Elderly man tried to force me off the road twice

At around 8 am on Sat, 6th January as my wife, sister, my two young children and I were driving down to the beachfront in Main Rd, Walmer, an elderly man driving and Isuzu bakkie refused to allow me to join his lane and quickly sped up as the road narrowed near Walmer Park shopping centre. He remained in the lane and did not give way or slow down at all as. He left me no choice but to brake harshly as I ran out of road with the full intention of preventing me from entering the only lane available and this even though I was already in front of him by more than a car length and in the left lane that narrows and joins the right. After standing on the breaks and joining again behind him, I then overtook him to get a visual of who this road pig was and thought the incident was over. To my surprise he then overtook me on a solid white line and with on coming cars was endangering the lives of not only himself, but my wife and children in my car and those in oncoming cars. So as to prevent a head on collision which was likely to happen in front of us, I braked hard when I realised he was swerving across the front of my car to get back into the lane, even though he wasn't even past me yet. He was trying to force me off the road for a second time in the space of about 500m of road in the suburbs of Port Elizabeth. I really think the guy needs to have his driver's licence taken away before he kills some innocent family on the roads....

Report ID: 24413
Crime Category: Reckless Driving
Province: Eastern Cape
Suburb: Walmer
Address: Main Rd, Walmer
Crime Date/Time: 6 Jan 2018, 08:01 AM
Reported By: GrantB
Reported Date: 6 Jan 2018, 16:01 PM
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