mobile Awards Promotion". I must sms my bank details as well as R180 MTN airtime voucher, PIN & Serial No. This does not sounf legit at all. The dude got upset that I punched in my voucher in my phone.

  • Wouter3 4 Jul 2011, 11:43 AM

    (NOKIA) CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON R125,000 ON NOKIA PROMOTION. REF NO. 010KP. CALL MR HENRY ON 0823687778. FOR YOU CASH PRICE IMMEDIATELY. 08-05 PM. I left the grammar and spelling as is. Received at 03:06. Seriously, you have to be a complete moron to fall for this : P

  • EM 30 Jun 2011, 12:31 PM

    I received the same SMS from 0721883335 and asking me to call Mrs Phumza Khumalo on 0780258634. Didn't even bother to call because I knew it was a scam. My question is... Why doesn't Vodacom, MTN or Cell C simply block these numbers. Its a simple thing to do, but they're not interested. These guys use the service and probably at some point in time they do buy airtime, so to them they're just another customer. Just like all things in South Africa, they're useless....

  • Sandra21 30 Jun 2011, 09:53 AM

    Hi my son was also caught with the same scam is no one doing anything to stop these people. Best of all, new thing is to have your cellphone rica'd. If these numbers are rica'd then why can they not been picked up. The new name is Adam Johnson 079 041 8693 and 072 599 2352. Please people be careful of country is in a state and no one cares

  • Elize9 29 Jun 2011, 08:36 AM

    My husband received a sms telling that his no. has won R920 000 with ref. P147V. So I decided to phone Victor, he answered and asked me what the cell no is, when I told him he told me that we won the R920 000 but how do we want it to be paid to us. I had two choices in my banking account or pick a cheque up from the office, which he will first have to confirm with his supervisor. So I'm waiting. First I wanted to give him an old banking acc when never use but the bank said I shouldn't do that. But I will pester him for my money now.

  • Vicky9 23 Jun 2011, 12:25 PM

    Cant believe this scam is still going on.. Isn't there anyone with authority handling this? I just got the same sms, and nearly laughed myself to death.. It was sent from 072 782 0019, claim number 0166p and I should phone Paul Benson at 071 0155 856.. Maybe I should phone and ask him how is his soccer carreer doing seeing that the real Paul Benson is a soccer player for Charlton Athletic.. lmao stupid idiots, hope they get caught soon

  • emmanuel isah 22 Jun 2011, 04:29 PM

    dont answer anybody that said you won any amount of money.its a lie.

  • Candice26 22 Jun 2011, 01:43 PM

    HI I received an sms this morning saying I've wond R950 000 in a Nokia yearly promo Ref NK265 Contact Dr Sandra Atkins on 073 766 3290 to receive my 'price' Gee they can't even spell & make it look professional. Needless to say I know it is a scam. Dont fall for it.

  • Leigh6 21 Jun 2011, 12:34 PM

    In case someone is tracking these idiots. My NOKIA promo prize sms came from 079 567 9768 and asked me to call 073 115 1978.

  • klair 16 Jun 2011, 09:44 AM

    Yes also got this scam sms, you've won R450000 in 2011 nokia international promo. for claims call mrs eden smith on 0822637205 with ref no:P270. What a joke!

  • stevn 15 Jun 2011, 03:45 PM

    hey pepe what should youre mother pay for ????

  • stevn 15 Jun 2011, 03:42 PM

    i received a sms stating that i won R150 000 and all i need to do is buy R110 vodacom airtime and send it to them with my ticket num p686 on the nokia eyrly promo and i know nokia does not have a "yerly promo",allong with my full name and adres where they should send the check to but once you must pay to receive youre winnings you should know it,s a ,,,,SCAM...

  • pepe 15 Jun 2011, 01:43 PM

    My mother received a call from Simon Mkhwanazi on 073 520 2131 this morning. he is expecting her to pay by 4pm today into account of N Shumani, Account Number 2687053163. Nedbank and fax it to number 08665004. can this be traced? Please Help!

