Andrew Holdsworth under investigation for Fraud

Case opened against Andrew Robert Holdsworth for money Laundering and Fraud..

ID: 7107255169084

SAPS CAS 157/1/2019

Do not engage with this guy he will convince you that he has money offshore and can only access the funds after his Divorce.

He will claim to want money to trade and give you double your money back ,
Falsified SMS's from banks will be shown he has money.

7 other victims have been caught with this lie including myself.
He travels between CPT and JHB

fraud claim is now sitting at R1,207,900 from all 7 victims

I dont need my money back i want justice and will never stop until justice has been served .

Report ID: 33418
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: CAPE TOWN
Suburb: Cape town
Address: Durbanville - JHB
Crime Date/Time: 1 Nov 2017, 12:11 PM
Reported By: neverstop128389
Reported Date: 6 Feb 2019, 13:02 PM
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  • Gillian128412 7 Feb 2019, 09:17 PM

    I am 100% percent behind the allergations against Andrew Holdsworth mentioned in these posts. My husband and I have experienced his manipulation and lies first hand and he has absolutely no remorse or cares that he takes your every last cent with the promise to pay it back knowing full well that this will not happen. DO NOT BELIEVE his stories and lies. He is so convincing because I actually think he believes them. Dating sites beware of this man please! He loves finding ladies with a bit of cash flow. He will say it is everybody else who is lying. DO NOT even lend him R1! DO NOT invite him into your home. He has no place to live and plays on your emotions with his children that he has to get divorced to free up offshore investments that he is hiding from his estranged wife. That divorce WILL NOT happen. He almost sank my husband's business. You will wait forever for your money regardless of promises every single day. He fulfills his trading obsession and loses it all. I am sure so many more people will be coming out of the woodwork that have unfortunately fallen for his tricks and deception. He is the perfect narcissist and talks your head in circles. It has been the most
    emotionally draining time of our lives. Andrew if you ever read this, your time is up. I am furious!

  • JLMarshall 7 Feb 2019, 03:41 PM


    I met this man off a dating platform called Zoosk. A pleasant first encounter that turned into my biggest nightmare! He led me to believe that he was in the final stages of his divorce but that he and his estranged wife had been apart for a few years. He had arrived from JHB to sort out the loose ends but had run into money difficulties in paying legal fees as well as other debts. I stupidly believed his stories and was manipulated into wanting to help him finalise this divorce. Despite being warned by others regarding his modus operandi and character, I continued to transfer monies to him in order to bring the matter to a close. He has put my family and I in a huge financial predicament to the degree that my daughters 12 and 16 need to move in with my ex, I have to leave my pets and rent my home in order to go as far as the UK to try and make some money to recover the R300,000+ I kindly loaned him.

    He will show you trading balances and fraudulent sms' in order to reassure you that he does in fact have money but that this money is offshore and due to legalities with his Dad's passing, he himself is unable to access these funds. His Dad passed away on 27 April 2017 and put in his will that he is to pay R10 million back in trust debt. Due to this being in black and white, I believed there was hidden money and that my money was safe. Boy was I so very wrong as almost NINE months later, still he promises that he will repay me and that it will be "soon" and "we" will be fine.

    I had an Acknowledgment of Debt drawn up but sadly, I made due payment within finalisation of his divorce which although he instigated this divorce as Plaintiff, is the one that has failed to proceed and his poor wife does not have the funds to tackle this herself. He has not even paid maintenance for his young children.

    I urge all to please not fall victim to this manipulation as I did. He is a very devious and vindictive man who continues to live in a web of deceit. Never have I crossed paths with a human being as dysfunctional as this and sadly I have been exposed to a real life situation which has been unbearable at times and emotionally draining. No series or book will emphasize just what I have personally endured.

    The emotional damage that this man has caused to my family is despicable. He is a master of his own game and seriously justice needs to be served!!!!!

  • Paybackthemoney 7 Feb 2019, 02:31 PM

    Pay back the money you conned out of people.
    Kids need to be fed, bonds need to be paid.
    Deceased estates need to be sorted out. 3 kids who lost their mom need their money back - it’s the least you can do! And by the way, before you use the deceased as an excuse for your emotional state of mind. Get your facts straight on how she passed away.

    Stop lying Andrew! Your “millions” are not safe from SARS. Your lies are catching up and you cannot run any longer!



  • yourtimeisup128398 6 Feb 2019, 05:12 PM

    I am the estranged wife of this man. He has scammed money from my family as well as his own. He has been picking up ladies on dating sites and telling them he has millions stached away. He claims he cannot access the money as then I will have a claim to half as we are still married in community of property.

    He is very good at his manipulation and will provide you with falsified "evidence" to show he has money in various accounts. He uses a sms portal to copy bank sms's, amend the details and then use it as proof of the money he supposedly have.

    Another tactic is to tell others that he is a very successful stock broker/trader and that he has money in "company" accounts. He get's people to "invest" their money with him and promises huge returns. Obviously there returns never materialise and only once you have already given him huge amounts, do you realise it's all a scam.

    His latest trick is to stay at guesthouses on a "monthly" basis, promise to pay month end and then never does. I am aware of two guesthouses that this has happened to and therefore do not give him monthly accommodation. Insist on advanced payments.

    He has no conscience and will take your last money to feed his endless need. He has ruined numerous people's lives and must be stopped at all cost.

    Please contact anyone on this post should you have any questions/queries. We will gladly give you all the info on the claims we make. We have much proof.


  • Wendyschultz 6 Feb 2019, 02:53 PM

    Please be very wary of this guy. He is an expert manipulator and would leave you with nothing

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