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Does any one know a company by the name IOS Web Systems also advertise data entry work but you first have to pay R350 upfront they also stated they are legal and is registered by DTI of South Africa here is the web address maybe you can check it out & give me some advice! if they are really registered at DTI then they must probably be legal

Report ID: 3326
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Springs
Suburb: N/A
Address: 22 Dippenaar St, Noordheuwel, Krugersdorp, 1739
Crime Date/Time: 2 Apr 2013, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username3326
Reported Date: 2 Mar 2013, 20:03 PM
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  • GEORGENE CARMICHAEL 18 Oct 2015, 03:56 PM

    Fantastic discussion ! I learned a lot from the points , Does someone know if my assistant could possibly get a template Commercial Tax Form 403 document to fill out ?

  • Danielle5 21 Aug 2015, 11:34 PM

    Hi all these things are all scamsi have join them all I have something if u are interested in I do posting for affinity health if u would like to join mail me u don't need to pay anything to start I will sent u all u need to know and show u how very easy

  • favour2 3 Jul 2015, 06:55 PM

    Hi guy i just recieved as email from this guys TIISA to copy and past online now they want me to pay R450 are these pple REAL? if yes why do they want me to pay

  • Nandi7 30 Jan 2015, 02:52 PM

    Thank you so much pple for the info. I almost deposited money tomorrow. I first phoned this company Cape Town Office and the lady answered the phone did not mention the name of the Company. I had to her if she is working for TISSA.

  • Moss 26 Dec 2014, 05:56 PM

    Hi guys, lol...I think TISSA SCAMMED ME..I feel so dumb someone has to put these guys behind bars, and how could FNB continue doing banking for scam artists? this account should be dissolved

  • Beatrice 3 Nov 2014, 01:24 PM

    I paid an amount of R450.oo as joining fee last year(2013)and up to now never heard from them again. I tride to get whole of them on the wedside, but couldn't...Does this IOSonline exist?

  • John 25 Oct 2014, 11:16 AM

    Stay away from TISSA and rather get a real job. They will NEVER refund you!

  • John 25 Oct 2014, 11:12 AM

    Stay away from TISSA and rather get a real job. They wil NEVER refund you!

  • Zuzile 7 Oct 2014, 02:26 PM

    Please can someone confirm weather 'My Personal Income Generator SA' is a scam or not. I am tempted to join

  • emily4 20 Jul 2014, 07:40 PM

    TISSA is the best online income opportunity in SOUTH AFRICA! It's the only one with real help and after sale support.

  • Lerato24 20 Jul 2014, 07:37 PM

    TISSA really worked for me. People that does not earn money with TISSA will not earn money anywhere else. I contacted the bank and verified TISSA's bank accounts and registration and VAT number. Everything checks out!

  • Victor4 26 May 2014, 10:11 PM

    I would really like to know if the TISSA company is a legitimate business and if there is anyone who actually used it and got paid as they promised. Cause i am tempted to join but sceptic

  • Rudi12 18 Feb 2014, 04:00 PM

    I came across the website It is probably the same people as mentioned above. They ask R440 now to join. They go by the name 'The Income Solution SA CC'. The company name is not registered and the registration no 2004/079529/23 also does not exist. It is a SCAM and should be avoided. Can someone please put these people in jail? They are ripping off people who are desperate...

  • kamohelo 9 Jan 2014, 05:56 PM

    Hey I would like to notify you of a great opportunity I came across I fill in forms and refer there is no fee at no not a cent just email me ur emails on and I will forward you the details I earned a lot of money it sounded to go to be true but after I earned I was sure what I like the most is I didn't pay a cent just have a smartphone of internet connection

  • kamohelo 8 Jan 2014, 06:32 PM

    Datahub is now R390 for the fee @braam checked your website out its also has a fee of R320 anything that requests a pay up first is a scam period no beating around the bush

  • kamohelo 8 Jan 2014, 06:18 PM

    Thanks every1 for they comments its a real eye openerspeaking out helps others who feel unsecure thanks a lot

  • Luyanda8 15 Sep 2013, 06:15 AM

    It's now called Data Hub. Almost deposited money tomorrow. They send me e-mails every week. Y wuld some1 send a message every week 4 a job that u have to pay for? They are after the money. Thanks guys!

