OLX - Transfer Money Scam

Responded to add in OLX.co.za for a add on selling I Phone, transeferred R3400 money to cell 0748706532. Kinsley Garth and his wife Lynn Garth. Dissapeared with the money and received no phone. She banks with FNB account number 62368601897. He banks with Fnb account number 62217466334

Report ID: 3513
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Suburb: N/A
Address: Unit 25, 77 Grayston drive Sandton
Crime Date/Time: 26 Mar 2013, 00:03 AM
Reported By: Username3513
Reported Date: 26 Mar 2013, 20:03 PM
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  • MikhailG 13 Dec 2017, 12:53 PM

    Hi. Last week thursday i tried buying a ps4 on olx. They said same delivery. I still have not received anything. They are using the number 064 008 3530. No response when I try call or message. Is there a way to track these numbers?

  • phoeboe10 24 Jul 2017, 12:10 PM

    they are now using a new number 073 615 3252. they will never stop this is 24 July 2017

  • draco 29 Sep 2016, 08:01 AM

    Hi I have been scamed from a guy on olx selling me graphics card for I payed through money market shoprite checkers any help and ideas thanks

  • Dekeledi 6 Sep 2016, 10:31 AM

    Hey I also got scammed. Did anyone got help from thee police? Cause I didn't get help. I opened a case then after that nothing

  • sandriewilken 25 Nov 2015, 08:54 AM

    Hi there, tried to sell my Couches on OLX, got a call the morning after I posted my ad from a guy named Ronald (number: 073 262 4116).

    He said he will transfer the money and send a driver to collect. I sent the banking details. He then keeps calling to say that the account number is wrong. I told him that it is correct but he got very impatient and threw the phone down in my ear. And for some reason his phone is always of when you try to reach him. And when you so he initially sounds confused about what you are referring to.

    I came across your site, which just confirmed my suspicions from the beginning. Told him that they are no longer available. And will be sure to report him. Thank you for sharing your stories. I just have to ad that I have sold quite a few things on OLX without any problems. But guess there is always a first time.

  • kitosalim 20 Nov 2015, 09:54 AM

    Hi all.. New here.. Planning to sell over OLX and receiving numerous scam calls/messages.. Just want to list down the names I have so far with the same transfer, shipment, paypal, etc stories..

    Darren (0785137740)
    Anonymous 0785476743

  • AdreyMeyer 8 Nov 2015, 10:36 PM

    Hi everyone... I have just been scammed the same way user zeeh had been scammed. Please everyone if you had been scammed the exact same way with any sign of it being the same person, please contact me on 0436434361. I am urgently needing more people to stand together so we can take down these nigerians. Please people I need closesure in my heart knowing something will be done to stop these criminals.

  • stclair 6 Nov 2015, 03:02 PM

    Does the name John Landman ring a bell to anyone? He tried me this morning by responding to a add for a ps3. Told me the money was paid into my account but that I have to ship to Nigeria as he will pay an extra 1500 for shipping, however the proof of payment was from "The Bank of America". I forwarded the Proof of payment to abuse@bankofamerica.com(found their fraud and risk department online) and they confirmed fraud. I would just love to know how does these people sleep at night. Im selling my stuff as Im finincially in need of extra cash....

  • steven89278 30 Oct 2015, 06:05 AM

    Barry Neetling uses this sms as conformation when scamming people... Nedbank Payment:BARRY NEETLING has paid ZAR2500.00 into ABSA BANK Acc No:.......... on 2015-10-29, Ref:20151029/NEDBANK/000717375021 Helpline:0860555111

  • Sebash 29 Oct 2015, 09:25 PM

    Wendyann, can we please talk. I was also scammed by the same guy. I however managed to get the car details, ID number and telephone number of the Cab driver who collected the item at my place. please lets talk and maybe we can make a plan to get hold of this guy.
    You can sms me or call me at 084 580 3967

  • Wendyann 4 Oct 2015, 08:11 AM

    I was also crammed on Olx the same process , he responded R KHosi and sent me a fake proof of deposit , he sends a driver to collect the goods , in this instance a brand new iPad mini, my sister out in a fictitious ad yesterday , and he took the bait .... We don't now how to proceed as we would the police or community services to accompany her to the so called drop off ... And then apprehend the driver as an accomplice, and then lead us to the syndicate .

  • JoanneO 1 Oct 2015, 05:29 PM

    I see Barry Neetling has been reported here 3 times. Him and his apparent driver have been scamming people for ages. New to OLX and lost my brain for a day but he pressurized me into handing over my camera for his wife's birthday urgently. Fake nedbank sms. His no Is (083) 3912941.

  • lera 22 Aug 2015, 09:09 AM

    I pray all of this victims heal and that the God who never sleep change all this fraudsters by teaching them a lesson they will never forget.

  • wendy forbes 21 Aug 2015, 10:05 AM

    i bought a phone from a man in nigeria,after i paid the deposit, i thought i was scammed but after 3 days i got the phone so there are still some nice people there i guess

  • jamill 10 Aug 2015, 03:55 PM


  • jamill 10 Aug 2015, 03:47 PM


  • kkkk 5 Aug 2015, 11:56 AM

    Willy Kane Shipping Address Status Confirmed Receivers Name Thoko Magagula Address Hilrianda building Arcadia Street Arcadia park City:Pretoria, Sunny side State Pretoria Country South Africa Zip code 0002 Contact Number (plus) 27624306382 So kindly get back to me with your pay pal email address so that i can start processing with the payment right now.

