Girl mugged at knifepoint

My Name is Nina, 20 years old. Last Thursday (25/10/2012) I was on my way from Giba Bike Park to Durban. In order to get to the freeway I had to drive along a busy and well known dirtroad. I saw a big rock rolling onto the dirtroad and crashed into it the second later. I got such a fright, it was a huge rock. The road workers on the road also came to help after i stopped because the downside of my car including the radiator was hit quiet badly. Pieces of plastic of my car were lying around everywhere. I wanted to take a quick look how bad it is to see if i can drive back to giba bike park to get assistance there. I didnt feel unsafe because there were roadworkers and it is a very busy road and security is all around giba gorge. The next moment i got grabbed from the back and I obviously got a fright and yelled DONT TOUCH ME.. By that time I already had a knife on my tummy and the one out of 3 guys was telling me : look here, I have got a knife. Two guys were behind me holding me and they shouted at me : OPEN THE CAR. I had my Iphone on me, that was before I even realised what was happening. I instantly opened the car and while two guys were holding me ( all 3 of them with knifes) the other one was searching my car. I only had my handbag and my jacket and scarf in there. He couldnt find anything else so they pushed me violently into my passenger seat and started taking my jewlery ( A mr price necklace NO VALUE , the wedding band of my grandmother and another ring of no value.) The only valuable thing was my engagement ring, they couldnt get it off my finger, so thats the only thing i have got left. While they were doing it I prayed and I told them over and over again : Please dont hurt me please dont hurt me. They stank of sweat and dirty clothes. In my handbag ( also mr price) were music notes (i was on my way for a music lesson) and my make up bag, a hairbrush and my wallet. As you can already see, nothing valuable for them was in there.. a 100 rand note and some coins and otherwise pictures, drivers license, bank card, insurance card, and a whole lot of senitmental things were in my wallet. also a 100 euros for my travelling. They got nothing out of it which irritates me more, because I sit here with a broken car ( i am insured but my excess is ridiculous because of my young age), no drivers license ( My drivers is from germany, also a international drivers booklet). Now, three days later I still have nervous breakdowns, I cant sleep properly and I got the fright of my life. It was the first time that i had to do with crime. I also have memory problems and I start crying especially when i feel pressured to make a desicion ( example the waitress at a restaurant asked me what i would like to drink, i said i need another minute, she came back and i couldnt decide so i burst out into tears.) I went for councalling on friday but i am still struggeling with my emotions. the police that arrived 20 minutes later at giba, was very nice and very helpful so a big thanks to the marianhill police. I thank god for protecting me and i hope those guys will be caught evenutally and maybe things like my drivers license will be found and retourned. They must have dumbed most of my stuff, it has no resale value.

Report ID: 2686
Crime Category: Mugging
Province: KwaZulu/Natal
City/Town: DURBAN
Suburb: Hillcrest
Address: Giba Gorge Dirtroad
Crime Date/Time: 25 Oct 2012, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username2686
Reported Date: 28 Oct 2012, 20:10 PM
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  • Username2597 28 Oct 2012, 10:53 PM

    Hi Nina, That's an horrible thing! I undestand what you're in now. Four years ago a man tried to rob me with a knife, unfortunatly for him I bumped him with my car and he ended in an ambulance. Lukely they didn't hurt you and that's the main thing. You need to talk about it to people around you and you will need time to go back to a normal life. Use this experience to make you stronger. Best regards

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