I  want to report/Inform  of a case of fraud
/theft  to which I fell a victim off from 26/062012 till 06/07/2012 All mail and document is available and will be send on request   I have responded on a advertised  South African registered car (2002
Audi TT) on Auto that an  individual t was selling,  Paul
Shadewind with e-mail address[] he is from
South Africa and move to London UK ,he mentioned that that taxes are too
high to register this car  in the UK and that he need to sell it as he
explained to me for R45000,and he will pay all shipping fees ,he said
that because of fraud and all we need to do this transaction via a
company that do the importing and exporting and shipping of cars they
call them self's Car Sales Network  . the
company registration Company No. 03089194
First Name: Paul  the Seller                 Last Name: Shadewind                  Address: 99 Leman Street                 City: London                  Postal Code: E1 8GH                 Country: United Kingdom The condition of this transaction was that I pay Cars Sales Network 30%
of the value of this car and they will ship it to SA when I receive the
Car I will have five days to decide if I take it .The company stated
that if I take the car I have to pay the rest of the outstanding balance
, if I decide not to take the car they will refund me and notify the
seller All money transactions go through the Car Sales Network and they keep
the money safe and only pay the seller if transaction is completed my
Tracking number : 348JSXNS723 was email after I paid the 30%  and this
tracing number was verified on their site where there is an option to
see the status of your transaction . Customer service - representative
#9 - Thomas Dergen; CAR SALES NETWORK LIMITED10 DURHAM AVENUEGIDEA PARKROMFORD RM2 6JSUNITED KINGDOM   Receiver name: NATHAN COBBOLDReceiver address: 43 CREIGHTON AVENUE Receiver city : LONDONReceiver Zip Code: N10 1NX Receiver Country : UNITED KINGDOM Then they contacted me and said that I need to pay the full amount of
the outstanding balance because the Western Cape authorities won't
release the car for transportation if there is no proof of an invoice
that are fully paid by the owner of this vehicle. They also stated due
to this unforeseen circumstances the seller  gave me a R4000 discount on
this vehicle and a bill of sale with the warehouse papers .The delivery date of this car is 6/7/2012.  After I paid the balance and they confirmed that payment was received I
sent them e mails to contact them and ask them if the transaction and
delivery is still on track ,but no one replies on my mails that I send
to them so I am starting to think that is was a scam . The purpose of this e-mail is to stop this individuals or whoever they
are from doing it again again, I know the terms and conditions, and that
Western Union is not responsible for this event that happened to me, but
I will appreciate any effort from   Western Union to assist where
possible with my case and to block this specific user to in turn make it
difficult for him to do this kind of crime again. I have a few question I hope you can assist me with be for I explain my
situation : *         Will it be possible to track this individual who took my money
?(he must have used his ID to receive the money from Western Union)*         The individual is in the UK will you have any one that can
assist me from there ?*         Is there any suggestion you can make that I can do may be to
get the Police involved? Kind RegardsHere is a few mail i got from themWe have sent you the bill of sale document in our last e-mail. You will receive a payment receipt for all the money paid after you confirm the last payment. This last payment must be sent using Western Union to the same company agent. As we have informed you we will protect your money and we will not release and money to your car sender/seller until you confirm that you want to buy the car. If by any reason you don't want to keep the car we will return all your money back + the Western Union fees in the same day when we are returning the car. The car arrives in the next 3 days in South Africa and the transport will be blocked until we receive the final payment confirmation. It will be better if you can confirm the last payment part until Wednesday because we must prepare the documents for the car transport in South Africa.

Transaction for: 2002 AUDI TT 1.8 T
Transaction Amount: ZAR 45,000;
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you for using our service,
Customer service - representative #9 - Thomas Dergen; Dear Client,

In order for you to send money to Cars-Sales-Network agent using WesternUnion you only need to go to your nearest WesternUnion agency (you can find the nearest one by visiting ) and fill out the form that the operator will provide you there. You only need to know our agent's name and address.
After the funds are sent please do not forget to send us the transfer code ( MTCN # - Money Transfer Control Number ) in order for our agent to be able to verify the transfer. If the payment is valid we will bring the car to your address in 7-8 days. The car purchased will be inspected by the buyer ( you have 5 days for inspection ). After the buyer confirms to Cars-Sales-Network that the car is as agreed with the seller, the funds are transferred to the seller.