  • Quin 20 Aug 2013, 08:48 AM

    I am not convinced, as soon as you ask for any assistance from them they flat ignore you and refer you to the training material which is sketchy.

  • ouns 16 Aug 2013, 04:40 PM

    sori meant play

  • ouns 16 Aug 2013, 04:40 PM

    hi i am also a member they only pay one when the product is sold..was complicated at 1st now i gt the hang of it..i hope these pppl dnt pay us shoe it would b a shame

  • sconie 14 Aug 2013, 02:02 PM

    Hi paid my money. They've seemed to be a reputable company, they even have peple on the call centre who you can send text messages to, but when they have send me the info, it was so complicated, and when i finally sorted and got a hang of it and posted to all the sites, up to now, not one of the companies paid me,nothing,niks, dada. 3 months already

  • Melita 8 Jul 2013, 03:40 PM

    I want to knw dat IOS Web Systems i a registered company or nt plz reply if sumboby have more infor abt dis

  • Huna 28 Jun 2013, 01:29 AM

    Hi guys.i was thinking of going to pay the R350 but some day last week when i checked this company on internet,heeeh it stated that joining fee is R420 but then when i checked it agaoin this week it says registration fee is R350,so which 1 is it exactly*confused*this must be a scam for real.

  • Username3326 18 Jun 2013, 11:42 AM

    If you are looking for a, other Network to join up with for your business and internet provider services. I just wanted to warn people of South Africa too never join the Neotel Network Group this people give terrible service to the public of South Africa. I am also going to report Neotel to all authorities and the media to warn all the citizens of South Africa and notify everybody this network is bogus. I would also like to hear from people who also had a bad experience with Neotel.

  • Username3326 18 Jun 2013, 11:41 AM

    If you are looking for a, other Network to join up with for your business & internet provider services. I just wanted to warn people of South Africa too never join the Neotel Network Group this people give terrible service to the public of South Africa. I am also going to report Neotel to all authorities & the media to warn all the citizens of South Africa and notify everybody this network is bogus. I would also like to hear from people who also had a bad experience with Neotel.

  • thandeka7 17 Jun 2013, 11:54 AM

    hi i jst chcked out this company if its registered with cipro bt unfotunately its not .sumthing seems to b shady wit this company nd to think i was thinking of being a member bt i wznt gng to pay the whole 420 coz thy say if u dnt afford then u can pay R120 &R29 in installments lol

  • franky 16 Jun 2013, 08:46 PM

    I received a mail from IOS Websystems as well and did my home work and it's without a doubt a scam. You can check out Hello Peter as well. Don't give out your hard earned money.

  • Irene6 16 Jun 2013, 10:06 AM

    Hi everyone I forgot to tell. The entry fee is now R420 and not R350 anymore!!!!!

  • Irene6 16 Jun 2013, 10:01 AM

    I received an e-mail form them at 5h13 this morning. Really on a Sunday. I do not think they are legit.

  • pascal 15 Jun 2013, 11:16 AM

    i've joined but seems that each day i have to get a new login details,now is my third day, they are redirecting me to wholesale companies for my personal income generator where you have to sign up with paypal, paydotcom etc.just follow the conversation that i took with the genuine operator of the business not a chat from IOS pascal:Hello Why do i have to get a new username and password each day? Answer:Who told you that you had to get a login each day? You are also using a pirated access code when you set up your login. WHo did you pay for this program? Lisa Pascal:you can check out this site in South Africa i have to login in member area and then click on my personal income generator by putting my login details. now I'm at my third login details and are not working anymore i have to request the new one. Iwill keep you posted when she gonna reply.