  • Phumza 14 Jun 2011, 08:08 AM

    Please people wake up I got this sms this morning at 00:36 saying I won 95,000 and I called a Xhosa speaking Lady told me to issue my bank details I question her and she hang up the phone. Be careful

  • Susan Nortje 10 Jun 2011, 12:20 PM

    Hi there, Received the same e-mail from Mr Jackson. Why can't the cellphone companies not trace this man with the new systems in place so that this can stop. What about the uneducated people that has no jobs and are soooo excited about this they will spend their last money to get a little bit more. I chanllenge the cellphone network companies to bring these people to justice!

  • Magriet3 10 Jun 2011, 09:20 AM

    I just received an sms "CONGRATULATIONS! Your mobile no has won u R150 000 in NOKIA YEARLY PROMO with ticket no P286. For claim call: 0737168144 of email" Surely this must be a scam!!!

  • Lufuno 8 Jun 2011, 11:22 AM

    i received an sms this morning saying 'congratulations, your sim no.won R99,000 in Nokia yearly promo your ticket no: is NY2 contact this no.0734608543. They said i must buy R200 Telkom prepaid, i knew it was a scam cos they also sent my colleague an sms saying she has won 450,000.

  • taheera 8 Jun 2011, 11:00 AM

    i recieved an sms now saying that i won R250 000 on the nokia promo 2011 ref. NKZA0166 and when i called they told me that i must go to a shoprite and purchase a R275 vodacom voucher and sms my pin with my bankin details. when i asked if this is a scam then they said no if you dont recieve your money you can report us and this number to the police. so they are trying to make as if they are "real" by saying that so that you do not "worry". please people it doesnt matter what time of day or night that they send you the sms DO NOT CALL!!

  • hanan brakat 2 Jun 2011, 01:12 PM

    i received an sms saying that i have won 250.000pounds steerling in ongoing nokia promotion ,lond on-uk-for claims called from this no. 0795828707 (way do it) im from jordan

  • AMAZED 1 Jun 2011, 08:01 AM

    Also received an SMS (stating only network) this morning at 1h27 from telephone 078 784 0215 announcing a win of R195 000 and to call Paul Benson at 078 428 6878. Realized SCAM straight away, decided to Google. AMAZINGLY this scam has been going since 15 March 2010. Look at the variety of no's they use to con. A good record of detailed info to follow up, surely there must be a link SOMEWHERE when they apply for a new number. HOW DO THEY OBTAIN OUR TEL NOS SO EASILY ? WHATS THE USE OF RICA ?? HOW CAN MTN and VODACOM BE MADE AWARE ? These guys need to be stopped SOMEHOW, no use for people using this forum just to keep telling their story ....

  • Cindy9 31 May 2011, 09:55 AM

    Hi wow!!!! I got the same sms and the guy gave me the same story. He wanted two R180 airtime vouchers. These people are sick to play mind games on good hard working people. My reference was 0166p and the number I had to call is 0835118857. I hope something is going to be done and we not just placing our comments on the site for nothing to be done about it.

  • Ants 27 May 2011, 09:21 AM

    Hi everyone, they sms me at 01:11am this morningfrom this nO:076 510 5536, anouncing that my nr has awarded R95 000.00 in N.O.K.I.A Promo. I was to dail 071 275 0805.. then they wanted me to pay R110 airtime and send it to them with my bank details first get the money.The pesron I needed to speak to was Vanessa Jabulani.. Do they really think people are that stupid and have cash to waste? People please I'm lucky to not have fallen for this.. IDIOTS... GO AND WORK FOR YOUR MONEY AND STOP STEALING OTHERS...

