Assult and Fraud

Driving up Christian De Wet towards Ontdekkers, we were stuck behind a whiteToyota Corolla driving 20km/h in the right hand lane. The driver indicated tomove over however continued to look at us in his rear view mirror, slightlymove across the lane and then pull back into the right lane again. Thiscontinued for approximately 500m and we were unable to overtake him as therewas a vehicle boxing us in. Once reaching the top of the hill, the car gave usone last dirty stare in the mirror and then moved over into the left lane. At this point I was fuming; this was not only a public display of the totaldisregard of the rules of the road (that we seem to see more and more of eachday) but also a blatant disregard for us as fellow drivers. Thus when passingthe man (who clearly should not be issued with a licence) I extended him withthe same courtesy and gave him a very visible round of applause.Slightly further ahead on this road, we were stopped by the robot byBeverley Drive. Waiting for the retaliation of the driver for my well timedgesture, I looked over to see his reaction when instead I saw him leap from hiscar and proceed to grab something out of the back seat of his vehicle. Needlessto say we were grateful for the robot change and floored the car to get awayfrom this man who had chosen violence as retaliation - the only thought runningthrough my mind was "Please don’t be a gun".Our luck was short lived though, as the following robot was red and therewere a number of vehicles already at the intersection, thus making itimpossible to skip the light and avoid assault. Stopping at the robot thegentleman again jumped from his vehicle and came to my window holding a knobkerrieand threating to kill me with it - a few rude fingers were given to me at thispoint too. In shock I didn’t move or try and get out the car and definitely didn’tretaliate and as I’m sure this must have agitated him more he began to hit mywindow with his hand with a force.At this point my spouse, who was driving leapt from the car and screamed forthe man to stop. He then left my window and ran around the car towards myspouse waving the knobkerrie and screaming. Due to the fact that we wereconcerned that he would cause damage to our vehicle, my spouse avoided an altercationwith this man and merely told him to return to his vehicle, to no avail. Onceturning his back and trying to get back into the car, the man pushed my spouseinto the car door and began waving the knobkerrie at him. At this point my spouse grabbed the man by the arm and pushed him away fromthe car, getting hit and scratched at the same time. He then ran back to thecar and pulled off. During this time I had managed to take down theregistration of the white Toyota Corolla he had been driving and we made ourway to the police station.Once arriving and reporting the incident, the police called in the registrationnumber and was told that the plates belonged to a white Mercedes Benz! Thusthis is driving around with false plates (we obviously now know why). Whenasking to then take the fingerprints off of the windows because we would liketo open a case, the officer first cut us off in order to place his lunch orderand then proceeded to tell us that in order to take print he would have to opena case and this would be too much work.Thus as our attempts to remove this disgusting person from I roads was invain, I feel it necessary to warn the residence within the area of the man andplease report the vehicle should you see it on the roads.White Toyota CorollaRegistration: BL06LXGP

Report ID: 2473
Crime Category: Assault
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Roodepoort
Suburb: Florida Park
Address: Cnr of Ontdekkers and Christian De Wet Drive
Crime Date/Time: 9 Sep 2012, 00:09 AM
Reported By: Username2473
Reported Date: 10 Sep 2012, 16:09 PM
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