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This is a website that acts as a platform for prostitutes to blatantly sell themselves to the public, some even include rates and the sexual acts they will perform. Not only that, most of the people advertising are illegal immigrants without paperwork to be in RSA. If you read the ads some of them openly advertise chemsex or PNP or chems which means drugs are involved. I have seen ads where 18 year old kids are asking the public to "hook them up with local dealers" and the website allows this. I have also seen children under the age of legal consent advertise sexual acts on here. The website is not secure, anyone can go on and post an ad, no records, no security, no report the page option absolutely no security measure to protect the public (besides the fact that prostitution is illegal, not all ads are prostitutes, but majority). I have also recently been made aware that there is cyber fraud happening on this site, where prostitutes ask their potential clients for deposit that the have to ewallet and then the prostitute disappear with the stolen money. Several cases of theft, robbery, extortion and physical violence from the prostitutes on the client once they reach their home. Latest report that I got was from a client who booked the prostitute via this website (male to male) and when the prostitute got there he was extremely homophobic and trans phobic where he made comments like all gay men should be beaten to death and one day he will gladly kill the first faggot and that trans men should be gang raped and set on fire while he cheers on and will personally set fire the "faggot". This person was not joking, he seemed mentally unstable and eager to action his hate speech. He was also an illegal immigrant from Ghana. He then threatened the client with violence and that he will shout and scream outside his apartment in order for the whole apartment block to wake up and hear that the man had a "raped " a prostitute. The client is of high social and employment status and of course complied to the demands. The demands was money, which the prostitute took and left. This was immediately reported to the website (well in best way we could find) as the dont have a report page option, no direct way of contacting adsafrica except for a mail which we have tried numerous occasions and never a response. There is a tag for mark as spam but it does nothing. The client then posted their own ad to warn other users of this person but was deleted 4 times by website

Report ID: 27691
Crime Category: Prostitution
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Address: capetown.adsafrica.co.za/category/144/
Crime Date/Time: 10 Mar 2018, 05:03 AM
Reported By: enoughofcrime
Reported Date: 11 Mar 2018, 06:03 AM
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