  • kkkk 5 Aug 2015, 11:53 AM

    Same here I just got a text message from magtxt. com about my item on olx I also replied through his email Kala ko Filipino at wala sya load kaya nag message sya sa magTXT. com Posting these so others will be aware I replied to his messages but I stopped when he wants to pay with paypal immediately so I searched for scams like this until I saw this.

  • byron7 4 Aug 2015, 07:10 PM

    im selling an ipod and iphone .. received an EFT bank notification of payment but doesnt reflect in my account, never hand over what you have without physical proof and reflection on account

  • anonymous77 29 Jul 2015, 10:08 PM


  • Mel3 29 Jul 2015, 08:56 AM

    Thanks to this post I was not scammed by bisaacs62@gmail.com - he is now calling himself Shawn but his Gumtree address still says bob. Be careful out there people!

  • John66 21 Jul 2015, 08:19 AM

    Found the following scammers on OLX in one week: "Chloe Aiden" uses the paypal scam. Email: chloeaiden09@gmail.com. "Erin Smith" uses the westernunion money transfer scam. Email: smitherin543@hotmail.com. "Lazarus" phones you and tells you money has been paid just to get your adress and load the goods before payment clears. Tel: 0788484897 "Neethan Naidoo" pays with cheque and then loads the goods afterwhich he cancels the cheque. Tel: 0784210132. Email: neethannaido4171@gmail.com They are all pretty useless criminals but I post this to warn unsuspecting buyers. All of the above approached me via OLX. Be safe

  • Shaun14 20 Jul 2015, 06:59 PM

    Got 4 'interested buyers' in my cell phone in a matter of 5minutes. Told me to drop it off at this address 32 Marion Heights St George and bonds road Upper Houghton And said they'll do an egg. When I said I'm giving it to my brother who is a police officer, they quickly switched their cell phones off. Watch out people

  • Lucian 13 Jul 2015, 03:10 PM

    Hey everyone. You guys should avoid transfers at all costs (pun not intended) cash only, in a public place, it is the only way to avoid these situations from occuring. I made a post and recieved 2 replies stating that they want to send the product overseas and will pay (transfer) an additional 2000. I avoid further communication as it is to completely diffrent names saying exactly the same thing, so just be aware of something like this. So I have emailed all the Cash Crusaders in my area to see what the best deal is I can get. Hope this helped.

  • brendon3 4 Jul 2015, 03:40 PM

    I saw a ad on olx for opel corsa utility bakkie it was to good to be true . But anyway . They tried nd never succeeded to scam me .. put 2cents nd try again knobs

  • Alex 3 Jul 2015, 05:18 PM

    Be aware of Aubrey Kunene and Peter Masondo. Just lost 12500 through a a advert on OLX. Fake proof of payment from Nedbank. Never using OLX again.

  • She2 30 Jun 2015, 05:43 PM

    Just to answer you deezzznut whatever you wanna call yourself. These people are posting these stories to prevent people like you from scamming them. How dare you make fun of people that have been played on with their hard earned cash. You really disrespectful and starting to make think youre a scammer yourself. Youre not funny, your sick like these stupid, scammers. Its people like you that degrates this country and its people. These people are hurt and disapointed and you laugh about it like that???????

  • JP6 25 Jun 2015, 03:43 PM

    Guys im trying to sell my sumsung s5. a deon from fresh farm produse in Limpopo using nr 081 495 6542 and 072 188 8404. he sent me fake sms notifictions from nedbank, when I refused to give him the phone without the money reflecting, he deposited a cheques into my account from a MR. R.W. Reid. the cheques returned due to account closed. cost me bank charges and he even sent me a fake copy of his ID.

  • Andries Koekemoer 9 Jun 2015, 12:26 PM

    Hi guys. I am currently looking to buy an old shape vw caravelle. I came across multiple adds for the kombis. Pictures of the same vehicle will be used for kombi's in different locations. Also different pictures with exactly the same wording will be used in different locations. Their numbers always starts with 060 or 063. When you call nobody answers. Should I be avoiding these people?

  • Janine28 28 May 2015, 10:42 AM

    Hi. I was scammed by Barry Neetling yesterday. Also send his driver to collect the stuff. He stole my surround sound and Led television. That money was suppose to take care for a rent house.

  • Nanalo 22 May 2015, 11:20 PM

    Be careful of Nigerians and Zimbabweans , be very, very careful... Be wise

  • Ernestina 8 May 2015, 08:51 AM

    Yesterday I posted an ad for a 2 piece couch set and a man by the name of Jones Nkosi contacted me (0786858447). He said it was his grandmother's birthday, he lives in Bloemfontein and she in Gauteng. He told me he has a son in university and a 28 year old daughter he lives with. He urgently needed the couches because he wanted to surprise grandma and I wanted to sell @4800 (used couches only 3 months old). They came to my place and picked my couches which my pastor instructed me to just give away anyway without selling but I need and needed the money hence the sale. last night I called before meditating and he assured me that everything is under control when I asked if grandma received the couches in Yeoville. I hope and trust in God that that man will be adequately delt with, not by people or the Law, but by the One I serve.

