RICA and FIFA/UK scam

From +27741366686 : Dear winner.  You have a pending prize of R960000.00 to redeem in the RICA YEARLY PROMO.  Contact your agent Michael Lawrence:0789305999.
On 11 April 2013 from+277413365980:  Congratulations!  Your cell has won R960000.00 in FIFA/UK premier league award.  REF NO: S480UK.  Call Michael Lawrence 0789305999.  emailfifauk12@ymail.com

Report ID: 3705
Crime Category: Other
Province: Western Cape
City/Town: Villiersdorp
Suburb: N/A
Address: Villiersdorp
Crime Date/Time: 26 Apr 2013, 00:04 AM
Reported By: Username3705
Reported Date: 26 Apr 2013, 10:04 AM
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  • Mr O 4 Feb 2014, 09:20 AM

    just recieved the same sms, how is it that this guys continues to run his obvious scam, and then he still has teh odasity to answer his phone, surely the police can trace him.

  • b6 23 Jan 2014, 02:44 AM

    rica scam ... Setup my automated sms website to send hime msgs all day tomorrow saying hes a P#%S

  • mikeymouse 21 Nov 2013, 11:24 AM

    i wont be submitting my details as it seems that other people have complained about this Fifa/premier scam and nothing seems to be happening about stopping it. may you somehow not have anyone fall prey to these guys.

  • Annetjie5 20 Nov 2013, 04:47 PM


  • unknown10 14 Aug 2013, 01:52 PM

    This guyz they make me sick with this lys how many people they robed with this trick but one day it will hite back god is not sleeping

  • Daryl2 12 Aug 2013, 12:03 PM

    HOORAY!! YOUR CELL HAS WON 960,000GBP IN THE FIFA/UK LEAGUE PROMO REF: SA13UK. FOR CLAIMS-ACTIVATION CALL RICK- 0788748763 EMAIL: results_uefa@oal.com (the senders cell number is 076 433 7638)

  • Loren 8 Aug 2013, 08:52 AM

    Congrat! Your cell no. has won R960,000.00 in FIFA/UK Premier league award Ref no: CA6622/UK Call agent David Larsin: 0718066289 email:david.larsin@yahoo.co.za I obv know its a scam but what do they want your address for ?

  • Talitha Nelson 8 Aug 2013, 08:52 AM

    Congrat!. Your cell no. has won R960,000.00 in FIFA/UK Premier league award ref. no.CA6622/UK Call agent David Larsin 0718066289. Please investigate en let me know via email what I need to do or is it a scam. I did phone them and they said I had to phone them back in 5 minutes time but I did not phone them back

  • Tebogo Mmadi 3 Aug 2013, 11:08 AM

    congratulations! your cell no has won you 960,000.00 from FIFA/UK PREMIER LEAGUE AWARD,REF ON:SAG30UK for claims call agent NELSON MORGAN 0837250798 I just called these guys and they asked me to phone them back in five minutes. I think there should be a way to catch these guys. This must stop.

  • Jillian Potgieter 2 Aug 2013, 08:54 AM

    Congratulations your cell has won you R960 000.00 from fifa/uk premier league award 2013 ref no Lo023uk. for activation & claims call (James Grant) on 0837427395

  • Rabia Alexander 7 Jun 2013, 09:59 AM

    YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER HAS WON YOU 960,00.00 FROM FIFA/UK PREMIER LEAGUEAWARD 2013, REF NO: RVR517, CALL BRYAN JACOBS OR brainjacobs@iccwclc.com _____________________________________ I was told to send my home or work address, I was asked if I want bank transfer or cheq, when I said cheq he asked me to send my home or work address for the cheq to be delivered.

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