  • Karen Oliver 26 May 2011, 10:54 AM

    The scam is flairing up again - received this sms to my 3g sim card (not even a phone number) The 3g sim card is throgu Nashua mobile and in my company's name - SCAM written all over it. Here is the message I received . . . and no I don't have a Nokia! AWARD::CONGRATS!UR SIM CARD NO HAS WON R1.5 MILLION ON NOKIA MOBILE AWARD PROMO.UR PIN NO IS NP33A CALL JESSICA SHABANGU ON 0783912157 FOR UR CASH PRIZE. 8-5PM. The sms was sent from the following number: 0715071344

  • jared4 26 May 2011, 06:36 AM

    When I got an SMS from Nokia, letting me know I had won money to my BB, I was like SCAM. Sure enough google directed me here when I pasted the msg in my search bar.

  • D 24 May 2011, 09:38 AM

    One of my employees has been getting sms's and endless phone calls from a man (who is definitely NOT South African) - he calls himself Mr Williams and says her sim card has been picked and she has won R300 000 via BT Promo - but she needs to sms him her banking details and ID number before he can release her prize to her. Ad he cannot explain how she won the prize. His telephone number is 078 180 9245. I called him now and explained that my employee has apparently won a prize through his company and i just want to find out more about his company and what they do. And he got extremely angry with me and refused to give me any information. If there are SO many complaints about this scam, dating back over more than a year, then how come it is still happening?????? Especially when he is giving out telephone numbers that can be traced?

  • Nonnie2 23 May 2011, 11:57 AM

    I received an sms stating that I have won R1,5 with my sim card no., in the NOKIA Mobile Award Promo with a Pin Nr. nogal!!!I must phone JESSICA SHABANGU to claim my cash prize. May you burn in HELL for this fraud!!!

  • Nonnie2 23 May 2011, 11:32 AM

    I received an SMS stating that my SIM card no. has won R1,5 on NOKIA MobileAward Promp with a Pin nr. nogal, and I must phone JESSICA SHABANGU on 078 391 2157 to claim my cash prize. May you burn in hell!!!

  • Danielle9 20 May 2011, 12:50 AM

    Hi people just received an email stating my mobile number was chosen out of 30,000,000 mobile users and I had won 750,000 gbPounds hoax!!!! Obviously things don't happen that easy for people like me!!!!

  • Clive 3 17 May 2011, 05:55 PM

    Received a message at 02h15 this morning stating I had won R198000,00 in the U.K. Nokia promotion ticket no. P0043 and to phone a Mr. John on 0737761709. I think it is disgusting to give people the hope of winning. I hope I never meet this Mr John, If I do I will castrate him

  • Christa11 17 May 2011, 05:32 PM

    Same here, they sms me that my nr has awarded 950 thousand rand in N.O.K.I.A dail 073 766 3290.. then they wanted me to pay 5 thousand rand first and spto get a certificate to award the money.eak to a DR SANDRA ATKINSON.. Why do they do this, do they really think you are stupid.. well some people do make that mistake.. luckely i didnt fall for it.. IDIOTS... GO AND WORK FOR YOUR MONEY AND STOP STEALING OTHERS...

  • Lady D 17 May 2011, 02:03 PM

    I also get an sms to call Paul Benson. I phoned back he said I should buy airtime for R180 to activate and said their offices are in Capetown. I then googled it as I realised that it was just a scam

  • lizette 15 May 2011, 10:59 PM

    I just receive a sms on my 3G sim nr: that reads: AWARD::CONGRATS!UR SIM CARD NO HAS WON R1.5 MILLION ON NOKIA MOBILE AWARD PROMO.UR PIN NO IS NP33A CALL JESSICA SHABANGU ON 0783912157 FOR UR CASH PRIZE. 8-5PM. the sms was sent from 079 105 6678. Something told me to google Nokia Mobile Award promotion. Thank you to my angle on my shoulder. I am not a sucker in there scam ha ha ha