  • Anoniem4 20 Apr 2015, 05:21 PM

    Vernon Tupa is advertising a garden cottage and uses my address in Centurion. Cell: 0730347376. Three people came to my house and one had paid a deposit. How do I remove this ad from OLX?

  • Bianca7 30 Mar 2015, 05:43 PM

    Please beware of this Scam Artist,she is Black with a Horrible Accent,she even sent me a Fake ID,she claims to be selling Bulldog Puppies,her name is: Evelyn Lobelo and email address: evelynlobelo@gmail.com,Phone Number:0711582307 ,she scammed us R3000 and was demanding More Money from us,asked her for Our Refunds and she won't Pick Our Calls..

  • Spiedkop 30 Mar 2015, 03:23 PM

    I had a scam today as well his name is Sixtus Buthelezi nr 072 634 3474 Aggereed to buy my pc for R13 000 send me proof of payment send it to my friend at nedbank his account checks out but is overdrawn and nedbank is looking for him for money he owns them

  • ntwano 21 Mar 2015, 05:19 PM

    Eton sass advertising a place for rental in centurion in wierda park for 4800(house) asked for a deposit to be paid in. Half of that amount so to secure the place. I paid yesterday cant get hold of him im afraid ive been scammed. Number is 0731480677

  • sue10 20 Mar 2015, 09:31 PM

    I was scammed by de guy called"derrik" he posted a car = polo 1.4 silver in color, wen he posted it on Wednesday, De car was in De aar, I deposited R 20 000 as deposit into his bank account, acc no: 202810968 standard bank, company name: inter africa motors.The owners cell no 082 435 3795. Today the same car s advertised as being in JHB. Please be warned, I checked the bank account of this scam business, it does exist, n has a cash flow of more than R 700,000. If some one can assist me to apprehend this foreigner, I will be happy. I am not xenophobic but other people from other countries are taking advantage of south africa.

  • Anonymous9 20 Mar 2015, 09:47 AM

    Sold a camera lens. Got an immediate response that the guy was interested. He said its for his son so he'll do the eft payment and i can arrange with his son for pick up. Later the afternoon received sms with proof of payment, but it didnt look legit as it had smiley face next to payment. Immediately i received a call from this guy telling me that the money was deposited and he needed the item as his wife needs it for a photoshoot. After i called the banks they confirmed that no such transaction shows for payment the next day. When i called him he asked "what it is that im selling him again". Who knows how many other people he was messing around with that day. Gave him a piece of my mind and never heard of him again. Who can you trust? The number he used was 0722869596

  • User 13 Mar 2015, 11:45 PM

    Please do it deal with a guy name Deon. We saw an add on olx for accommodation in balito. He changed the price after getting the first deposit and went higher until R900. He refused to take our calls and did not send any paperwork or refund us. He's contact number is 0740597629. It's a shame that we got caught in this, and I hope nobody falls for this thief. PLEASE BE AWARE.

  • Riaan 2 13 Mar 2015, 10:41 AM

    There is a guy that advertise cement for sale in boksburg his name is Bobby 0837535396 when you phone him you need to pay the money into a account but the factory is in Bloemfontein so trust me this is a big scam

  • Lubela 9 Mar 2015, 10:49 PM

    Please help their is this guy called Musa Mthembu in Mpumalanga he had put his add on olx that he is renting trucks immediatly you pay deposit he is nowhere to be found and now the scam is spreading I want this to come to stop whether I recover my money or not I have more information about but police unable to help anyone who can assit your help will be highly appreciated 0727777066

  • Jerome2 5 Mar 2015, 09:40 AM

    I got scammed precisely a week ago by a young lady simply named Thandi (ad name) in a cell phone deal (Samsung S4). I sent her a R1100 in cash via money market, but I never received the phone. "Law enforcement" can't help me without a physical address, really disappointed, I mean how am supposed to get a crimal's physical address, her cell number is: 074 5661716.

  • Username7882 18 Feb 2015, 03:29 PM

    Guy by the name of Martin Oosthuizen placed an advert for a golf for R13000 ON OLX said that I needed to place a deposit inorder to for him to keep the vehicle. ID number 8407235686083 telephone number 0795413763. I made a deposit of R1000.00 to him I did the deposit. Now his phone is off and he also selling a white corsa on Junkmail...I lost my R1000.00 so please be careful of him. I will find this guy if its the last thing I do....