  • Username3326 15 Jun 2013, 07:37 AM

    With a struggle IOS Web Systems paid back my refund in full thank God. Anyone looking for legitimate job as consultant can go to this link at bottom NO joining fees or registration fees to become a agent. Please be advice this is not a easy get rich scheme you have to work!Click on this link or copy & paste it to your address bar Keep well

  • roonie 14 Jun 2013, 11:58 PM

    Its targeted to greedy people and people desparate for jobs.I guess that is what all of you have in common don't be weak targetd. When something is too good to be true it is too good to be true. Why do you have to pay R350 to work it needs to be the other way round. @Braam why did you pay R350 you should have listened to yourself. @aluwani dude you the only one claiming that this item works @christine we are waiting did you receive your log in details

  • Neo 13 Jun 2013, 07:38 PM

    @ N Reeders I also know the same thing iv been one of the victims of that hey and what they don't understand is that we take our last money in hope of getting or earning a leaving.

  • Mel10 12 Jun 2013, 11:51 AM

    This is affiliate marketing.A waste of money!And their 'money back'is a lot of bull!!Forget it, you will not get your money back.

  • Jonathan4 5 Jun 2013, 09:17 AM

    How can this company be a scam,if it is registered at dti,than they wudnt hv had a license to do this sort of work,nd it wud hv been illegal nd they gud hv been taken forward,nd which company give 14 day money back gaurentee

  • N Reeders 31 May 2013, 09:16 AM

    This is one of their websites People, any employee asking you to pay money first is a scam. At most you get a document telling you to do the same to other people, i.e. place adverts, take their R350 and in so scam them in return.

  • heaven 29 May 2013, 01:40 PM

    guess the company does exist they sent me my package and i have strted working but now wsiting for the pay day guys but will keep you updated then on how it goes

  • Jonathan4 26 May 2013, 04:05 PM

    Why is everyone being so negative bout this company,its either thr tryin to scare other people from joining,or they tried it and checked it was difficult for them,how could you make other people negative,because you wanted it easy,to succeed you have to make a 100% effort and to me it seems you guys just want to make other people negative.I have a friend who joined this company and he has been successful,i also did my research,and the company is legite,im joining the company in 2days time,watch this space,im gonna keep you updated.

  • John21 22 May 2013, 10:37 PM

    rather than going out and letting these ppl feed on our souls about making quick money, pray to God to be your provider!Amen

  • mpume 22 May 2013, 09:48 PM

    I am so happy I found this page I was going to make a deposit in two days, not anymore they really getting our hopes up for nothing. M done trying to find work from home part time but I really need the money

  • Jeanette4 21 May 2013, 11:59 AM

    Hi there, I have read all the comments above and I'm so thank full that I did, I "talked" to someone via the live chat of IOS Web Systems and they assured me that I will get my money back if I did not earn at least R1500 in 14 days, which is all good and well, but I still smelled a rat, my mother in law was caught in something like this not to long ago and she was also very dissapointed to find out if was a scam. thanks for posting your comments guys and girls and saving me my hard earned money, keep well

  • Username3326 20 May 2013, 08:41 AM

    The only legitimate work I found working from home or just doing it part time is this people it is free to join as an consultant NO registration fees! They supply you with everything your own webpage & other marketing tools. I am selling it now business 2 business & I am making good money. Check it out if you want a work where you can make good money!!

  • Username3326 20 May 2013, 08:33 AM

    IOS Web Systems is a scam I am a member! Work at home data entry is illegal follow this link and check it out am still battling to get my refund from them I am busy to report them to all institutions if you want to join this scam IOS Web systems join them don't say I warned you!

  • bonginkosi6 18 May 2013, 11:20 AM

    none even on that facebook page has been paid. don't you smell a rat there

  • bonginkosi6 18 May 2013, 10:56 AM

    This sounds amazing, it seem as if there are ppl tryng to even scam us right here. This thing is a scam! The lady who said they want you to post adverts is right, all the others are from this compny and they just want to fool us into this scam. Watch their tone why are they getting angry about those who are saying they have been played? People take your time to know things, I have been following this thing for months now but I can not rush into scams.

