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I sold an item on Gumtree online classifieds web page. The item was sold for R4000I was sent a sms from Absa and an Absa payment PDF saying that I had received a payment for R4000. A man claiming to be Richard Heskey phoned me numerous times and asked that I send the Item using SA Couriers from George Airport to ORT airport where his driver would pick it up. Both the SMS and the PDF were fakeThe sms was sent from the phone number +2782007076000000The scammers phone number was 0782504609

Report ID: 2435
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Wilderness
Suburb: Wilderness
Address: 34 Bridge street
Crime Date/Time: 30 Aug 2012, 00:08 AM
Reported By: Username2435
Reported Date: 31 Aug 2012, 09:08 AM
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  • justinec 16 May 2016, 04:58 AM

    Maybe its just that i'm too trusting but i've been scammed a half-dozen times. The last time it happened I got lucky because of the comment I read by Peter below. I was actually able to trace the person claiming to be "John" using the online tracing service at - its not a free service but the R250 I paid was well worth it because "John" (in reality, Donovan Chetty) has been arrested for a string of frauds on OLX and gumtree. I should have taken Peters advice and checked the number beforehand and I certainly will in future.

  • Peter Starling 13 Aug 2015, 06:34 AM

    I was scammed in a similar way in 2010 and now before I conclude transactions I have the persons number checked out by a company called Intertel (i think they're in the Cape but not sure because their service is on their website). They can provide the person's name, ID number etc which you can use to check for further info and to verify that the buyer (or seller) is who they claim to be. It costs around R250 but its worth it for peace of mind. The website is

  • Arnold Atuhaire 14 May 2015, 03:23 AM

    Also got scammed by a guy called Desmond Molefe. Gave his "collector" guy the item next to King Edwards Primary. He was on foot. I figured there would be something wrong so Kobe immediately to a Standard bank atm (proof of payment from Nedbank -- fake) and there were no recorded transfers that day coming in or out... So I got hustled 10k right infront of my eyes. Worst experience... Hope he ies

  • Brad4 22 Dec 2014, 11:20 AM

    Almost got taken by Roy Nkosi. Never release goods until the money clears!

  • David21 19 Nov 2014, 10:01 PM

    Scammed in the same manner. With a fake sms proof of payment which seemed so legit. This was for a bike on gumtree for R15000. The guy's name is D. Malinga. His no. 0783476704

  • Riaan6 22 Oct 2014, 08:31 PM

    Almost got scammed with a fake proof of payment and sms which seemed so legit. This was for my tab on gumtree guy called Desmond Molefe. His no. 0632416254

  • Nazlie 3 Sep 2014, 11:51 AM

    I almost got scammed by a Jeremy Randall he smsd to say he wants to buy my phone for his wife asked for my bank details few minutes later received a text saying money has been deposited into my account? ?? Like seriously who in this world pays money for something they haven't seen yet alone knows who they are. Guys number is 076 655 1584!!!

  • Tefo 2 Sep 2014, 03:35 PM

    Is it possible to open case with police over this scamers because I have just been scammed

  • Tefo 2 Sep 2014, 03:33 PM

    Is it possible to report these people to police because I believe I was scammed but I do have his address

  • Michelle28 6 Aug 2014, 07:48 AM

    Thanks to these posts,I almost got scammed by Mark Nkosi who uses this number 0787262097.I posted on gumtree and olx and within 2 hrs this guy called and he said I want the item I was selling and what mode of payment do you and I said cash and he said I can only do EFT and the guys will come collect,i then spoke to my husband and he called the guy that we will release only when payment is received,he send me a fake sms from Nedbank of which I also confirmed that it was not real as it didnt have reference(how stupid one can be,) be aware of this scammers esp to women

  • Brandon Govender 4 Aug 2014, 10:50 AM

    Hi I just got scammed by roy jele for my camera to the value of R15000. How stupid can I be. please be aware of the asshole. Thanks Brandon.

  • Shaine Brown 31 Jul 2014, 01:12 PM

    Nearly also got caught by Roy Jele, sending me the proof of payment and notification sms. When the effective date on the POP was 02/07/2014 but the payment was today? I asked him for his account number and phoned Nedbank, they said it is not a valid acc number. Talked again to Roy, he told me he did make it and it is for hes son who is going overseas and he said he will send me his ID, I refused and asked for a bankstatement, he kept on telling me he will send me a ID copy when i refused. He did not reply anymore!! A bastard guy, making your selling experience online sour.

  • larry barnes 16 Jul 2014, 07:11 PM

    Nearly got caught today by Roy Jele that responded to my gumtree and olx ad for a cellphone sent a kama nedbank proof of payment PDF and sms. People please watch out he insisted I send over night. But luckily was fishy.