  • andy3 18 Feb 2015, 10:35 AM

    I just wanna warn u guys I'm a student,got scammed a laptop on the 5th of february..I was selling the laptop on olx because I wanted to buy textbooks, a nigerian guy called n said he wanted the laptop but he was at work n was going to send his cousin to check n collect the laptop and he was going to do an EFT I agreed ..I met the guy n he told his uncle had sent him ,mind u he said uncle not cousin, I agreed n the "uncle" called with a different no n asked for. My bank acc ,within a few seconds I got an sms that an fnb acc holder by the name of M.Baloyi paid money into my capitec bank..I insisted we go to the bank to confirm payment the bank saw the sms n told me the money would reflect. After 48 hrs n I gave the guy my laptop n never got any money...they do pick up their phones but pretend as though I have called a wrong nor.. I feel so stupid ,I lost my laptop and still have no textbooks..the "cousin" is a nigerian guy,tall,has dreadlocks and wears glasses oh n he says he's a student doing business administration,first year at CPUT bellvile campus n that they are from Namibia oh and the "uncle" is very fluent in isixhosa...their numbers are 0731344395,0840419554,0718296473...don't trust guys with nigerian accent guys please

  • Linda27 18 Feb 2015, 07:11 AM

    Scammed by Barry Neeling. Sold a bike through olx. 'Driver' came to collect it. Paid money into account (R200 more than advertised price). Got sms and printed proof of payment and copy of ID. 3 days later and money not reflecting. Please note dont deal with him!!!

  • zeeh 17 Feb 2015, 05:20 PM

    I was scammed by a woman who was selling an iphone 5s. I emailed her and she said she stays in Nigeria now with her husband so she would have the phone shipped to me. I was reluctant at first to pay the money and said she will show me proof that the item has been shipped and gave me an email with a tracking number and proof of everything. At that time it was too late to go to the bank I told ger I would deposit the money the next day. She got all sentimental with me and said that she would get into trouble with her husband and I'm trying to scam her. She told me to make a money transfer at Checkers. Silly me, I went to Checkers and sent the money and gave her all the details. She sounded sincere and said I must keep her updated. The phone was supposed to arrive that night, when I called the offices in Pretoria they told me there's a slight delay I'll be contacted soon. the phone was in South Africa now. The next morning, I wake up and find an email that the woman in Nigeria must sign some documents first then they will deliver the phone in less than an hour. The woman told me it was R530 for the documents and she didn't have the money. As the day went by I realised it was a scam and blocked her on Whatsapp and put her emails in the scam folder.

  • jeanette14 16 Feb 2015, 01:56 PM

    wil net weet daar is verskeie ads op olx van motors teen goeie pryse die nr is 0783637541 en trade onder inter Africa exports, het iemand dalk informasie hieroor?

  • Louis Hollander 15 Feb 2015, 05:26 PM

    Watch out for this number 0785575042

  • Username8243 12 Feb 2015, 09:42 AM

    Had a similar run in with these type of scammers. Used the name Tony Peterson but sent an email from leeroy makeyi - l.makeyi@mail.com. Didn't even pursue the deal after seething this thread. When asked where we should deliver a large farming implement (after originally saying they farm in Polokwane) this was his/their email to me: "Tony Peterson Cnr joe slovo dr & st johns road upper houghton Killarney area jhb Its opposite st johns college houghton

  • sipho24 5 Feb 2015, 04:04 PM

    My name is Sipho Matthews dhlamini yersterday while I was loking on internet I saw and advert on some of olx where I saw a Toyota Corolla red in colour model 1997 only today I nearly lost R20 000 please help other people who can fall under this trap his number:0780204930 his acc number is: Absa N.X Mdewuka acc: 9171591949

  • juan 10 26 Jan 2015, 11:34 AM

    anyone scammed by BARRY NEETLING pls comment here i would like to get in touch i was scammed on olx by him and anyone looking to do a deal with him DO NOT

  • Presh 17 Jan 2015, 07:21 AM

    (ADDED INFO) I told him i dont want the phone anymore and wanted my money transfered! He told me they have a transfer policy of 30 to 90 days. Dont believe a word of that. Its a bogus LIE!!!!!

  • Presh 17 Jan 2015, 07:17 AM

    I was scammed on OLX a few days and only realized yesterday. It was a cellphone scam, i was trying to buy a cellphone (galaxy note 4) priced R 4500. Mike is the nigerians name. He said i should deposite 50 percent of the money then later when i receive the parcel the other half (which i did) Yesterday he called me and said his management said i should pay the full amount in order to bd shipped. That was then i realized i was scammed. I am a student i was scammed R 2250 which i saved the whole festive, i cant help but cry all day. His number is 27604301378 they have multiple adverts on OLX. Please watch out for those that say they ship products FEDEX, DLH they are scams! May the lord truly bless them for all my misfortunes! (very angry)

  • mrs docrat 15 Jan 2015, 08:29 AM

    I was scammed by a lady named karen from benoni who got the advert for dubai gold bangle advertising for 400 today beware I have made payment of 600 last year november she has not sent my item with excuses dont be scammed please

  • Bianca Souls 11 Jan 2015, 02:22 PM

    Please be careful of Jannie Van Niekerk they tried to scam me and my intention were to scam them,so please brothers let hit Whites not them to hit us to my fellow brothers of Zimbabwe and Nigeria lets play safe.

  • kk4 9 Jan 2015, 08:25 PM

    3 out of 4 genarator adds are con men.They always say genarators stored in katu Kurt man or aliwal north. When ask to view no way they will send a invoice and you pay 50 % dep and the account that they use the account holder dosent even know they are using his account dormant bank account they manage to get a bank card .So once they draw gone without a trace .Be careful if don't see the goods don't pay .

