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Received an e-mail that read  :  NOKIA:  You have won R185 000  in Nokia Yearly Promotion, your Ref/No: 0229KP.  Contact the agent mrs Candy on 0714469877 for your prize.  I phoned mrs Candy, and she asked my ref no and ask me two phone back in 5 minutes time to give her time to confirm my ref num.  I phoned again and mrs Candy ask me whether I want my money in cash or into my bank account.  When I said I want them to pay in cash, I was cut off.  I phoned again, only to get the voice mail.  I phoned each time from a different landline.

Report ID: 2623
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Cullinan
Suburb: Cullinan
Address: Cellphone
Crime Date/Time: 12 Oct 2012, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username2623
Reported Date: 12 Oct 2012, 14:10 PM
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  • Mpume6 12 Jun 2013, 09:15 AM

    I recieved a text saying i have won R175000 in nokia yaerly promotions ref/no: 022skp, contact the agent Mrs Helen on 0735298248 for you prize. I called her she asked me to contact her again in 5min of which i did. She confirmed i am the winner and asked how i wud like to claim my prize, i said cheque she asked me to

  • Juliette 7 May 2013, 06:39 AM

    I received a sms that I have won R450000 and laptop in the Rica yearly promotion Ref no.(Ng.42) and I must contact this no.0603918880 to activate and claim my prize .

  • niyaaz 19 Mar 2013, 07:47 AM

    I just received an sms stating that I am a winner of the nokia yearly promo and wonR250 000. That I should call MRS Tiana @ 0785499360.for Ref activation ..Ref No, ZNH7 for claims.. I'm glad I googled this site first to avoid being scammed thanx guys

  • angela8 30 Jan 2013, 01:16 PM

    ive recieved a sms to my cellphone number saying i've won. had to keep depositing large amounts of money into different account. money was paid into my bank account but they still need R6720 before i can cash the money. all together ive had to deposited R18000 into seperate accounts. when asking for evidence, they send you a winning certificate, but its fake aswell.

  • wessie2 21 Jan 2013, 06:57 PM

    Wat maak hulle met jou bank rekening as hulle dit het Please tell me what are they doing with your bank details. Hi they are a lot of skelms

  • bridget 5 Dec 2012, 06:42 AM

    i got an sms from mr David congratulating me for winning R295 IN NOKIA YEARLY PROMOTION my ref/NO :009PDP ive been asked to call 0785020347 for my prize but when i call the line is on voicemail

  • Gift 4 20 Nov 2012, 12:04 PM

    I received a congratulation sms telling me that I have won R450 000 in their Nokia Yearly Promo 2012 my ref number is 065 and for claims I must phone Mr Jeff on 0710966041 but I couldn't bother with claims because they tried me last year and it was not successful to scam me.

  • Username2809 19 Nov 2012, 09:55 AM

    I received a congratulation sms, that I've won R195 000 in 2012 Nokia yealy promotion. Ref no: 13NKP and it was said that I must cal Mr Daniel on 0782316247 for claim. I called Him, he asked me to send him my account number with my name. I did sent him, it was a weekend He promised to diposit it into my account. On the following Monday. I received an sms stating that I must Deposit R1 910 to transfer charges that day. I was refered to Mrs Sharon on 0835261115. I am scared that they will take my money from my account please help!!!

  • Arthur 4 12 Nov 2012, 06:30 AM

    SMS R185000 won. Mrs Candy 078 173 9362. Sender id 079 690 5606.

  • Willie 3 7 Nov 2012, 12:21 PM

    Hi, I have a mr. David congatulating me on winning R450 000. for a Nokia yearly promotion. I was also asked cash or tjek and requested tjek. He told me to buy R200 airtime at any pick and pay branch send him the pin with my email and ref code to activate the money. I saw him a mile away - anyway, thought I'll report it anyway. His number 0786092902. It's not a crime yet, but a crime in motion.

  • Salome3 26 Oct 2012, 09:12 AM

    My husband recieved an sms saying he won r295000 in nokia yearly promotion ref no 009pdp and he sould contact david wilson on 0781969590 he did so and was asked to phone back wich he did David then asked my husband to sms his bank details and he did then he was asked to buy r180.00 worth of mtn airtime and phone them and give them the serial no on the voucher and was told in doing so it would take 40 to 45 min for the money to be deposited into his account i stopped him at the airtime when he told me now i am worried he gave his bank details what to do now

  • Phily 22 Oct 2012, 03:47 PM

    This morning i receive the message ,,,Congratulations!! your mobile number has won R150,000 in Promo, Ticket number 0114 for claims contact Mrs Sonia Owen on Tel 0726226760.

  • Alida van Wyk 22 Oct 2012, 02:11 PM

    I received an sms stating that I have won R150 000 in a yearly promo and that I have to phone a Sandre on 0843241194 with my ref no. I was asked to call back in 5 minutes conforming that I have won the money and whether I want the money paid into a bank account or delivered by check. I was asked to send my name, ID, address, ref no to the cell no. I haven't done it yet. Is this a hoax?

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