  • sad5 12 May 2014, 10:05 PM

    how sad that we can't trust each other, when we are so dependant on each other to survive. Watch out for a guy ROY JELE that gave fake id, fake proof of payment (ABSA) & got us to urgently courier a R7000 camera to Randburg Postnet. (his "driver" collected it - illusions of wealth)

  • Nokuthula8 2 May 2014, 01:21 PM are scammers made of the stuf of legends. gumtree and olx now has a lot o these cheap car sales scammers

  • Gregory 3 2 May 2014, 01:18 PM

    Car scams advertise cars cheapily and request you to make a small deposit to secure the car. and thats the last you hear of them Tel : 011 057 9973 Email : WEB :

  • Lee-Ann5 22 Jul 2013, 02:59 PM

    I offered a point of sale system on Gumtree and was phoned by Peter Dhliwayo. He was going to pay by EFT through Nedbank and I was so called sent an sms with proof of payment. It all looks quite real but before sending anything off, I did check my bank account and of course nothing had been transferred. The payment was so called done through Nedbank, but going to and verified payment option, you will have to fill in the reference. Needless to say that an error occurred as it was fake. The address I needed to send the goods to was: 106 Dunbar Street in Bellevue East in Johannesburg cellphone number 073 024 4506 He used e-mail address on Gumtree We now get phone calls from 0016306 6899832, 0015 85 226 9880, 0015124 770300 pretending to be a Windows technician. Needless to say we don't answer. BE AWARE NEVER TO SEND GOODS BEFORE CHECKING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

  • suri2 1 Jun 2013, 05:41 PM

    Hi everyone, thanks for these posts, I think I also almost got scammed: Different guy, gave an English name too, called 2 seconds after I posted the ad to sell my macbook, sounded super eager, apparently his son in Stellenbosch had to have a black macbook and he was willing to get a driver to come pick it up and all I had to do was sms him my banking details. I've heard about the scams on Gumtree before, so I decided to google it and came up with this page. thanks everyone, his number was 074 7373145. Oh, just got another sms: from "eugene" 072448066 "Hi, regarding the mac book, can you send it to jhb with saa cargo, is it still for sale? can we make arrangements for today. kind regards." I guess my advice would be NOT to sell anything via EFT payment or not have the person you're selling it to not want to meet you personally. I mean honestly, no sane person is going to pay 6000R plus for something they've never seen. Gumtree should freaking do something about this.

  • G Masetla 31 May 2013, 01:57 PM

    legal Exec is deducting other people money without their concern and they log the debit order so that you cannot cancel or stop it with the Bank

  • Chris56 29 Jan 2013, 08:02 PM

    I listed an iphone and got a quick response from Hillary. He wanted banking details. Am gonna toy with him for a bit and tell him to get lost, his cell is 08104696305 ..... golden rule - when in doubt DON'T OR GOOGLE IT.

  • Suzanne7 28 Jan 2013, 12:22 PM

    We were almost scammed by this number but the names he used was enock and hilary. Got suspicious when the first sms came from hilary and the second from enock. Both smses are the same except the name and the spelling is not so great

  • Candice13 20 Jan 2013, 03:59 PM

    We were almost scammed by a guy Malvin Muller and thank goodness I saw this previous post! The exact same Name and number was used to try buy 2 iphones off of me. I was nervous as he had terrible spelling however i asked for a proof of residence, ID copy and nedbank proof of payment. He sent all of these through to me and I thought it was legit. Thank you for saving me R8k! Blady scamsters!

  • Angry4 17 Jan 2013, 10:35 PM

    Was scammed last week by a 'malvin muller' his assistant John picked up my Laptop after I received a notice from nedbank. I waited 48 hours, not its been a week. He answers sometimes, when I call on blocked. His number is 081 841 5219.. His 'assistant' is John 072 385 1879. Im working on ways to get back to him and I will fuck him up and piss on his face and cut the word scammer into his forehead. I wont kill him. I will just really fuck him up and make sure for the rest of his life he will regret this.

  • Tanya13 15 Jan 2013, 12:37 PM

    I too got a reply from the very same same guy Enock Nkosi ( ) to a Gumtree ad I put up for computer equipment @ R20,000. He e-mailed me requesting that I call him if the goods were still available. The only question he asked was how old the computer was, he then confirmed the price and without hesitation said he'd do an EFT from his FNB account, & send someone to collect the goods. Within minutes I received an e-mail with a badly photoshopped Nedbank POP attachment. He called back asking if I had received the e-mail & I told him I would not release the goods until the money showed in my account. He said he would call his bank & have them speed up the process.. he then went to an ATM machine and deposited a check for the same amount into my account! I doubt the envelope even contained a cheque. He called again from a second number to say the money was now in my account and I must release the goods urgently.. Off corse I refused and he promptly hung up on me! The mobile #' he used is 0810496305

  • Louise5 8 Jan 2013, 08:23 PM

    Watch out for a guy called Jason Mathebula, email and cell 0724165035. He wanted to buy five items UNSEEN and would send a courier to collect them. Fortunately I insisted that the money must reflect in my account before I release any items. Stupid fool forgot to change the date on the fake Nedbank proof of payment (4/9/2012!) which confirmed my suspicion that he was a scammer.

