Possible Fraud

I advertised a phone for sale on Gumtree. I was contacted by Enock Nkosi (0732468841) who wanted to purchase the phone for his wife. He said that he will do an internet transfer from a Nedbank Bank account and after I receive the sms confirmation to please deliver the phone to his cousin Brian as he is in Springs and cannot collect the phone, he wanted it by the afternoon because his wife was leaving that evening and he wanted to give it to her. I advised him that I will gladly give him the phone if I knew for certain that the money was infact in my account. After verifying with my bank and Nedbank the transfer could not be validated. He was very convincing by sending me a copy of his id and proof of residence and asked me to please trust me that all of this legit. I told him that I am not comfortable delivering the phone because there is no trace of the EFT. He got upset and asked me to please transfer his money back into his account. I told him gladly if the money was there. I went onto this website and found the very same picture of his Id and similar story where he infact did con other people. I am sharing this story and his picture so people are aware of who he is and do not fall for his scam. I didn't deliver the phone and his cousin Brian called me like 15 times insisting that I meet him. If you google this id number you will find that this man has infact stolen the id number and goes under various different names.

Report ID: 2836
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Sandton
Address: Sandton
Crime Date/Time: 22 Nov 2012, 00:11 AM
Reported By: Username2836
Reported Date: 23 Nov 2012, 11:11 AM
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  • bianca15 25 Jun 2013, 09:32 AM

    Lucas Bartley just tried that with me now, luckly i first googled

  • craig9 24 May 2013, 01:32 PM

    Can you please post his id pic etc as he did the same thing to me for a cellphone in Cape Town last week, went by the name of Lucas Bartley.

  • Oliver 19 Dec 2012, 10:20 AM

    He is literally talking to me right now... Really want courier him something nasty - just got to think of what...

  • Chris59 15 Dec 2012, 05:43 PM

    If you really want to catch this guy, and it will only work if you know someone who actually likes being a policeman, you can submit his cell number to the police with some evidence and they will do cell triangulation to find him if it seems worth there while! He tried to scam me as well!

  • Username2836 10 Dec 2012, 01:31 PM

    Hi Louis This is how he operates and will convince you that the money is in your account or it will clear at midnight if its not the same bank, and he will also insist that you deliver the goods today, he won't settle for tomorrow. He is such a fraud. Google his fake ID number and you will be amazed at what comes up! Glad you smelled the rat :-)

  • Louis4 10 Dec 2012, 01:16 PM

    This exact guy literally just contacted me for something i posted on gumtree! sounds very fishy when someone buys electronics and he's not even interested to look at it and lives on the other side of south africa!!!! shocking!!! he's in the process of texting me now saying he's transferring from nedbank etc etc. will report to the police.

  • saj 30 Nov 2012, 01:40 PM

    hi, this happened to me just an hour ago. exact same story, he replied to my ad, and asked me to send him the laptop after forwarding through to me fake nedbank notifications. i contacted the bank and they could not verify this, after informing him that i will only deliver after the money was cleared. i have not heard from him.

  • anon31 25 Nov 2012, 10:25 PM

    OMG - The same Enock Nkosi with the same tel no. And the same copy of I'd... Did scam me :( how can I get to work to find this person?? It happend 2 weeks back and I become so sick everytime I think of what happend to me? AND HE STILL ANSWERS HIS CELL... Can you fkn believe that???

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