I went on line looking for a puppy, it will be my first time owning a dog, I called this number from OLX +27 73 956 3891 and she was very prompt, she asked me for my email address and sent me forms to fill in everything just happened so fast. My husband was very concerned about this puppy he was asking me too many questions “where will it stay when we go away, whose going to stay with it when you go to work?” But I convinced him otherwise. On the other hand NICOLE BURGER that’s her name is sending me Whassup msg’s asking about the payment if we still want her to reserve it for us, I called her she didn’t respond, she then asked me on Whassup if everything is ok. I told Her I want her physical address because we would like to come see the dogs she agreed but on weekends only she gave me her address, I then asked her but when I called I thought you were situated in Midrand Joburg she then said don’t worry the dog will be flown to you and delivered on your door step. On Monday I sent her the msg because we were away for the weekend and she told me the dog is in demand we might not find it when we get back, my husband said we can only pay when we get back. Yo my surprise when I Whassup her on Monday she said the dog is still available, I checked her name on Facebook and Instagram but under that name there was nothing about dogs I called her asking if she is on any social media because she’s a breeder she then sent me her website address called petsalessa.com , I checked the contacts on that website to see if they correspond with hers and the do, but when we talk on the phone her voice sounds squicky at first I thought it’s the network, second time around it was when I asked her to send me the photo of s dog running around the yard, she said she’s not home I then asked her to ask anyone whose at home to take a photo and send it to me she agreed at this point we have paid them R4500.00 including transportation. On Tuesday I sent her the same msg asking for the photos she ignored me. I went to a friend with exciting news that we are getting a dog....after asking where did we get it from...immediately she said it’s a SCAM her friend was also scammed like me, I then called this Nicole woman she picked up I asked her why she hadn’t sent me any photo her voice started sounding funny I asked her if this was a scam she hung up i googled her number it took me to this page. Pls do something about this. She blogged my number on Whassup

Report ID: 26652
Crime Category: Animal Cruelty
Province: Gauteng
Address: 12 Kings street, Springbok
Crime Date/Time: 26 Feb 2018, 07:02 AM
Reported By: Stellak.01
Reported Date: 1 Mar 2018, 08:03 AM
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  • SheenaBZA 16 Apr 2018, 10:06 AM

    We should all start by putting pressure on to the advertising portals. There should be warning blocks stating that if a seller won't allow you to visit them to see the puppy's or send a proxy, then the possibility of a scam is high. Another suggestion is that we band together and visit the seller on behalf of the buyer if the seller is in our area. The police are ineffective as these people just pop up somewhere else as soon as the Police get close. In my case, we were a day late...they had cleared out the day before.

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