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As a animal lover, I ensure that I give my dogs and other animals the best care, food and love. Playtime is "family time" as I consider my dogs as kids. So a few months ago, new neighbours moved in next to friends of ours. They arrived there with 3 Boerboel's and as the avid animal lover that my friend is, she immediatly peeked through the wall to look at the animals. Since she has a great love for Boerboels, she was even more intrigued. She noticed that the one of the dogs had a very bad skin condition. Not trying to pry into the peoples business, she sadly went back inside. A long weekend followed and the new neighbours left that Friday. According to my friend, there were NO FOOD, (Not even a few kibbles) nor water for the animals. What makes it worst is that 2 of the dogs were placed in a 2x3 cage. There are no shelter from the elements and there is poop everywhere. The dogs basically sleeps in the poop. We bought kibble and placed it over the fence with a bucket and the just went at it. The other concerning incident was wen one of the animals got out of the cage. The man went balistic and started beating the dog with a sambok or stick. The poor dog went crazy!Another insident that comes to mind is a few weeks ago we had a massive storm in Piet Retief. Roofs were blown off, Trees were plucked out of the ground like carrots. The hail was the size of ping pong balls. There are no shelter for the animals and they stood in a corner through the whole ordeal. I remember arriving at my friends house after the storm and she was kneeling next to the wall just sobbing.The dog with the skin condition has sore open wounds all over her body, they are extremely thin, yet bloated. You can see their ribs.We have tried to contact the SPCA but were told that they dont fall under our area, and were unable to tell us what area we can call.Please Help!

Report ID: 2688
Crime Category: Animal Cruelty
Province: Mpumalanga
City/Town: Piet Retief
Suburb: Piet Retief
Address: Pretorius street
Crime Date/Time: 27 Oct 2012, 00:10 AM
Reported By: Username2688
Reported Date: 29 Oct 2012, 11:10 AM
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  • Nix5 7 Jun 2013, 10:46 AM

    Hi as daar nog niks omtrent dit gedoen word nie asb bel my op die nomer (011) 908-2765 of op my cell 079-405-5869. Sal graag help!!

  • Marilyn2 7 Dec 2012, 02:57 PM

    has anything been done about this incident?

  • Marilyn2 7 Dec 2012, 02:56 PM

    People should be prosecuted.....these dogs cannot speak for themselves, if the human does ot help who will?

  • Username2827 21 Nov 2012, 02:15 PM

    Hello julle kan dalk hierdie vrou bel, sy is van Leaps en ons het n hondjie by haar aangeneem. Ek weet hulle is net dalk in die Kaap, maar sy kan julle dalk help met nommer daarbo. Sylvia: 0825536068 Kyk onder Fur Kidz, en Tears, Paws, al die charity organisasies behoort julle te help

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