Break into Complex

On Saturday afternoon at around 14h45, a White Hyundai VKJ047GP - Sante Fe or Tucson model, with three male occupants gained unauthorized entry into the complex.  Their presence was noticed by a home owner who went out to investigate. He pretended to go and look at the gate when the one intruder raised a pick above his shoulder and started telling him to 'go away'. The home owner was very calm and spoke back to him telling him he didn't have anything and just leave him alone. He put his hands up in the air and turned around to walk away whilst still watching them.Then one of the intruders moved forward to attack the home owner.  The home owner turned and ran up the drive shouting for his wife to lock the doors while the intruder chased him.
Another neighbor in the complex came out to investigate what was going on. The intruder chasing the home owner was called back to the waiting car, he turned and ran back to the car and they drove out of the complex, all the while shouting that they would be back to kill him, the home owner.
One of the intruders goes by the name 'Blackie'. Another one of them is short and small in build. 
The cops and ADT took 15 minutes to get to the site and the officer on duty failed to note that the intruders threatened the home owners life. They said they only have 3 operating vehicles to cover the entire area. A report has been filed but no case opened. The registration number is apparently 'false'. Please be on the alert for this model of car driving around the area. They are armed and dangerous and their intent was made obvious.

Report ID: 3407
Crime Category: Break In - House
Province: Gauteng
City/Town: Randburg
Suburb: Fairland
Address: Kessel Street
Crime Date/Time: 16 Mar 2013, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username3407
Reported Date: 12 Mar 2013, 10:03 AM
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