  • Tammy5 6 May 2013, 08:29 PM

    Hi. Do any of you have any positive feedback or results with this website as yet?

  • Christine5 26 Apr 2013, 10:31 PM

    Yes they are. But ppl. you are misguided. If you dn't knw for certain if the company is a scam, then u can't tell ppl to stay away. Get the facts. Then comment.I really think its gona work. Nd I promise to let u guys knw. If u hav any questions, jst ask them on fb. Their page name is IOS Web Systems-Pty Ltd. And u can't expect to get paid by doing nothing. Expect it to be a challenge, instead of complaining about it. Nothing in life is for free or simple.

  • kitty 26 Apr 2013, 12:43 PM

    I have emails from the DTI and CIPC that the company is registered and valid from 06/06/2012.Everyones comments about the different jobs they do are very disturbing. Are u all talking about the same company?

  • Christine5 25 Apr 2013, 03:23 PM

    Hi guys, I'm a member. Starting next week. I received my emails nd everything. They dnt tell u everything,it is products u have to promote. Basically u create accounts on free classified sites, nd promote the items. With a special link with ur username in so they can link you to the product sale so u can get paid. Its not easy. Its a lot of work and planning. But I will let u know of I received my payment 1st july. I promise. If not. I WILL expose them

  • Username3326 23 Apr 2013, 10:38 AM

    IOS Web Systems is a scam I am a member! Work at home data entry is illegal follow this link and check it out

  • KELEBOGILE SMIT 22 Apr 2013, 07:39 AM

    Will someone pls help us to realy tell us the truth about iosonline?

  • Fiery 12 Apr 2013, 11:44 AM

    hi i paid 350 into a account and was chatting to sum1 via email and after payment was done my emails are not being replyed to does ne1 know if this exists

  • neverstop 11 Apr 2013, 03:18 PM

    Hi I've read through all these comments...more negative as positive..goodness....I am so tempted...does DTI really know the company..and is it registered?

  • Honey 3 Apr 2013, 05:35 PM

    Aluwani Netshidaulu What is the extra cost the people are talking about and what exactly must you do in order to earn income. Please let me know I would like to do this I am desperate

  • Aluwani Netshidaulu 30 Mar 2013, 05:39 PM

    They give you information to copy and paste on the empty fields, of the companies they work for., only 5 steps. Its is an easy thing, i enjoy doing this after work. And weekends.

  • Buhle2 30 Mar 2013, 12:13 AM

    @Aluwani after registration and you've received your log in details, what exactly do you do? What is the actual work?

  • Aluwani Netshidaulu 29 Mar 2013, 06:26 PM

    I works really, im da member now. It is nt a scam SINTWA, @ first i ws having some doughts, but nw i blv they are here to help us doing some extra cash, only 5 easy steps you will start Earning, it is awesome, once u register, they send you login details and private link. Try it.:p

  • SINTWA 26 Mar 2013, 08:48 AM

    I Also got their email yesterday bt when I research bWt it other parts of the internet r saying its legit bt others r saying otherwise....don't knw wat to do

  • Aluwani Netshidaulu 23 Mar 2013, 05:34 PM

    Guys the company is legal, i checked it well and i am now a member of them, it is my 3rd day doing the job.. It works srs, i started to see my earnings yesterday on my profile, this is very awesome. If u wana check it out, go to im glad i found out. Wow! Less of job to do but more earnings daily.

  • Username3326 21 Mar 2013, 06:50 PM

    Forget the scams create your own dating site for free & start making real money here is the link!No website design experience needed!

  • Aluwani Netshidaulu 21 Mar 2013, 04:21 PM

    Thanks to everyone who shared thier experience on this IOS Web system, so can any one tell me, what about thier members who commented from their website telling that this company is 100% excellent? I dought eish. Is this for real? Please help? Anyone who knows exactley what this is?

