ITC Scam

We approach a  lady for a house and than she informed methat I'm blacklisted and the bank will not grand us a house,  because of itc listing.. I knew that I have fallen behind with my debts. She than proposedthat she can get my name of itc and than I can apply for loan and than applyfor house to ensure that  all is sorted. Her name is Rejoice Barth (if it is a real name). I fell for HER SCAMSbig time Everything seemed above board. We went to her house, she gave us herbusiness card and I also confirmed that she is working for Watson Properties asa sales and rental agent. We paid her a total amount of R6000.00 upfront andshe said the guy working at ITC, wants the money up front because he have beentricked many times. She confirmed that my name was off on the 25th Feb and Iwent to the bank to apply for a loan. When I arrived there it was declined forITC listing. I than phoned her and she said no the guy did take it off but ittakes up to 24 hrs to update and she will forward me the clearance certificateensuring me that my name is off only after the 24 hrs. On the 27th Feb 2013,Iphoned her to confirm if she did indeed email/fax it off. She than    emailed me stating that she has a crisisbut she will forward it off  before endoff business day. I waited and nothing. After I ph her again her ph rings andno answer, I than emailed her she replied stating that she has a crisis but shewill e-mail me the clearance certificate. I saw that time is passing by andthere is no clearance certificate, I kept on emailing her and phoning her butno avail, she just ignored my emails. I than phoned her work office and theysaid she is no longer working at the agency "Watson Properties" andshe also moved from her flat in Edenvale JHB. I got the word that she residingin Bedfordview and she moved again. She scammed us big time. We used our lastmoney to get our self out of this situation because we were about to buy a house.She has a durban accent and she is a coloured lady going by the name of RejoiceBarth her cell no is 0731791780 and her email address She does most of her business in Edenvale and she saysshe attend church in Edenvale. She is alair, pls look out for this fraudster and liar.. This lady is a smooth operator and she knows people aredesperate and if we can't get  finance through the banks we revert to these loanssharks, that is literally killing us. I know this is just one of many scams,but please beware. My husband and I really fell for her tricks.. The thing is we took our last money thinking that we will apply for the loan and have money to pay our things. She is a real crook who loves money and she don't know when to stop.. but that will be her downfall.. Up until today she have not responded no one knows where she is.

Report ID: 3349
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Regents Park
Address: Edenvale
Crime Date/Time: 25 Mar 2013, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username3349
Reported Date: 5 Mar 2013, 15:03 PM
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  • sibusiso vincent ndlovu 21 May 2015, 01:50 PM

    I lost my Id book No:8610295956088 & now I'm safering from different companies , phoning & telling me to pay accounts That have no idea about EG MTN, Total sport, identity, truwerths Foschin, even wander who else? So please help me Me please!!!!!!!!!

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