Builder gone Awol

My family hired a builder (besed on the fact that my mother knew him and his father as builders since before the 1990s). Against my better judgement, as an engineer I knew engineers who I could trust, we went along with Mr Johannes Mahlangu. He started the building for us in May and around late August/Early Sepetember we started having problems. The building didnt seem to be making any progress but he had almost been paid 80% of his salary. And He had stopped returning receipt for the goods we had given him money to buy for the house (material).

We found out he was on parole but we can't reach him on the phone to hear his side of the stroy. So we are taking legal action. However, we also can't reach him at his parole officer's office on the day he needs to go report/check in as per his parole requirements.

So just keep an eye out, don't use Johannes Mahlangu services, beca use he also hasn't been paying his employees and now theyre livid and want to tear down the little structure they've actually built.

If I hadn't listened to my mom and had hired someone I knew was legit with a contract and all. This wouldn't have happened. Now our funds are almost depleted and the walls are even fully up. This man's family is claiming they also haven't seen him but according to his parole officer he should be living with them because that is the address he has given them - so theyre obviously hiding him.

The main issue was that we couldn't keep checking up on the house everyday in person because it was being built inGaRankuwa while we were in Tembisa (almost and hour and a half away - each way). So it was uneconomical, but we tried to go every month- and my mom was there every weekend as soon as we noticed progress was slow. So when he realised we had become more hands on, he fled.

Report ID: 25429
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: garankuwa
Address: Garankuwa Zone 14
Crime Date/Time: 26 Oct 2017, 11:10 AM
Reported By: bnmohlabine
Reported Date: 12 Jan 2018, 11:01 AM
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