  • Unknown 19 Mar 2013, 11:44 PM

    if it is not legitimate why doesn't someone shut the company down !!!

  • Pam5 19 Mar 2013, 07:16 AM

    It's poor & discussting what other prople (& a company at that) will do to scam money out of others. I'm so happy that I took the time to research the company before I lost my own hard to earn money. they should be closed down or at least made to be honest with their advertising (inform that an extra cost will apply for any advertising needed to do this "Data Entry" that is not mentioned on their info sheets). Thank you to everyone who takes the time in reporting this type of scam "to help others not lose their money"

  • Tony17 14 Mar 2013, 04:09 PM

    i did an enterprise search on the CIPRO website, and they are definitly registered ...but im still skeptical with regard to their promises...Lorraine, have you paid the R350 and so...? somebody please shed light

  • Erica10 13 Mar 2013, 04:00 PM

    Hallo I am also looking for extra bucks and I received an email from this IOS company..would also like to know if its ligit and has anyone tried it and suceeded or failed?

  • Mathilda 11 Mar 2013, 09:05 AM

    Hi Louise, have you had any feedback from the DTI on Ios Web systems? Thanks Lorraine for the info. But why are you saing the seem to be okay but still having doubts?

  • Loraine4 6 Mar 2013, 07:50 PM

    Hi all, If you wanna do this copy and paste by hand, you must do ads in papers, on internet you must do blogs, etc . I am not going to do this. They said they will pay me back. It seems as if they are okay, but I'm out.

  • Loraine4 6 Mar 2013, 03:56 PM

    Hi all, I just note that on the email they send me with my so called data to work with their Registration no differ from there original ad. The ad DTI 2012/097941/07 AND now DTI 2004/079529/23??? I've already asked my R350 back. Hold thumbs! This is a real scam - shame on them to take money from people who just want to make extra, not spend more!

  • Loraine4 6 Mar 2013, 03:25 PM

    I checked it out but everything they promise in the ad is false. ie you must place ads in papers on your own cost, and it seems to me that if someone act on your ad and pay the R350 you get a percentage of that. This is definitely not what I thought it going to be. I'm going to ask my money back. Hope I get it back. I react on a ad in our local paper, I live in KZN south coast. I'll keep you posted.

  • Mathilda 6 Mar 2013, 02:17 PM

    Hi, I would also like to know if iosonline is legal and if anyone was scamed by these people before I join. I am desperate for extra income but not prepared to waste it Where it could have been used for something more important. Please let me know. Regards, Mathilda

  • Username3326 6 Mar 2013, 11:05 AM

    Hi Loraine, I was still thinking of joining but I smell a rat & till date I didn't pay a cent to them it just sound to good to true! Keep me up to date how they are working if they scammed you then we must report them quikly before they get a away. Thanks for your mail & good luck! Best Regards, Braam

  • Courtney2 6 Mar 2013, 10:50 AM

    I would also like to know if they are legal, would someone let us know as soon as they know please.

  • Louise28 6 Mar 2013, 10:25 AM

    I have emailed the Trade and Industry department of South Africa today with the company name and registration number to see if they are indeed registered. Loraine - have you had a change to look into your received package? the website is still up and running.

  • Wander 6 Mar 2013, 12:57 AM

    hello! Does any one know a company by the name IOS Web Systems also advertise data entry work but you first have to pay R350 upfront they also stated they are legal and is registered by DTI of South Africa here is the web address maybe you can check it out & give me some advice! if they are really registered at DTI then they must probably be legal

  • Loraine4 5 Mar 2013, 07:55 PM

    I also want to know. I just paid in my R350 yesterday. Recievid my stuff today, but it didnt look like what they advertised. I found the website this afternoon but now its gone?? Before I could study the info, got visitors and had to leave. Please tell me if it legal and what is going on.

  • Nthiba 5 Mar 2013, 03:32 PM

    I also want to know if they are a legal entity

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