To whom it may concern There is a man on Gumtree going by the name of Frank Janson (From Gauteng). He pays for the items he wants and emails you a confirmation of payment and an sms confirming the payment. (see below) Nedbank Payment:Quantas Trading has paid R10,500.00 into F.N.B Acc No:________ (I removed my bank acc details) on 2012/07/12,Ref:2012-07-12/Nedbank/0067654145 

He then asks you to send the goods to the Edenvale Postnet and his driver Ernest Maphela ID 8807286151089 will collect it. He also asks you to fax the postnet slip to 0867709910. He says he works at Quantas Trading and his cellphone number is 0729495060 and his "landline" is (011)0366479 I always thought I would never get caught - but he was so convincing and I thought the sms and confirmation email was legit. (Silly me!)I also phoned FNB and they said if I received an email AND sms it was fine!

Report ID: 2280
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: Durban North
Address: Guateng
Crime Date/Time: 12 Jul 2012, 00:07 AM
Reported By: Username2280
Reported Date: 17 Jul 2012, 14:07 PM
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  • Gavilon 16 Nov 2014, 05:27 AM

    Hi people I to was scammed with my very expensive LV sunglasses, I post my sun glasses to this Frank guy who claims to work at quantas trading, I only sent it to him because he sent me this confirmation slip from nedbank and I aslo got a sms but when I go to my account I don't see any deposits made, this Frank guy is a scammer a fraud nd a thief he is scum of the earth so please don't believe a word he says and don't fall for the nedbank slip trick believe it when u have the money in your hand only.

  • Juette 6 Aug 2012, 03:52 PM

    FNB always seems to be in the middle of some sort of client of theirs that is comittin fraud. I too was taken BIG by a FNB customer. That FNB customer customer had their account at Phoenix branch and dealt with managers at Phoenix and Unhlanga Cresent. The woman has alias names, Patricia, aka Cheryl, aka Sashni, aka Melissa and her business names BJ Trading or Bambela Jessu Trading or Isidinga Distr. Intnl. A real low-life and scum bag, but like I said, FNB seems to be attracting the like of the sorts.....

  • michelle elliott 26 Jul 2012, 02:47 PM


  • michelle elliott 26 Jul 2012, 02:45 PM

    everything you have said he did the exact same, name work details, numbers. my email address is You must lay a charge because im sure we arent the only two this has happened to.

  • Username2280 26 Jul 2012, 02:27 PM

    Did he use the same name and work details?

  • Username2280 26 Jul 2012, 02:27 PM

    HI Is there anyway I could get Michelle's email address so we can chat?

  • Username2280 26 Jul 2012, 02:25 PM

    Hi Michelle Please let me know what the police say and if it is worth going to lay a charge?

  • michelle elliott 26 Jul 2012, 02:22 PM

    He, this exact same man, scammed me 3 days ago for R32500!! i am on my way to the police now, surely they can track the landline, there is still someone picking up tat phone but they keep hanging up!

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