  • Tasneem suliman 9 Jan 2015, 03:15 PM

    cabana beach 10 to 17 Jan - South Africa - http://html5.m.olx.co.za/cabana-beach-10-to-17-jan-iid-770689906 the above was a add for holiday accommodation I made payment and now can't get hold of the person he stole the money And We Got No Holiday I Need To Report The Add To Olx But I Cannot Find How Please help

  • Alias 8 Jan 2015, 08:35 PM

    There is an ad on OLX: http://johannesburg.olx.co.za/2014-volkswagen-vw-polo-1-2-66-kw-tsi-trendline-iid-770106101 This guy (Thabo) of 074 413 1796 claims to work for Global Motors in Randburg. I was interested in the car and he said I must put an assurance fee whilst they do the paper work with my bank, so that they hold the car. I lost R10 000.00 today (08-01-2015). After making the deposit, my bank can't get hold of him anymore. His account number is: 1287347884 TN NGWENYA. Capitec. My R10 000.00 that I worked so hard for is gone!!!

  • tebogo11 7 Jan 2015, 02:49 PM

    I was recently scamed by a guy who possed as heavymanshiburi@gmail.com renting out a unit in phoenixview in midrand payed r5500 deposit to secure the unit as his tenant is working in witbank so couldnt view, he same guys placed onether add on olx same complex same story tenant called him n he stays in witbwnk due to work his name is now posted as mphaya and his tenant is john cell number 0726572697

  • Johan59 5 Jan 2015, 08:49 PM

    I saw an advertisement on OLX on Saturday morning (03/01/2015) for a 2006 Fiat strada bakkie being sold in Randfontein. The bakkie had 120 000km on the clock and the person who picked up called himself Sam (Cell: 083 588 7821). He said that we worked for Magical motors in Randfontein. I searched the net and found the name of the owner. He confirmed that he has no employee with the name Sam or a Fiat strada bakkie on his lot. Sam stated that there is a lot of people who want the bakkie and that i can transfer R7500 as a holding deposit. I did not do that. That same bakkie was published for sale in Boksburg this morning (05/01/2015) for R48000 by Ray (Cell: 073 710 0137)

  • Wiika 29 Dec 2014, 04:35 PM

    I replied on a add on OLX for a Samsung S5 which the owner had to sell urgently to use the money to buy the neccessary things for their baby. he gave me all his details Mr Myron Williams, his id number, his adress in Vredenburg 7380, his cell number 0748140871 which I contacted him on and which we whatsapped on. I also have his FNB account number 62335451118 and branch code 200406. I asked him how would he prefer the transaction to keep it legit, he said he gave me all his details, so nothing to be worried about, he is a very honest person, he told me he even made a letter stating that he sold the phones to me and that he attached a copy of his ID so that he cannot report it as stolen. after getting all his details, arranged the couriers on my cost, I made the payment. he communicated via his cell number and via whatsapp. today he just dissapeared. not aswering my calls or messages and ignoring the phonecalls from the courier people. I was defenitely scammed. is there a way to deal with this?

  • anon30 27 Dec 2014, 09:41 PM

    Plz help i was interested in purchasing 2 cell phones the owner therefore asked me to e wallet 400rnd to secure the phone and said that i should give the driver the remaining balance when he arrives, he gave me his cell no. And wifes cell no. Also an id no. But not sure if its the right person id, the id no. Is valid but not sure if it correspond to the owner of the phone, the guy say his name is timothy s naqvi and his from krugersdorp

  • Vernon2 22 Dec 2014, 01:44 PM

    I was almost caught by the money trans scam on OLX. i was selling a Quad and Mr S Pillay miss called me, when i returned his call he said he wanted to trans the money into my account and send his driver to pick up the quad. I gave him my account details and fax to send me proof of payment. he send a FNB proof via sms, i requested the proof to be faxed as my wife noticed the sms came from a normal cell no. He faxed a proof to me from FNB with his id and drivers licence. when the date on the proof was incorrect and the amount was not what i was advertising it for I THOUGHT SOMETHING WAS WRONG.. When i phoned him and said that i will have to wait for the money to reflect in my account before releasing the goods as the proof is not correct, he said he will phone my back and has never phoned back. When i phone the no i had 27609760374 they just drop the phone call. id no used 7409165218088 - sivalingum pillay The id and license was certified by a absa commissioner of oath Simon Zane Branch administrator of protea gardens absa. sms no of so called proof of payment from fnb 0877480370. make sure you have the cash before you hand over your goods, these guys have everything to make you think they are legit.

  • ruby naidoo 13 Dec 2014, 02:34 PM

    Beware of Daddy and Cyril Venketsamy ( wife Sharlene) of 213 Abedare Drive, Phoenix Industial Park . Style Step Mamufactures. My husband dealt with them for 1 year but he got the worst quality products. 6 weeks ago I deposited R 5000 into Cyril account to make shoe last for me.He and his father have since blocked me and are not answering my calls and emails Just last week I found out that Cyril is not a shoe manufacture He works for a engineering company called Meshgear in Jacobs. Daddy is the person that makes shoes. Don't depoist money into Cyrils account Its a scam. father and son are in the scam together people out of Phoenix beware of this scam

  • Kathryn Schoeman 12 Dec 2014, 11:09 AM

    Rickie Sabaya just tried to scam me via gumtree. Pretty obvious actually - was making it all too easy to sell a ZAR15,500 MacBook. Stay street smart people - if it sounds dodgy or to be good to be true then it most likely is! He wanted to transfer money immediately and then get his driver to collect the MacBook - without even seeing it. Alarm bells obviously rang immediately.

