Watch out for this Gumtree Scammer

This person stole a very expensive piece of equipment from me and my husband. He was good at his job, like all scammers are - playing on your humanity and emotions.
We advertised our item (Karcher Carpet Cleaning machine) on Gumtree (knowing that the site is filled with scammers). People have tried to scam us before, but we were convinced that we already knew all the tricks. So we remained cautious every step of the way. However, this "person" did not play by the same rules. He was reckless, letting us see his profile pictures on Whatsapp, as well as meeting us in person. He claimed to have made an EFT payment and we received the proof of payment via SMS (apparantly from Bidvest). The proof of payment seemed legit and we had no reason to not trust him. We met him when he picked up the machine. Unfortunately we did not take the licence plate number of the vehicle he was driving, seeing that we had no reason to mistrust him. After not receiving payment a few days later we tried contacting him again, and eventually got hold of him. He arranged for us to pick the machine up again, seeing he did not seem to have the money to pay for it. We waited for him for over an hour, after he still requested transport fees. Later on he asked us for a further R2000 which we refused to pay, and it was at this point that we finally realized it was a scam.
We went to the police, and we opened a case. Unfortunately, they told us that there is nothing they can do, seeing that they do not have the resources to go after "small crimes" like these. This made me realize that this is why this scammer was so reckless about showing his face. Because he knew that the police will not make the effort to find him.
I know many people will read this and say things like, "You shouldn't trust people so easily", or "It was your fault" for some or other reason. But lets stop blaming the victims of these acts, and realize that this can happen to the smartest and most cautious person in the world. This incident caused me to lay awake at night and have horrible thoughts about this person, wishing terrible things on him and his family. This is very uncharacteristic of me and I hate that this "person" not only stole a big amount of money from us, but also a big part of my sole.
It is "people" like these that make the world and South Africa a horrible place to be in.

Report ID: 27797
Crime Category: Stolen - Other
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Parrow
Address: Parrow
Crime Date/Time: 26 Jan 2018, 18:01 PM
Reported By: Luzanne119616
Reported Date: 16 Apr 2018, 12:04 PM
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