If by any reason, the buyer do not agree with the merchandise, the merchandise will be sent to Cars-Sales-Network packed in the original package. The merchandise will be sent to the seller after the seller will cover the shipping and money transfer expenses. Also the entire amount sent by the buyer will be refunded (including money transfer expenses). Important Note: For business money transfer or internet transactions, WesternUnion charges customers a fee between 150-200.00$ USD
(an international sales tax imposed by the state). If you would like to avoid this fee, when the WesternUnion agent asks you what are you sending
the money for , you can tell him/her that you are sending the money to a friend. There will be no problem and the payment will be received.Here are your nearest WESTERN UNION offices/locations:Here are the steps in a CAR-SALES-NETWORK transaction. The seller brings the car/motorcycle to our company. We will check the car/motorcycle and all the documents .The next step is made by the buyer. He must send a part of the payment to one of the company agents and after we check the money transfer, we will bring the car/motorcycle to his address in 7 - 8 days. The buyer has 5 days for the car/motorcycle inspection. After this period the buyer must confirm the final answer ( If he wants to buy the car/motorcycle or not ). If the buyer is not satisfied with the car/motorcycle he will receive a full refund from our company. The payment must be sent using BANK ACCOUNT TRANSFER, MONEYGRAM transfer, WesternUnion wire transfer or other payment service. Your money is 100% protected by our company. If there are problems with your transaction our company will offer you a full refund. Now you must forward the shipping details (FULL NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, POST CODE, COUNTRY, TELEPHONE NUMBER) to your seller and he will contact us to start a transaction using CAR-SALES-NETWORK SAFE EXCHANGE service.

Here is the information about our company :

Name & Registered Office:

Company No. 03089194

You can check it on the web by clicking here :

It is a website with all legal companies from the United Kingdom. You can check that we are a legal shipping company and that we are not involved in any illegal activities.


Thank you for using our service,
Customer service - representative #8 - Waren Pallow  

Report ID: 2259
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Centurion
Address: Centurion
Crime Date/Time: 6 Jul 2012, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username2259
Reported Date: 6 Jul 2012, 22:07 PM
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  • Username2259 16 Jul 2012, 06:35 PM

    Hi Robert Yes its the same guy the street adress used is the same I think if we contact wetrn union and ask them at wich branch of them was the money been claimed from it will also help to narrow down the area this people operates from we have usa ,uk,australia and ther is a possibality of SA Thanks for the feed back and ask him the VIN no of the car

  • Username2272 13 Jul 2012, 02:00 PM

    hi try locating the email address from the car-sales-network, this is what i got Location:UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON, REDMOND

  • Username2272 13 Jul 2012, 10:12 AM

    Hi I have also been scammed, and i know it's the same guy. I also responded to a car advert on autotrader, the guy said he moved to London and its expensive to register the car there. You probably know about this. I have already paid 30% to the full amount. and I recieved a tracking # NXBS2384HH, but know i just got an email from the fake car-sales-network saying i must pay the full amount because Western Cape authorities won't release the car for transportation if there is no proof of an invoice that are fully paid by the owner of this vehicle, which am not going to pay, i don't know if there is a possible way of connecting to the London police or Western Union, but i think we can catch him,lets say i send him a fake MTCN number that he is expecting at the moment, he'll probably rush to the nearest Western Union with his fake ID of Ruben Klausen,34 BROCKHILL CRESCENT (the receiver),can't we catch him if we inform both the Western Union and London police to catch this guy when he request the money?

  • Username2259 12 Jul 2012, 06:50 PM

    Hi Thanks for the feedback Thoug they used cars sales network .com as a front they gave me a trackingnumber 348JSXNS723 to follow the trancaction on a site thats called Autoshipping specialist Link if you can havea look Kind Regards

  • N Johnson 11 Jul 2012, 06:04 AM

    After a quick search online, I have acquired some information which may assist you in this It appears this company was actually registered in Australia. There is a registered telephone number (although it may only be a number for he company which registered this website and not for the actual defrauding company itself. Hey, it's a starting point as the registeng company can be taken to task if the website is used to conduct criminal activities. Here is the web link for what I've found: Here is the link which shows who registered and when it was registered. It appears they used a service to protect their identity (but all this can be bypassed by going through the relevant authorities in that country). Heck, you could even try contacting the privacy protection company after lodging a case with the relevant police services, who knows what might come of it. Good luck and Godspeed.

  • Username2259 6 Jul 2012, 11:55 PM

    If you cat shake the mans hans or touch the metal its no deal? If it sound to good to be true it is to good to be true

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