Waheed Khan - Car Fraud Scam & impersonation of Bidvest

Waheed Khan from Cape Town has been masterminding an elaborate car fraud scam. This has been ongoing for the past 5 years at least. This concerns the selling of ex-rental cars mostly.

Scammer: Cell: 0747104074

He has been taking deposits for cars from friends, family and others for cars which were not available for sale or did not exist.

He had been employed at Hyundai in Paarden EiIand , CapeTown before this scamming began. Whilst at Hyundai at least one person handed over a deposit for a Hyundai car which they never received. This was to be a private deal and not part of his work duties as a Hyundai representative. The victim ,who handed over his cash lost this deposit and never saw a car. Waheed Khan subsequently avoided all calls from this victim.

Khan went on to impersonate Alan Ross(by use of phone calls and Whatsapp messages), the former CEO of Hyundai SA and promised other people discounted used cars, also which were never received or seen. Khan masqueraded as a representative of Budget car rentals and offers more people used ex rental hire cars for sale. Again nobody received any cars or their money back from the deposits given.

2017-2018 Khan impersonates Brian Joffie former CEO of Bidvest and promised more cars to people , who also loose their money and never receive any cars. Khan also offers trucks, coaches , buses from Imperial/Budget group.

Khan has also been impersonating a Fatima Jakoet , board member of Clicks, using a voice synthesizer to change his voice into female form, in an attempt to further extort money from people.

Khan impersonates President Mr Cyril listen to it here :

If there are any victims reading this , please can you get in contact as this is part of an ongoing investigation. Some of his scams may not be related to cars or vehicles however this will also be of interest in the case.

Additional info:
Waheed Khan facebook details :

His wife is Crystal Naidoo

Added 14/4/18 :
I have added a link to a post made by another person on this site who has recordings of Mr Khan threatening her with violence and death by telling her that he will pour petrol on her and set her on fire. He did this because she had asked him for her money back. Please read this post and listen to the recordings this lady received from him.

If you know Mr Khan you will no doubt recognize his voice and know it is him who is threatening the life of this poor lady . After she realised he had scammed her,she simply asks for her money back , Khan then threatens to kill her by "pouring petrol on her and setting her on fire " , he admits that he has no regards for the police or any consequences of his actions and that he has "connections " that place him above the law. These are all his own words which you can hear on the recordings . Please have a listen and make up your own mind.

25/3/18 Waheed Khan has also been reported to be pretending to be the President of South Africa as detailed on another post on this website. He has defrauded people of their savings by impersonating a government official. there id a recording of him doing this. He has now stolen MILLIONS of Rands from different people and spent most of it in Casinos.

see link

Report ID: 27782
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Address: Cape Town and Johanesburg
Crime Date/Time: 10 Apr 2018, 18:04 PM
Reported By: Angel119558
Reported Date: 10 Apr 2018, 19:04 PM
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  • botmain 13 Apr 2018, 04:31 PM

    See the post https://reportacrime.co.za/CrimeReport.aspx?ID=27790
    for waheed khan threatening a female victim with violence and racism after she realised she had been scammed. these are sound recordings of messages he sent her , where he says he will "pour petrol on her and set her on fire"

  • botmain 13 Apr 2018, 11:53 AM

    To the poster "All4u" and your previous comment - it seems that you are Mr Khan's whiteknight , you have obviously not read the first comment on this post by Chad from IRS investigations company. Hence you do not understand the serious nature of this allegation. It does not take a genius to work out that these allegations have some substance to them and should be taken seriously. Chad from IRS investigations has already said that they have an ongoing case involving Mr Khan. Anybody who knows how to use google can google https://www.irsa.co.za/ to see that Chad and his company are a legitimate and well known investigations firm, that deal with large cases of fraud and crime.

    Therefore it would be in your interest to distance yourself from Mr Khan and/or assist the police and IRS in locating his whereabouts, so they can perform their inquiries and question him over these allegations. It is and always has been a standard procedure for newspapers and TV to show the photo of known suspects and those people wanted for ongoing cases. This helps the public from further being defrauded and helps to identify the Person of Interest so he can be brought in sooner. You obviously have no experience of law enforcement or cases of this nature. You also are not knowledgeable on the details or extent of this case. I'm sure that when this gets to court Mr Khan will call you as a character witness and if you still feel the same you may go to court to assist his defense , however i seriously doubt you will hold you resolve at that point especially if this hits national news.Think about this in your family's interest.

    As Chad from IRS has already mentioned , anybody with information should come forward and contact him ,especially if you know about his dealings in Port Elizabeth and current whereabouts.He has already posted his company details on his post. You could also go to a police station to share Khans whereabouts.

    Crimes like this should not be allowed to go on any longer. It's the victims we should be concerned for not the criminals and scam artists.

    Food for thought : nobody pays a company like IRS to get involved in a case if there is no evidence. https://www.irsa.co.za/

  • All4u 13 Apr 2018, 05:29 AM

    How are you guys allowed to give out personal information in the accusation of fraud against Mr.W.Khan. Do u not need proof of whatever it may be and do u understand what the family is going through, I have never come across a website that allows users to post personal details about someone else without consent for the the public to see.
    I think that Mr.Khan should seek legal action if such information is given just like that or if it is a mistake then immediately remove this report surely this could be a bit of a problem for your website.
    Its hard for me to see how he is targeted by someones personal vendetta, because the man that i know doesnt deserve to be attacked in this manner, for me and many others can confidently say that this has to be a misunderstanding of some kind.
    Just some food for thought

  • All4u 13 Apr 2018, 05:05 AM

    To Whom It May Concern
    Re: Inconection with Post 27782 of W. Kahn
    It has come to my attantion that your website, reportacrime.co.za, has been used as a platform to post false information about Mr. W.Kahn. Aswell as exposing personal details, such as his id no and even social media accounts of both him and his wife for public viewing, which is not only tarnishing his name but also directly puts him and his family at risk. I believe that in doing so, this 'report' now threatens the well-being of both him and his family.
    I ask that 'reportacrime.co.za' remove the post as soon as possible as your website is not for personal vendettas but it provides a great public service in terms of reporting actual crimes, and posting this particular report could merely be a proccesing mistake.
    I trust that you at 'reportacrime.co.za' understand the concerns and importance of this matter and assist with removal of this post as soon as possible.

    Thanking you in anticipation

  • Crystal119595 12 Apr 2018, 10:51 PM

    Waheed , please stop this and do the right thing by handing yourself in to the police. You are hurting our children and family. You have brought shame to my family and I am on the verge of filing a divorce. Give people back their money and apologise like a good human being. Your scams must not continue any more too many people are upset and angry about this now. If you have any humanity left you will do the right thing by coming clean and handing yourself in...Crystal

  • Khan6600 12 Apr 2018, 05:35 PM

    Waheed Khan all in involved in this wrong post to smeer my name God knows who u are

  • Chad_Thomas_IRS 11 Apr 2018, 01:23 PM

    Good day,

    Please be advised that IRS Forensic Investigations is busy investigating Mr Khan for an alleged fraud perpetrated allegedly by him in Port Elizabeth.

    We are in the process of consolidating cases against him and would appreciate any further information including case numbers.

    IRS can be contacted on 0861911477 or 0114861037 / 0114860720 / 0114860731

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