  • Buhle4 11 Dec 2014, 06:49 PM

    Im a heavily pregnant woman who was scammed by a guy called Nicole and said he was selling a polo vivo for R28 000 and asked me to transfer money,stupid of me I did.And then he later called and laughed on the phone that it was a scam.his number is 0710731931 now I dont have money and car'less.i cant stop crying it hurt because I saved that money to buy a car cash only for someone to steal it.

  • Anonymous74 5 Dec 2014, 05:14 AM

    Was selling a laptop via Olx to a guy named Anthony (079 155 9138). I agreed to do the exchange upon confirmation of deposit. I received an email proof of payment and sms notification. He sent his worker (Brian) to collect the laptop, however I had insisted on checking my internet banking and cellphone banking to verify the deposit, but the money did not reflect. He was rushing to complete the deal but luckily because of my insistence, I still have the laptop. Because he stated that we're using the same bank, I could verify and even compare against my own proof of payment. I would also advise that in the event of different banks you call the respective bank to check the reference number of the transaction. This took place in Houghton. Also look out for Sam (076 560 0163).

  • Emeil 2 Dec 2014, 04:04 PM

    I was just about to sell my Xbox to a man named Prince Dhlomo. he is a fraud. luckily i googled his name and a number of fraud websites mentioned him. he emailed me a copy of his ID, 6805315467080 was the ID number. he also gave me a ficticious address to deliver to. i hope this helps.

  • Mr K chetty 24 Nov 2014, 12:44 PM

    A man who poses by the name of Jared Munsamy conned me into buying a 2003 Micro bus Metallic blue. Said he lives in Brits. Paid the full amount for the vehicle and he disappeared. He also claimed he worked for vodacom in Midrand as a maintance office. Hes a crook beware. He gave a number as 0728098013

  • adenaan 20 Nov 2014, 12:02 PM

    Lance cell no 078902041 or 073994156 claims to be selling cars for real cheap on olx. Once contacted he emails you saying he is out of the country studying, but if you interested you can contact him and he will explain how transaction will work. http://html4.m.olx.co.za/2006-toyota-runx-hatchback-in-good-working-condition-iid-748425939?location=capetown.olx.co.za

  • Mick2 20 Nov 2014, 08:23 AM

    Various bicycle parts, wheelsets and groupsets for sale by an idiot called Brenden or Robert. Same phone number used in all instances. 071 091 8557. He claims to be in Stanger, De Aar, Bethal, Welkom, Ballitoville,Lichtenburg, Kathu, Port Shepstone, Middelburg. Ignore this NIGERIAN.

  • Mick2 17 Nov 2014, 12:32 PM

    Various Carbon bicycles wheelsets are for sale by someone posing as Robert or Brenden. He claims to be from Stanger, De Aar, Bethal and probably more soon. He asks for EFT transfer. DO NOT DO IT. I nearly got caught. Luckily for us he is very stupid as he provides the same phone number all the time.(071 091 8557) There are more people like him doing life stock and vehicles.

  • Rigby 15 Nov 2014, 09:14 PM

    here is another scam complete with website Hello Sir, We have samsung tv in stock with 1 year warranty, we sell and deliver via a reputable courier service with fast delivery We sell original brand new tv with 1 years warranty, i will need your full shipping address so that get back to you with invoice and our Banking details for you to make EFT and fax us the proof of payment for shipment. I will be waiting for your fast response. Best Regards Mrs Ellen Sales/Order support Toll Free:0604520154 Land Line: 0410042318 Fax: 0862191640 Physical Address 2b 1st Floor, Liberty Life Building, Nelson Mandela Drive, 6045. Port Elizabeth. SOUTH AFRICA. www.fitbitelectronicstore.com

  • Stella3 9 Nov 2014, 10:26 PM

    Please be aware people... There is a guy that claims he wants to buy your cell / tablet for his son.. He request you to please courier the package to nigeria via dhl courier... He offers to pay you your requested amount plus an additional R2500..... He confirms that he has paid the money over to your account and that proof of payment will be forqarded to you from Bank of America... He forwards you proof of payment bit the money will only be released once the package has been shipped end a tracking number has been forwarded to the bank. . THIS IS A SCAM.... THE EMAIL ADDRESS THOS GUY IS USING IS danieljordan846@gmail.com... Please dont courier your stuff please sell your goods to people you can meet face to face

  • Brandon 9 Nov 2014, 12:32 AM

    Please be aware of Thabo Nglobu and Vusi using contact numbers 0761050950, 0110471866 & 0616724458. They are advertising a runx on olx. They will provide a capitec account number &ask for a holding deposit. They pose as a dealership called Global car sales based at 12 knight avenue in Ranburg. These guys are brave and still answer their phones.

  • Grim 8 Nov 2014, 12:16 PM

    I advertised on olx and Gerald Zuma(e-mail: zumag8@gmail.com) 0712980056 contacted me and said he'll deposit the money into my account and I must deliver it to him in Houghton. Then Jerome McCarthy(e-mail: jrmccarthy01@hotmail.com) 0763047060 with the same MO. Well they didn't get lucky with me today!

