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Good day
I posted an ad on OLX and gumtree where I was selling a projector. A certain guy called me and introduced himself as Dr Richard Kunene.

He was interested in buying the projector and would pay via EFT he said. He told me that he was going to send a taxi to come and collect as he was still at work. We agreed, and indeed I received a bank notification which was stating that Dr Richard Kunene has transferred an amount of R2500 from Nedbank to my Capitec account.

But that was not the case because the money never reflected, when I called him to inquire about this he said there's nothing wrong with his account, the money will reflect. I then started searching his name on internet only to find out he is a well known cyber criminal who is using different names to rob his victims

I tried to open the case at Pretoria central police station and they told me i must open the case where the crime took place. I dont know where that is because the crime happened online and there's no online police station

I have the numbers of the driver who delivered the parcel to this Dr Richard Kunene and I think he can assist the authorities to locate this scammer provided they were not working together. But I doubt that they were working together because there were many errors that the driver did in collecting that parcel which he ended up communicating with me directly

I hope you can assist me find this guy just to protect more citizens from being scammed.

Report ID: 29014
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Pretoria west
Address: 18 Kabylie Street, Nellmapius
Crime Date/Time: 11 Jul 2018, 08:07 AM
Reported By: Zizi
Reported Date: 11 Jul 2018, 08:07 AM
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  • marcelvan 10 Jun 2019, 09:42 PM

    I just got scammed by the very same person over the weekend. Pity I did not know about this site before this happened. I am fresh out of a camping fridge.
    He contacted me, arranged a deal and I delivered with a supposed proof of payment just to find that my fridge is gone with my money. His "courier" contacted me to arrange delivery again because this guy did not pay him and blah I opened a case in Pretoria. He is still active on one of the numbers that he used to send me the fake ID and proof of payment, he sent it via Whatsapp and I see him showing online. So, how would l go about tracing that to his location, then maybe we can catch this slimey bugger before more people gets scammed.

  • Rizelle 14 Feb 2019, 06:25 PM


    I have items for sale on OLX and Gumtree and this "Romeo Kunene" or "Dr Richard Kunene" calls to ask "how much they are" and without seeing the items suggests to purchase them via eft. It was fishy from the get go, so I didn't disclose important information to him like my home address or banking details, rather I sent my dad's account information which isn't used a lot. He later then said "his driver will fetch the stuff" "I said not until the money clears, will I give my address". He sent me a notification from +2783797880010273 Nedbank Payment Notification:Dr R Richard Kunene has paid R10,500.00 into First National Bank Acc....62... on 14-02-2019 @17:23:31 Ref dads name /NEDBANK/Hel
    I then spoke to my dad and he said it didn't clear. So I spoke to this Romeo and he said "he will send me a proof of his ID and payment notification over WhatsApp, he did send me both but the ID is of a 47 year old person, it could be anybody's ID, this Richard sounds older, I could be very wrong. He then called again insisting the couriers and his wife is ready to fetch the stuff because they have guests at their house, they need the address, I said "no, I cannot without it clearing" he cut the call on me. He also mentioned he is a dentist in Umhlanga and his practice name is Richard, he was caught unaware when I asked him that question which obviously resulted in such a futile answer. Before he cut the call on me, he said "ok fine, once the money clears send it back to him tomorrow because he doesn't want to play these games" he called again after that and my boyfriend answered, my boyfriend insisted the payment clears only then will be release stuff, he cut the call on my boyfriend. The trusty boyfriend looks online and finds this site!!!!!! I'm like, Thank you God! I just wanted to say, this guy is still out there with the number 0738017187 and the WhatsApp number +27835659525, robbing innocent people and it's just not right. Please be safe out there you guys and I hope this helped.

  • Zizi 8 Feb 2019, 02:15 PM

    Hi Smith
    I'm sorry for your loss but I doubt the money will be recovered. I tried and I failed, what irritates me more is that this guy keeps on robbing people.

    Unless we; the people; trap him and catch him in his evil acts

  • Smith128416 8 Feb 2019, 03:58 AM

    The driver on my side drove a white vw polo sedan

  • Smith128416 8 Feb 2019, 03:57 AM

    Hello I was robbed by the same guy as well.
    +27738017187.... That was the number he called me from and deposited a "fake" R8000 into my account

    Please help. How do we recover this

  • Zizi 29 Jan 2019, 06:25 AM

    Hi Timothy
    The cab's driver was using this number 0765891640 and i think he was driving a Toyota corolla not certain though

  • TimothyCassim 28 Jan 2019, 06:26 PM

    Hi zizi was womdering if you have the cab drivers number and plates the exact same thing happened to us and we were robbed of a lot of money

  • Zizi 26 Jan 2019, 12:09 PM

    Hi JTGN

    I'm glad my article could save you from being robbed by that busted.

    God bless

  • JTGN 24 Jan 2019, 10:24 AM

    Almost this exact thing happened to me yesterday, when I was sms'd the proof of payment from a Nedbank account (Dr Richard Kunene) I searched it and this article came up first among others. So thank you! I left before he arrived and said I would wait for the funds to clear and then deliver the goods (camera gear). This was in Durban CBD and we were to meet at Ushaka Marine World in Durban. He just sends a fake message via sms, email etc from a different account. His no's were +2787240641610273 for the banking sms and +27656294320, +27639240189 phone no's.

    Please have a look at your search engine on your website I could find this article on Google but not through your search bar.
    Thank you again

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