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I bought a product online and the purchase was suppose to be for R289, i checked out online and then my sms from my bank said R886 was deducted. On hte website it then said iam billed R98 (as per link )I called the support line (0800 123 456) does not exist. The other other number (0800981 218 is an answering machine. I reported on hello-peter only to find out nutraburn 10 is not a physical company. Please help, i want my money back.

Report ID: 3410
Crime Category: Other
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: Garankuwa
Address: 6 Fleischer Street ,Orchards
Crime Date/Time: 12 Mar 2013, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username3410
Reported Date: 12 Mar 2013, 14:03 PM
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  • Hannah Manders 29 Jun 2013, 04:59 PM

    Hi, I stil haven't got these products and I even e-mailed chistine@srsdelivers.com 2 times but never got a reply, some people got their money back. WHAT A SCAM!!!! So you see!!WATCH!!

  • Hannah Manders 26 Jun 2013, 07:18 PM

    HI, I also made an order of nutraburn 10,I thought a S.A. company. I did not received the products. so I phoned the nr. 0800981218, my God!!! I got a nr. In the U.S.A., AMERICAN GIRLS!!! answering, Yes I got the Nutraburncompany,but not very interested,a cold girl,oh, proberly they got the wrong address, so I give her my address again, and have been waiting since

  • Annalene Mc Carthy 16 Apr 2013, 03:51 PM

    I Bought the same product on 13 February 2013. I Received a confirmation number but that was the last response from them. The numbers does not exist. Beware of ads on facebook. The customers service number is 707 508 0354

  • leigh3 12 Mar 2013, 11:10 PM

    What was the website?

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