  • LYNN8 8 Nov 2014, 09:07 AM

    I advertise on gumtree everyday and get buyers who phone me every day. I'ts simple I don't care if you buying something of R30000 cash is king better safe than sorry.

  • Username7259 8 Nov 2014, 12:07 AM

    Got scammed by Lesley Mckenzie, was selling a phone on gumtree. He sent me proof of payment all looked really, money never arrived. He contacted on 0726127563 and he's associat who picked up The phone 0785302655

  • Anonymous25 4 Nov 2014, 04:20 PM

    Was also contacted by Lesley 07261277563 - thought it did not feel right, read these comments and blocked his number! He said he was in Witbank and his wife lives in Observatory and he will send through proof of payment and his ID but he needed the goods urgently.

  • Herman4 4 Nov 2014, 03:09 PM

    This guys tried to scam us today, also reported him here: http://latestscams.co.za/fake-proof-payment-sent-user/ Sent us a Standard Bank proof of payment with spelling errors (also available on the link abov)

  • muhammad 30 Oct 2014, 03:43 PM

    BHi all, this is regarding olx, junkmail and gumtree. Please beware of the following aliases used to scam people: 1) Gerald Zuma 2) Aubrey Kunene(this one claims he is from sasolburg ) 3 Nick/any name with Muller or Mueller as a Surname, 4) Edwin M Ndou. 5)anthony Mashaba 6) desmond molefe 7) Rickie Sibaya. Note all of these are masters at fake Eft, Sms and deposit confirmations, be smart don't fall for them.

  • peter18 29 Oct 2014, 12:59 PM

    I have a laptop for sale on gumtree. This oke whos name ia Guy phones me off this jumber. 0835950086 He says he is in jhb and he wants the laptop. He ia jot even trying to bargain down the price at all he just agrees to pay the qhole amount and then as soon as i get the oroof of payment i must take it to intercape to courier it for him. I got a funny feeling about him and decided to google search his number with the qord scam next to it. And guess what...... it lead me here. I see there are many comments about this same guy. Well guess what you wont be getting my laptop buddy. Thanks to all of you that have posted on here . Without your comments i probably would have sent him the laptop.

  • Thomas8 25 Oct 2014, 03:27 PM

    I wanted to buy a toyota tazz from a lady named Zanie on the 24 october 2014,she is so friendly on maybe on her 40s.she said to me because she is still in beaufort west and has the car with but the papers were in pretoria where she stays and she told me to deposit the money so that she can come back to pta and demanded R1200 which i di deposit through shopprites money transfer hoping she could come back to me,but instead she told to come to sunnyside to fetch the car and that was it.im trying to call but itbseems like she blocked my numberand on watsapp again .her cell number is 0619109798 Zanie and the registration of the car is CTL 157 L and it is R15000

  • Ryan 12 20 Oct 2014, 04:16 PM

    just had a run in with these scammers, email addresses are as follows: Nickmuller@classicmail.co.za, Cell: 0718182203 Makeyi.leeroy@mail.com, Cell: 0769713485 Jeremyrandall68@gmail.com, Cell: 0765600163 They send ID copies but some are fake and can be checked through this website. http://www.legalcity.net/index.cfm?fuseaction=tools.idcheck. They tend to get quite forceful, stand your ground, and remember you have the right to refuse delivery of goods until payment has been received. Proof of payment means NOTHING until money has arrived and you can transfer it to another account.

  • Taher. Docrat 18 Oct 2014, 05:58 PM

    There is a 2002 Toyota Rxi advertised on the 17th October, yesterday for R45000. The area shows Vryheid, the conman claims that he is a retired magistrate. I was told to do a deposit just to cover fuel, an amount of R1300. Hes number is 0730330899, please remove the advert and block this advertiser if possible. PLEASE CAN YOU AT LEAST TAKE AN ID OF THE ADVERTISER SO THAT INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE PROTECTED.

  • chris38 18 Oct 2014, 02:54 PM

    Wha... just read this in time. Guy asked my bank details and said he wanted to eft. So i let him. The goods was for someone in dbn and he needed it today as the person he is buying it for was leaving as soon as he gets it. Obviously. So i received an sms from his bank obviously different from mine. So i was told the money will only show after the weekend. Unfortunately after reading this i had to phone my new found friend and explain that all he will have for the r4000 paid into my account is a photo (that he never asked for) OF THE GOODS. this until the money reflects in my account...

  • Johan43 17 Oct 2014, 01:31 PM

    hi. I was scammed by a Desmond also by EFT. I put my camera on olx for R4500. The money showed by sms. A dark Toyota Quantum came to pick it up. Now the idiot wants me to pay R690 for the courier to bring my Camera back. Im refusing to pay anymore. You could see the driver is nigerian because he was so dark that you cant realy see him in the night. You only see two white spots on his ugly face. If i just saw this site first then i would have known but it is to late. I hate South africa. I wish i had money to leave this shit hole.

