generator never delivered

Zak power I’m staying on a smallagricultural holding and want to purchase a 15 KVA generator for private use .My wife and I surfed the internet for suppliers and come upon Zak power, suppliersof generators.We decided to place an order withthem as their sales person Mr. C.Ncube was polite and professional. It was agreed with Mr. C.Ncube topay an amount of R20 000.00 to fix the price and to confirm the order. Heoriginally wanted 75% of the selling price as a deposit. The agreement was thatthe remainder of the order will be paid by end November and that we willreceive our generator within a week after the amount reflects on their bankstatements. On 06 November the amount of R 20 000.00 was EFT to their account. Onthe 26 November 2012 the remainder of the monies R 23 211.70 was EFT to theiraccount.  This amount of R 43211.70 doesnot include transport cost as it was agreed that I will collect the generatormyself.  The transport cost for Zakpowerto deliver to my premises was quoted at R1500.00 After confirmation and severaldiscussions it was agreed that I will collect the generator myself. Thecollection date was agreed upon for 09h00 at 285 Lynnwood street Pretoria onthe 29 November 2012. On arrival at 285 Lynnwood Streetit was found to be only the offices of Zak power.  Mr C Ncube was not available at the officesand Mr Pule Mathekga assisted me as he introduced himself to me as the Customerrelations officer.  I was then told thatthere was a problem as the generator still needs to be built, put together andtested.  The generator needs to becollected at workshops in Germiston and not in Pretoria. I ask Mr Pule Mathekgafor the workshops address in Germiston and he refuses to give it to me as Iwill be wasting my time going there, “the generator still needs to be built”Mr Pule Mathekga then assured methat the generator will be ready by Tuesday 4th December 2012 . I told him I have already encounter costsfor a crane to off load at my house on the 29th November 2012  and that I have travel 288 km for nothing .He replied and said if I can give proof of payment for the hired crane and mytraveling cost he will arrange for the delivery to my place on the 4thDecember 2012 and will be paid by Zak power. Proof of Crane hire and travelingcost was emailed to him.  I was inagreement with this arrangement, and he promised me that it will be deliveredon the 4th . My wife contacted him on the 4th and he saidthat there was a problem with the commissioning of the generator and that the “governorwas blown up” and they need to get a new part prior to dispatch. He thenpromised that the generator will definitely be delivered on Friday 07thDecember 2012 .On Friday 07th Decemberat 14h30 I contacted Mr Pule Mathekga and he assured me that “ the generator hadleft the factory and was being dispatched “ and “ the truck will leave within10 minutes or so with my generator and another to be delivered in Bloemfontein”Since the truck is dispatched at Germistonit would take about 2hrs to travel to Vereeniging. I also requested from Mr.Pule Mathekga the contact number of the driver in case the driver gets lost. Hewould not give it to me as he said “the driver got your delivery address andmaps to find your place”I tried to phone Mr Pule Mathekgaaround 17h00 and many more times after that with no success and since then Icould not get hold of Mr. Pule Mathekga as he does not answer his cell phone. I then called the office numberand I was told that Mr Pule Mathekga was on the luuuu and he will call me back,the person put the phone down on my ear. Since then I could not get to talk toMr.  Pule Mathekga.  I still do not have aGenerator    I contacted my lawyer on 10December 2012 for legal advice. Without prejudice,   in myopinion the way Zak power operates is, they will sell you a product and collecta deposit and as much of the selling prices as possible.  Once a deposit or part of the monies isreceived they do not honour their part of the contract / agreement and forcesthe clients to cancel the order. They were very quick to offer to my wife acancelation form to be completed.  Intheir terms of conditions they then claim a % cancelation fee of the sellingprice. Zak power did not cancel the order the client did; they are in theclear, so they are entitled to claim the cancelation fees. “A nice way to makemoney” Facts ·        Zak power did not honour their part of theagreement. ·        I want my monies back - all of it·        Zak power will also be liable for all my legalfees and expenses in claiming my monies back from them ·        The stress caused by Zak power in them having mymonies and I do not get my generator as ordered (being scammed) disrupted myperformance at work. My performances at work over the past two weeks negativelyimpacted my KPI contract and I may suffered loss of income and bonuses. 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Report ID: 2977
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: silver view ridge
Address: 285 Lynnwood road
Crime Date/Time: 7 Dec 2012, 00:12 AM
Reported By: Username2977
Reported Date: 13 Dec 2012, 15:12 PM
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  • Nbots01. 27 Jul 2016, 11:56 AM

    From Botswana exactly the same, paid in full for generator never been able to collect
    Rest of story as other members

  • Stephen5 8 Jul 2013, 07:57 AM

    any news? seems like this story is going quiet? i have been in touch with Carte Blanche and they are looking at doing something - please all email Nicky Troll with your experiences to give it more weight.

