Dog 'hanging' shocks SPCA

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) on Wednesday expressed its outrage and disbelief after it was alerted to an act of animal cruelty in the Eastern Cape.

The organisation received photos of a man hanging a live dog from a wire fence in a village near Cala.

The NSPCA deployed inspectors to the village in the hope of finding more details. The condition of the dog is not known.

Speaking to Eyewitness News, the association's Christine Kuch broke down.

"I've been involved with the SPCA for 20 years, it takes a lot to shock us," she said.

She said the person who sent them the photos should have reported the incident to the nearest police station, located some 17km away.

Kuch said they were waiting to make contact with their inspectors, as cellphone reception in that part of the province was problematic.

Eyewitness News

Report ID: 2268
Crime Category: Animal Cruelty
Province: Eastern Cape
City/Town: Cala
Suburb: NA
Address: Village near Cala
Crime Date/Time: 7 Jul 2012, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Report A Crime
Reported Date: 12 Jul 2012, 07:07 AM
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  • Debbie18 22 Jul 2012, 03:52 PM

    Give this person to me and I will do the same to him. Animals are by far better than humans. May he rot in hell. His time will come - its called karma

  • Sonia 3 12 Jul 2012, 02:56 PM

    I can not imagine why this was done and how many more of this is happening daily that we are not aware of. If someone can do this to an animal, they are capable of doing the same and much worse to a human being.What living creature needs to be born to be subjected to endure this kind of cruelty in it's lifetime?Animals experience feelings,fear, pain & suffering-I am so sad

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