HiJacking Hot Spot: Low Water Bridge John Voster

My daughter (currently finishing 3rd year at University) tonight narrowly escaped a 2nd Highjack in around 3 weeks at the low water bridge over the Hennopsriver that runs from Centurion Mall, where John Voster Road becomes Rabie Road

Numerous attempts has been made to have the bushes behind the arae cleared, with complaints lodged to Tswane via various officials - to no avail Of major concern was that the narrow esacpe (a man ran at her car with a brick in hand, she drove away and almost hit another car) took place a mere couple of meters from where a Police Vehicle was parked - but the policepersons were busy talking to someone and not paying attention. (The thief clearly had no respect for them or their prescence). 

The area is so bad that most citizens in our area avoid it at night. The only solution is to clear the bushes - where the perpetrators sleep and then hit both this spot as well as the bridge on the other side of the block just under the Gautrain.

Report ID: 2402
Crime Category: Hijacking
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Centurion
Address: N/A
Crime Date/Time: 21 Aug 2012, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username2402
Reported Date: 21 Aug 2012, 20:08 PM
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  • Sham 11 Jul 2014, 04:56 AM

    Last night I stopped at a robot on John Vorster at intersection of West road . A man came to my vehicle and began peeping inside ,Fortunately I had no valuables on the seat .I hooted loudly to attract other motorists and he ran to the next vehicle . He was brazen enough to also peep in the other vehicle .Again I hooted to attract the attention of the other driver . She was lucky that the robot changed and she could proceed . You must look around you at the intersection . do not park close to the vehicle in front.

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