  • Alert guy 14 May 2011, 01:42 PM

    I also received a sms on the 26th of April from the number 27781079087 saying : Congratulation!! Your number was amoung the lucky winners on the 2011 Nokia YEARLY PROMOTION. you won,R95, number NK1066p. contact Mr Morrison on 0838809158 For your cas prize. And make sureyour pin number is activated with airtime before payment transfer . I decided not to call on the same day. I called today ,the 14th of May 2011 and mister Morrison asked me the pin number. I gave him and he asked me to call after 2 minutes. I called after 10 minutes and he asked me if I want the money by cheque or if they must transfer it to my account. I told him that he can transfer it to my account. The moment I said that ,I heard a change in his voice ! With a lot of excitement he asked me to send my bankaccount details via sms to him. I told him ok ,I will do so. I googled the sms and whalaaa,I read a lot about this scam,hahaha. These guys think that they are smart. I'm laughing but actually I want to hurt these con artists very very bad because on a daily basis they try to stealfrom persons who are not alert enough ! Beware people !

  • freda2 13 May 2011, 10:33 AM

    I received an sms at 02:40 on the 13 May 2011 stating that i have won R 245 000.00 in a nokia yearly prom because my no was selected. It stated that i should phone Mr.Frank on 0783123079 and quote ticket no : X040P to claim my prize.I did however send a very rude SMS to "Mr Frank" to stop frauding innocent South Africans.

  • Kagiso4 12 May 2011, 01:22 PM

    Thank you for warning of these scams I received the same sms last night

  • Elize21 12 May 2011, 10:53 AM

    I received an sms sent at 00:52:44 on 12 May 2011 stating that my mobile number has been selected for a R250,000.00 prize with reference number NYPC948 and that I was to contact Margaret van Zyl on 072 991 9958 which I did after googling and seeing that this was a scam. I was asked to phone back 15mins later, which I did and was asked to phone back 5mins later while they verified the ref no. I did this and was placed on hold until I gave up. Margaret has an Indian accent. What are the authorities doing about this? Surely with RICA it's possible to find the owners of these numbers and prosecute them!

  • T Thandeka 10 May 2011, 11:10 AM

    I got the message this morning announcing a win of R150, 000 in the Telecoms mobile promotion Ref: EO19 #. Contact Nick your claim agent on 0786669874 for cash price.

  • P Ferreira 10 May 2011, 09:55 AM

    I got the message this morning announcing a win of R150, 000 in the 2011 Nokia Global Promotion. Ticket # 0029. Contact William Smith on 0781130993 to claim. What bull! How do these idiots get our numbers????

  • Cindy Africa 10 May 2011, 09:28 AM

    My mother also received similar sms, 26/04/11 announcing: Congratulation's you have won R100 000 From NOKIA YEARLY PROMO. YOUR TICKET NO N P 301PLEASE CONTACT MISS JOYCE ON 078 645 6626 FOR ACTIVATION & FOR YOU CLAIM. I phoned around 08h30 am and Miss Joyce was not at work, she rather sounded sleepy, so I goggled and found more people that I could count. How is it they get our numbers?

  • nirie 5 May 2011, 12:43 PM

    received a call at 1.06 ."congratulations!!! your no was among the lucky wionners on the nokia yearly promotion. you won R150,000 ref no.010kp. call claim centre on 0719763841 for your cash price and to activate your ref no immediately from 08am to 05 pm. i called the no.a man with a foreign accent answered stating it was the call centre.i asked him if this was a scam and he said no.said it was the call centre.asked me to call back in 3 minutes to verify ref no. guess what! no answer.noy dissappointed. always sceptical about these issues.just annoyed that innocen ,vulnerable people can become victims of these dirty people.incidentally whilst perusing the other comments i came accross the same ref. no. that was given to me with the same instructions so it is obvious that this idiot is not getting caught.

  • BIG-G 5 May 2011, 10:00 AM

    I recieved a message at 09H30AM to say congrats you have won R250 000.00 on the Nokia Promo, all I want to say is how the hell these aliens get hold of our details, makes you think if it is so easy for them, surely it can be easy for our boffs to track these bastards down!!!!!!!!!

  • ziggx 3 May 2011, 09:15 PM


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