I received a SMS on the 11th April 2013 stating that I won R120.000 in the RICA YEARLY PROMO sponsored by NOKIA REF No: 0166. I needed to contact a certain Pearl Khuphe on Cell No 0822195228. Pearl was to confirm the winnings with Rica, and inform me what I should do next. I was instructed to forward my E-Mail address to her and in turn she will forward it to Rica Yearly Promo. A certain Mr. Edward Smith from Rica Yearly Promo then contacted me on the 18th April conveying that the winnings were confirmed and a letter was forwarded to my Mailbox. From: Mr Edward Smith FILL THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT BELOW AND RETURN IT BACK TO ME FOR THE TRANSFER OF YOUR MONEY Attn: Good Day: winner, We are responding in connection to the 120,000,00 Rand which was deposited in our escrow bank account by RICA PROMOTION COMPANY Who has approved you as the winner reg No 0166 of the said fund? TRANSFER PROCEDURE To progress in this transfer there are rules and obligation to abide to see the accomplishment of this transfer without any glitch. Firstly our legal department will apply for a sworn affidavit from South African High Court, As soon as this following documents are approved this will give you the legal right of ownership of the said fund . NOTE YOUR FUND IS UNDER INSURANCE CURVE POLICY AND IT IS NON DEDUCTIBLE. Call me as soon as you get this message so we can start process immediately. Waiting for your urgent call MR.EDWARD SMITH Tele (27)084-898-5134 Fax (27)073-745-3756 An Affidavit Form Type Document was attached which was to be filled in and resent to their Mail address. I was then contacted and instructed that I have to deposit R3000.00 (Three Thousand Rand) for the application to the South African High Court for a sworn affidavit. From : Mr Edward Smith Attn: Anthony Martin Diedricks, this is the information of our account you go now and send the money and get back to me,   Account Name: T. MOLAPO. Account Number:1347491803   Mr. Smith   MR. Smith is presently in contact with me via Cell to confirm when the money would be deposited into the Account. However I said that no Bank name was on the mail, he confirmed that the Account is held by Capitec Bank.   Please inform me what I should do under these circumstances and if I could report the Case to the Police.   Regards. Anthony Diedricks.  Last E-Mail from: Mr Edward Smith .  AM SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE WHEN YOU MAKE THE PAYMENT CALL ME Inbox x rica department 5:27 PM (24 minutes ago) to me   Attn: Anthony Martin Diedricks, This is the information of our account you go now and send the money and send me the receipt of the payment. Account Name: T. MOLAPO. Account Number: 1347491803 Bank Name: Capitec Bank Code: 470010 Mr. Edward Smith.   

Report ID: 3665
Crime Category: Fraud
Province: Gauteng
Address: N/A
Crime Date/Time: 19 Apr 2013, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username3665
Reported Date: 18 Apr 2013, 18:04 PM
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  • Yasin 22 Apr 2013, 06:32 PM

    I received the bogus massage on 16th April 2013. Here is the massage Congratulation!You number has won R120,000 in RICA YEARLY PROMO sponsored by NOKIA. REF No.0166. Call Pearl Khuphe on 0822195228 to claim between 8am - 6:30pm. I didn't have enough airtime to call her but the following morning I called Pearl.Firstly she told me that my number was randomly selected by the computer from RICA YEARLY PROMO sponsored by NOKIA. Secondly she asked me my REF No. which I gave 0166. She then told me two o portion for my transfer of money to go through. 1 was to provide my banking details to her so that they can transfer money to my account within five working days or 2. To send sms via 0822195228 to her. My physical address including my names that they will send a cheque via DHL within five working days. I told her that I was gonna go with oprtion 2. After few minutes I sent my work address including my names to her but when I called to find out whether she received my sms, the phone was just ringing until voice mail. Till today, its just ringing until voice mail. Kind regards Yasin MK

  • Debra Chase 19 Apr 2013, 09:25 AM

    Received the same message saying won R950,000.00 and a laptop with reference R02 SACK and I was to phone 0835369148. But noted that message was received from number 0741591477. I phoned just see what they were trying to do and got congratulated abruptly but told to send my bank details and address to them via message. I refused this so she gave me option of email to RICACLAIMSDEPT@HOTMIL.CO.ZA or could fax to 0867100103. Fraudsters not as smart as they think are: 1. I was phoning from a different phone number and no questions were raised. In fact she messaged me the details to the other phone number. 2. The phones are RICA in my husbands name so why was she happy to deal with me? 3. She asked for my address, but surely that was the whole point of RICA for you to supply an address to them as the phone owner? 4. Another interesting point is no such company registered in Johannesburg or Cape Town as RICA Online. 5. Once I had done my phone call and tried to call back the number went to night service at 9:10 a.m. - now ask yourself would a company do that? For monies of this size all sorts of security rules should be in place AND ONE Of THEM IS CERTAINLY NOT GIVING OUR YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS BANKING OR OTHERWISE. So no matter how tempting NEVER GIVE OUT these details. Regards Debby

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