We were scammed by a South African. Please assist.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Bangladeshi citizen residing in Dhaka. Few days back through an ecommece hub, we found a South African person offerring Guava leaf tea at an attrsctive price. He identified himself as Louis M working in a company called Global Adventures located in Gauteng. My family has several diabetic patients who previously got lower blood sugar level results after taking anti diabetic Guava Leaf herbal tea which I purchased from China. However once the stock was finished it could not be replenished as I could not find it anywhere in my country. Since I bought the tea packs from China, I asked a friend to search in Alibaba or Aliexpress. This way we came to know about Louis, who was selling it at a low price. We only wanted like 50 packs but on phone order needs to be at least 250 cartoons of 100 pack each. But since we did not need that much, after requests he said that he can do 5 cartoons. Even that was too many for us but considering the unavailability of this tea in Bangladesh and its usefullness, we thought maybe reselling the remaining in our website could be an option, so we might not be stuck with needless stock. Due to Nelson Mandela as well as its great cricket and rugby teams,South Africa has a positive perception in our mind....projecting that feeling further we trusted Louis...confirmed the order arranging to transfer via Western Union 258.5 US dollars on May 09,2018. Subsequently Louis availed the fund and mentioned that he would be starting the process following day.

Next day upon our query, he assured in whatsapp text that the order was on track and he was just awaiting few more boxes to be dropped in by suppliers. However next day on 11th May, Louis emailed that he had tried his best but the suppliers were not agreeing to send less than the minimum quantity of 250 cartoons but he made them settle for 100 cartoons. So we now required to top up further for 100 cartoons, or else he cannot proceed. This was impossible for us and we requested him to honor what was agreed earlier. He took some time from us and came back whatsapp texting again same day that after a supposedly tough conversation with a manager he brought it down to 20 cartoons and that was the best he could do. So now we needed to pay for 20 cartoons plus the additional freight charge.

This simply was outrageous and by now we knew that it was a scam we fell for naively. He uses this in whatsapp: +27652788900 and Email is global.happyadventures@gmail.com

Report ID: 27873
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: Possibly phony address, mentioned in details
Crime Date/Time: 11 May 2018, 07:05 AM
Reported By: Shahzeb
Reported Date: 16 May 2018, 03:05 AM
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