  • Davie 27 Dec 2012, 11:51 PM

    It always starts where they contact you first either via email or sms and expect you to phone them... then when you do they lure you into the scam and they will always insist on paying via eft.. then they make some arrangement for someone else to pick up the goods they will never come themselves.. and they will always insist that the item be delivered/handed over as soon as proof of payment is recieved by you.. DONT HAND OVER ANYTHING UNTIL THE MONEY IS REFLECTED IN YOUR ACCOUNT!!!.. If they send you an ID document, phone home affairs or verify if the id number is valid via

  • Davie 27 Dec 2012, 11:36 PM

    I cant believe it.. Ive been buying and selling on Gumtree for years and for the first time today I have 2 scammers try to scam me... The first guy tried to scam me under 2 different aliases.. and what made me suspicisous was the fact that he sms'd me with 2 different numbers under 2 different alliases, but both messages said the exact same thing.. 'Hey is the device still on offer? Im interested!! Contact Clint/Adrian.'.(Clint and Adrian being his aliases) And the numbers were 0784365996 and 0718250922.. Now how did I know this was the same guy?? I called both numbers and it was the exact same voice and same background noise.. The first guy i called was 'Adrian' (0718250922) and he asked me to send him banking details and email address so he could send me proof of payment etc.. he also said he would send me a copy of his id which he did(big mistake!! haha)... Anyway I immediatly called Clint (0784365996) and he said he would call back in 15 minutes which he didnt but I could here it was the same guy... So I decided to go to the home affairs website where they have a facility to verify whether a person is dead or alive using thier id number.. so I punched in 'Adrian Mckenzies' ID number and it turned out the Id number was invalid..

  • Natasha10 14 Nov 2012, 01:21 PM

    Rapeal is picking up my IPAD today if anyone want to beat him - Kempton Park! Luckily i read this. thanks allot.

  • Tom4 30 Oct 2012, 07:38 PM

    Just remember his Name. He called himsafe Nate and used the phonenumber 0718032075

  • Tom4 30 Oct 2012, 06:53 PM

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that he claimed to be in Langebaan so he has to sent somebody. I expected a friend of him but he sent SA Couriers to pick up the fridge and the dishwasher. They said that he advice them to deliver to goods to Westbeach. After we refuse to handover the goods he called and wants to talk to my wife (she did the deal with him) several times but I refused. He used a lot of bad words and all over suddenly his English was understandable. We alerted the police and the Neighborhood-Watch. Also I called my bank and they put a warning on my account. This guy tried to steal our good for almost R 11,000.

  • Tom4 30 Oct 2012, 06:21 PM

    Guys be careful, he is now using a new phone number. 0718032075 Also he is using a new name but his English is so bad that I cant remember. The ABSA Helpline number but they recommend to keep the goods until the money is in our account. ABSA was very strange on the phone. I think there are a lot of issues like this and ABSA dont want to be involved. Guys, we can not trust these proof of payment anymore.

  • Portia p 30 Oct 2012, 01:49 PM

    Oh my word, I also almost got scammed by the same guy!!! Rapheal Jacobs, same cell number, same sms notification number and he was using a yahoo password!! He said he worked for some company and that the company would make the transfer, that company does not exist in RSA, this Rapheal person is quiet well-spoken it was hard for me to pick up his foreign accent for a while there, he even sent people to pick up the goods from me 9a driving school truck, with two occupants who claim not to know the guy in person or let alone where he lives, yet they were at my door to pick up my goods!!! I gave him my account number but will be closing it soon. My intuition screamed at me and I am glad I listened! Thank you God for your constant protection.

  • don 17 Oct 2012, 05:07 PM

    I almost got conned by the same Raphael, using Jacobs as his surname. But his cell numbers are the same as the ones Dee mentioned. He wanted to send his driver to pick up the consignment, but I did not answer his phone when the driver called.

  • dee 13 9 Oct 2012, 04:33 PM

    I put an ad thru OLX yesterday and a few hours ago, a man claimed to be Raphael Mackenzie called using an unknown number (but then gave this no 0762758169 for sending my bank details) and did the same modus as above stories. I immediately checked the sms number notifying the transfer through Google - the results horrified me as it warned that it is a scam number! The guy kept on calling but I do not answer. Now I'm very worried because that guy has may address. What should I do?

  • Craig Williams 6 Oct 2012, 09:55 PM

    I too got scammed.. R8500 got the sms from same no he claimed his name is Enock Nkosi it is a nedbank notification and the phone he was using is 0737608200 I lost a laptop that cost me R18k a year back. This happened on the 03/10/2012

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