  • Stephen5 5 May 2013, 08:01 AM

    I am based in Zambia and my partner paid a deposit of R150,000 for 2 x 150kva generators to Zakpower in November last year - same MO by Pule and Cort and to date no generators and no contact - i have Pule on BBM 29AF0322 but he has stopped replying to messages after acknowledging receipt of the money. These guys are serious con artists and must be stopped. Apparently Col Josiah 012 4013354 of SAPS Commercial is formulating a case. I doubt the money will be recovered but a picnic and a public hanging would do!

  • Madi 12 Apr 2013, 04:44 PM

    I bought a generator from Zakpower for Soshanguve Clinic in 2011 July & paid amount of R130,300.00 in full. Paul, Pule and Eddie keeps on promising to deliver the Generator but never deliver to date. Together we can put a stop to Zakpower Fraud. Regards Madi 073 8866610

  • Username2977 10 Mar 2013, 07:39 PM

    Johan you may contact me on 0827825736

  • Johan Fick 10 Mar 2013, 07:10 PM

    My story is the same as above. Only I paid R70000 deposit in September 2011, and I then paid the ballance of R20000 in dec'2011 to have my generator deliverder on their terrequest. As the contract had to finish, I did pay the money. Since then I got R 30 000 back from Themba Mngwevu and I have got a signed agreement between me him and his attorney to pay me back but nothing happened. My life has been turned upside down following this fraud case. I was told by Shawn that the conmpany are being liquidated and I am now waiting 6 weeks to get the liquidator info out of him but nothing happens. I think the liquidation is just another scam and I think we must all stand together and take legal action against these criminals. All the mentioned names match my document but my story has got alot more bends and curves since 2011. Thanks Any comments welcome

  • Christo van Schanke2 28 Dec 2012, 12:36 PM

    Eugene it is clear that from all the rapports on Hellopeter only one person was satisfied and that was during the beginning of this year. The rest all payd and no delivery. Have you reported to the police as this a clear case of fraud and falls within the Commercial Crime DPCI mandate because it is a business. I read also on Hellopeter tye report of Katso99 that he heard rumours that the company is closing down which with reference to my first comment might mean they are in a process of liquidation. Is this true then when it comes to getting back proceeds of the crime is on a first come first serve basis. If you havnt reported to the police don't delay.

  • Username2977 28 Dec 2012, 11:50 AM

    Mr Paul Themba Mngwevu id 7306135828089 is The director of the company Zak power Generators one (PTY) Ltd and is the owner of several other companies like - Community Chat services cc, Key construction (PTY) ltd Sparax Trading 136 (PTY)LTD etc. Please visit and search for Zak power generator and you will find 16 other complaints

  • Christo van Schanke2 28 Dec 2012, 11:21 AM

    Firstly thank you Ettiene for this great innitiative with a reporting web site. If I may comment to this complaint...this complaint is civil in nature unless more such complaints surface like the person from Botswana. If a trend of similar complaints come to light then a criminal case can be built. I would like to know if you are sure the company contact persons do in fact work for Zakpower and if the company contact details as on theyr website is the same you contacted. If not this is another scam.

  • jabu majova 14 Dec 2012, 11:25 AM

    A friend of mine from Botswana has the same problem with Zakpower not honouring their side of the contract. He ordered 3 welding plants on September 24th 2012, paid the amount they wanted from him and to date no delivery has taken place. Pule Mathekga promised us delivery will take place Friday, 14th December 2012, but when I called him for the workshop address, he said he was in a meeting and will come back to me. He also cant sms the physical address because he doesn't have the our file. Any advice?

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