Hit & Run, but on purpose !!!

This is Judy Foley. On Friday, 25 September 2009 at more or less 5 o'clock the afternoon she ran a male individual over with her vehicle where he was crossing the pedestrian crossing diagonally opposite where the Department of Home Affairs is situated today at the post office. She drove off immediately without reporting the incident! The individual later succumbed to his injuries. His relatives did open a case, however they were receiving death threats from Foley's husband's relatives, the Croukamps. The Croukamps are a "police family" and Foley's late father also used to be a magistrate in Sasolburg. It is thought that the Croukamps could not have been able to stop such an investigation on their own, however Foley goes around in friend-circles boasting that she had hit the individual on purpose and that her father was a magistrate in Sasolburg, saying no one will be able to do anything about that. Her reason for this atrocious act she says is that: "What is the individual doing in our country in the 1st place?". Foley is known today to drive reckless and maliciously still, especially while having white LED lights on the roof of whatever vehicle she is driving, all the while having minors in the vehicle with her. Her ill driving stems not from being under the influence of alcohol, but it would seem to originate from a genocidal hatred that she is living out from behind the steering wheel. The incident of the male individual being hit on Friday, 25 September 2009 is the only one I carry knowledge of and due to the fear of being harassed, victimized and provoked by the Croukamps I dare not become directly involved in this. Thank you.

Report ID: 33571
Crime Category: Murder
Province: Free State
City/Town: Sasolburg
Address: 46, Fichardt St, Sasolburg, 1947
Crime Date/Time: 25 Sep 2009, 17:09 PM
Reported By: ajmuller
Reported Date: 12 May 2019, 14:05 PM
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