Sauer Street Mugging Attempt

This incident happened at the corner of Sauer and Anderson Street! I walked my dear friend to the Taxi's on Sauer Street, opposite Standard Bank Head Quarters. When she got on the taxi I walked down Sauer Street and a African Man probably in this mid 20's early 30's was towards my left and said Hello Lady, loud enough he wanted my attention. He was wearing a Black Leather like Jacket, had rugged hair, not combed. He is slim man with a height of about 1.6 m. I think he was a bit dark in complexional. I said hello back. He was a meter away from me and said that I should cooperate before he can say anything more I told him I do not have anything and I looked at the robots and ran as hard as I could on the green robot. I realized I was the only one on the streets. I was so scared, later I realized what if he shot me and I was on the road. Freak. All I had was coins worth R5 and a broken cellphone. Just because I am Indian they think I have something valuable on me. Freak! I ran for my life, that is what I fear these people will do anything to get a buck. 
People please be careful. I have also noticed that there is an Increase in beggars around Marshalltown, they are standing outside woolies, spar, etc and are begging. Now when they see you a couple of times you can be an easy Target.
Last year I was mugged on a Sunday Afternoon 3 pm on Rissik Street right in front of McDonalds by 3 men, they cornered me on the street. Freak weren't they disappointed that I had a R100 phone they could steal from me and nothing else.

Report ID: 2496
Crime Category: Mugging
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Marshalltown
Address: Marshalltown
Crime Date/Time: 14 Sep 2012, 00:09 AM
Reported By: Username2496
Reported Date: 14 Sep 2012, 18:09 PM
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