  • wallied 15 Oct 2014, 07:48 PM

    hi i got scammed by a lady claiming to be a pastor at hosana ministries. she said she lives in robertson and claims to be helping a child diagnosed with cancer at the kids for hope orphange. she goes by the name of pamela jacobs id. 7512250091086. paid 1000 rand deposit to secure a ford bantam bakkie. she also goes by the name of tania fourie

  • Wayne4 13 Oct 2014, 09:10 AM

    I was contacted 30 seconds after I posted an ad on OLX for a set of couches. "Terrence Majola" agreed to pay the amount in full plus delivery before even having a look at the said items for sale. I have experienced a few attempted scams in my time so I already knew the procedure. Terrence's first question was "What bank you with" - tell tale sign as they need to send you a fake proof of payment from an alternative bank. Over the course of the day he phoned me constantly requesting delivery. I told him I had received the proof but the bank has not confirmed any funds yet. At this stage they normally back off but he continued to demand urgent delivery. I knew from the get go that this "buyer" wasn't for real. It was all confirmed when the moron had 18 punctuation/spelling errors in the Nedbank proof of payment. What a fool!!! So avoid wasting time and messages with Terrence 0632167115. Also received a similar call from a less enthusiastic Allan 0731454457

  • gabrielle 12 Oct 2014, 05:38 PM

    Just been conned by lesley mckenzie but realised he was talking shit. He gave me an address for 47 observatory drive, observatory. A friend Larry was gna fetch it lol after u was given an address. 083 595 0086 Larry 072 612 7563 lesley

  • charles9 12 Oct 2014, 09:43 AM

    I was conned of a laptop r2900 they transfer money into the account got a notification that the money has been transferred only to find out that the is no money wen we went to withdraw nd by then we already gave them the laptop they used the numbers 0765682670.0609064175.0726964125 nd the information for the transfer was A MASHABA nedbank account. I so wish to get hold of this guys if someone gets hold of this numbers pls contact me 0768966218 something has to be done to this ppl

  • tshepiso3 11 Oct 2014, 11:08 AM

    I was also scared by this lesley mckenzie he send me a absa text and a prof of payment and he send his driver to came and get the leptop and he give me a worng address wrong details and the car they are using was stolen and they are one big group I hate nigrain people I dnt care which is which there number is 0765230132/ And the driver name is I dnt know but his numbers are 0783860096 and lesley 07261277563 he will die in fier he buliding if anyone know we're I can fine this one person tell me

  • Chiko 28 Sep 2014, 11:22 AM

    Hi to every one here in South Africa our interest are not of an importance but hippobay.com has brough something we all trust. Can we please stop using olx and gumtree as we'll cause they are not safe at all. Hippobay is the best to sell your items cause they use pay pal for payments and they secure. I hope this does help.

  • DJ4 25 Sep 2014, 11:15 AM

    Received a mail from donnajosh8888@gmail.com. He claims to be a businessman working in the USA. He wants me to send him my banking details and then he will deposit money for the advertised item as well as the courier costs to West Africa as the item is for his son who is currently staying somewhere in West Africa. I asked him to send the money via Money gram or western union and then I will courier the item once I have received the cash.He then stopped replying and went quiet. Please be aware of this e-mail address. donnajosh8888@gmail.com

  • Chevone 22 Sep 2014, 03:12 PM

    My fiance advertised his Samsung S5 on Olx over the weekend and Had a gentleman Named GEORGE LAMOLA 0833636318 contacted him saying he would like to purchase the phone for his daughter. Also said he would pay in extra for us to deliver to Bedfordview. So we said no problem, got the sms later in the day to say the funds were transfered, as we have been scammed before we wanted to withdraw part of the money to make a reversal impossible, only to see that it was showing as uncleared funds in our account. When the gentleman phoned to arrange delivery my fiance said once he had the cold cash in hand we will deliver, went to our bank to see if we could get it cleared but needs to be done from his banks side. Needless to say we told him 5-7 working days as he also paid a cheques in, we haven't heard a single word back since.

  • Kevin23 20 Sep 2014, 07:55 PM

    Beware, just got scammed off Gumtree.Guy by the name of Edwin Ndou, cell number 078 670 8119, replied to my ad, provided proof of transfers, id copies, proof of residence etc. Courier's picked up the item but the money is still not received.This guy still answers his phone and seems to be not scared but I'm going to try as best as possible to spread the word on this guy and his scams.....

  • jay jay3 15 Sep 2014, 05:05 PM

    Be careful of these Nigerians, Nxxa. There is this guy who is selling a smart-tv for R3000 and yes he then asks you to deposit money by sending you a useless email requesting your details payment preference. Its a scam don't fall for it. On his advert they say they are in Pretoria but when i asked him where they are he gave me an address of jet store in Durban... shame. I even told this guy to fuckk off and told them this is not Lagos

  • mel13 14 Sep 2014, 01:46 PM

    I was fooled by nigerians claiming 2 sell an s4 to ensure it wasn't a dummy model I asked her to type my name and send me a pic s0 she did just that and she sent it via a shipping company named Libra Shipping and Logistics beware of this company they do not exist although iv seen an invoice I cannot get hold of anyone in the conpany!!!

  • Anonymous18 13 Sep 2014, 02:05 AM

    apologies... email as well: basson-@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous18 13 Sep 2014, 02:02 AM

    almost forgot. for in case, the telephone number he is using is: 060 400 8599

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